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Digital based language courses boom during lockdown

A boom has occurred within the e-learning sector, in relation to digital-based language courses. a new survey, based on U.K. habits, has shown a general increase as well as spotlighting the most popular languages to learn.

To be democratic, e-learning needs a common framework

E-learning continues to grow as a learning tool. At its most effective it offers new aspects in an engaging way. To be fully-universal and democratic, in terms of equal access for the world's population, a common operating framework is necessary.

How COVID-19 has upturned the e-learning market

The global coronavirus pandemic has helped to propel e-learning in new directions. For some this is an extension of what has been underway for the past few years, for others it is a completely new concept. Either way, the market is growing.

Peer-to-peer student site Brainly raises $30 million in funding

Brainly, the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents and teachers, has announced it has raised more than $30 million in funding to power their U.S. expansion.

Q&A: Virtual reality is reshaping workplace learning Special

To deliver high performing teams, effective workplace learning is required. One means to do this, exploiting new technology, is to apply immersive media technology for corporate training. The founder of a new company explains more.

Time for a new approach for studying AI?

Toronto - As artificial intelligence develops the effect of algorithms and machine learning pervade more sectors of society. To understand what is happening needs a new multidisciplinary approach, according to CIFAR researchers.

Study applies AI to analyze how children read

A study conducted by of Lexplore indicates that advanced arterialise intelligence can show how a child reads. Such information can be used to assess learning difficulties and provide a basis for assisting with word interpretation issues like dyslexia.

Startup offers an easy way to build deep learning algorithms

Using a visual interface, this AI startup is making it easier to build deep learning algorithms — as simple as dragging and dropping.

Spanish rally for better pensions

Madrid - Tens of thousands of Spaniards rallied across the country Saturday to demand better pensions as unions accused the government of seeking to privatise retirement benefits.

Autism's social deficits reversed with anti-cancer drug

New York - New research suggests that autism's social deficits can be reversed by an established anti-cancer drug called romidepsin. This represents a breakthrough in epigenetics research.

Artificial intelligence is set to change e-learning

E-learning is proving increasingly popular and offers a way for more people to access learning materials, proving popular with businesses. Now AI technology looks set to make e-learning even more accessible.

Skillsoft tackles digital skills shortage with new online courses

E-learning provider Skillsoft has announced the first series of online courses to train people in digital transformation skills. It comes as the industry faces a serious shortage of experts familiar with technologies such as AI, IoT and big data.

Digital transformation courses offer training to employees

One effect of the current push towards greater business innovation is the development of digital transformation training courses, designed to teach the key principles of the digital economy.

E-learning solutions for business success

For employees schooled on mobile devices and accessing on-line content, the use of electronic learning materials can lead to better engagement and improved learning outcomes, according to new research.

Digital tools lead to new ways to analyze training effectiveness

Most companies deliver training to employees, with the aim of seeking a more knowledgeable and capable workforce. But how effective is this training and is it value for money? Analytics can help evaluate this.

Digital transformation of learning raises business performance

As businesses grow and expand, new ways of learning are required to rapidly and effectively deliver training to employees. This requires a new approach to the subject, using digital tools and technologies.

Artificial intelligence used to mark exam essays

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to mark exam papers, taking the human marker out of the equation. This is not simple multiple choice scanning, but assessing essays too.

Digital technology provides personalized learning

The digital transformation of education allows schools to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to learning and adopt individual learning plans for students, based on individual ability. New apps help to design this process.

Increasing use of virtual reality in education

Education is undergoing a digital transformation and one area being utilized to boost scholastic achievements is the application of virtual reality.

Babies with engaged fathers learn faster

London - Babies with involved fathers during the first few months of life learn faster, a new study into the psychology of early learning has found.

Where does dyslexia begin in the brain?

Scientists think they have identified the point in the brain where dyslexia begins. It is hoped the insight gained will help to develop improved treatment options for those with the comprehension disorder.

Study links vitamin D deficiency to autism

Children who are born to women deficient in vitamin D, at 20 weeks, are more likely to show signs of autism by the time they reach the age of six, according to a new study from Australia.

Toddler robots designed to understand how children to learn

Interactive learning of machine could help researchers to understand how children learn new words, according to a new study. Evidence suggests children effectively learn new words in same way as robots.

New language game teaches you 1,000 words in a few hours of play

A new app claims to teach you 1,000 words in a foreign language in just a few hours. It uses a scientifically-proven method of rapidly delivering learning that's been recognised by UNESCO. The game bears little resemblance to a traditional language app.

Hot Zone learning platform teaches about malaria

As part of the drive for next generation medical education, researchers have developed a computer platform to teach children about diagnosing and treating malaria.

Why parents should FaceTime with their children

Parents who work, and other relatives, should spend time on FaceTime to talk with their toddlers. This helps the children to engage, learn and development. This is according to a new study.

'Nearly all' children under 4 use mobile devices on a daily basis

A U.S. study of mobile device usage by children under the age of 4 has concluded that they are faced with "almost universal exposure" to digital devices and most will have their own device by the time they turn four.

BBC reveals the micro:bit computer — free for all UK children

The BBC has revealed the details of its new pocket-sized computer that will be given away free of charge to all 11- and 12-year-olds in the UK as part of the organisation's initiative to get more children interested in computers and coding.

Facebook's facial recognition can recognise you without your face

Facebook's facial recognition has become so accurate that it is now able to identify you in a photo even if you have your back to the camera. The system is not available on Facebook's public site but should be coming soon for any photo that you upload.

Amazon's reviews system is now intelligent and able to learn

Amazon has launched a refreshed reviews and ratings system which will make the overall customer consensus on a product clearer. The intelligent system will be able to give ratings priority depending on certain factors, creating a better average.
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Learning Image

A class in progress at the Digital Garage  learning key skills from a Google instructor.
A class in progress at the Digital Garage, learning key skills from a Google instructor.
Space Polyglots
Space Polyglots
Space Polyglots
Space Polyglots
Wikimedia commons
The BBC micro:bit computer.
The BBC micro:bit computer.
Google s free Digital Garage offers a range of coures for individuals and businesses.
Google's free Digital Garage offers a range of coures for individuals and businesses.
Tim Sandle and a colleague turned into an animated graphic for an e-learning course.
Tim Sandle and a colleague turned into an animated graphic for an e-learning course.
The BBC micro:bit computer
The BBC micro:bit computer
A sign advertising the Digital Garage in Manchester.
A sign advertising the Digital Garage in Manchester.
The Google Digital Garage  learning center in Manchester.
The Google Digital Garage learning center in Manchester.
Excerpt from an e-learning platform  accessed via a computer.
Excerpt from an e-learning platform, accessed via a computer.
A baby learning from his mother
A baby learning from his mother
Stacy Spensley
Access a computer training booking form.
Access a computer training booking form.
Attendees at a meshU session learning from a presenter
Attendees at a meshU session learning from a presenter
Courtesy mesh

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