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Lee Harvey Oswald News

Op-Ed: 50 years, on, who killed JFK and why?

Dallas - At the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of JFK few people question his "greatness" but would his legacy have stood the test of time had he served one or two full terms in office? That question plus who killed him and why remain elusive.

Op-Ed: JFK — 50 years of conspiracy garbage

Dallas - Fifty years ago today the President of the United States was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. And if you don't believe that, you'll believe anything.

Review: ‘The Day Kennedy Died’ Special

Dallas - Next Friday is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. This documentary takes a straight look at that terrible day.

Op-Ed: 10 reasons to stop believing JFK conspiracy nonsense

There's an old joke about a conspiracy theorist who dies and comes face-to-face with the Almighty Himself. “All right,” the theorist thinks, “now I finally get to find out the truth!” So he asks God: “Who shot John F. Kennedy?”

Op-Ed: JFK assassination second shooter a Secret Service agent?

Dallas - If ever failure to solve a crime tarnished a nation, the JFK assassination is that crime. The much-theorized second shooter may well have been a secret service agent.

Former Nixon aide alleges Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy assassinated

A former Richard Nixon aide and Republican strategist Roger Stone, 61, said last week that he will publish a book in October which gives evidence that former President Lyndon B. Johnson masterminded the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Op-Ed: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — The view from the grassy knoll

Boston - As the surviving alleged Boston bomber lies seriously wounded in his hospital bed, questions remain about his motives. For some people though, motive is not the real question.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Dallas apartment demolished

Dallas - Nearly 50 years after Lee Harvey Oswald's family moved out of their Dallas apartment it is demolished following a court order.

Op-Ed: 9/11 'Truth' — The Triumph of Lunacy over Reason

New York - The 9/11 Truth Movement is surely one of the most bizarre phenomena to have appeared in the 21st Century, a cult of high ignorance presided over by men and women of learning.

Op-Ed: The Kennedy Assassination - 48 years ago today

Forty-eight years ago today an American President died, and an industry was born. Even though the lone assassin was apprehended almost at once, phony controversies continue to be pushed by the bigoted, the gullible, the venal, and the just plain evil.

Op-Ed: Lie of the camera

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, those words can include fake, fraud, misleading, and airbrushed, as the ASA pointed out today, but the practice is anything but new.

Op-Ed: Birth certificate, bullets, photos — When can we celebrate trust?

For more than two years the public had news sources rehash questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, even as conspiracy theorists questioned Kennedy’s assassination and now the death of Osama bin Laden, so when can we celebrate trust?.

Lee Harvey Oswald coffin sold for $90,000

The original coffin of John F. Kennedy’s alleged killer Lee Harvey Oswald has fetched $90,000 at an auction in Los Angeles.

Former FBI agent claims he has proof Oswald didn't kill Kennedy

Akron - Don Adams, a former FBI agent, believes that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate President John F. Kennedy and claims that he has thousands of records and reports from the National Archives and Records Administration to prove it.

UPDATE: Sale of JFK Sniper Window Falls Through

A 3 Million Dollar Bid for the window that Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly perched from when he assassinated JFK in 1963 turns out to be a "No Sale"

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