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Review: Kevin Spirtas is Emmy-worthy in second season of 'After Forever' Special

Acclaimed actor Kevin Spirtas is Emmy-worthy in the second season of "After Forever," which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Lawmaker calls for federal probe of contaminated baby food

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to examine a report that found dozens of baby food products contaminated with lead and other toxic heavy metals.

Remembering Toy Caldwell of The Marshall Tucker Band

25 years ago today, the southern rock music community lost Toy Caldwell from the iconic southern rock band, The Marshall Tucker Band.

Risk factors linking children and lead poisoning

Despite a raft of legislation over the past few decades, lead poisoning remains a risk to children. This is because of the multiple potential sources of exposure. Researchers have highlighted some concerns.

What you may not know about California's lead-tainted water

Los Angeles - Like Flint, Michigan, California is facing its own problems with lead-tainted water. Nowhere is this clearer than the tiny town of Vernon, situated five miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Here, the Exide battery plant spewed lead for decades.

Watchdog group finds lead in popular brands of chocolate

Health watchdog group As You Sow has released a list of popular chocolate brands that it says contain dangerous levels of lead and cadmium.

Flint, Michigan: Lead-tainted water unsafe to drink, doctors say

Flint - Scary news out of Flint, Michigan shows that when the city switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River for its drinking water, blood tests revealed that the tap water residents are now drinking is causing elevated lead levels in the city's children.

India takes action over Maggi noodles case

Bombay - The Indian government is to sue Nestlé for $100 million over Maggi noodles. Maggi noodles were a popular snack in India before it was recently banned over food quality issues. The government claims that Nestlé have engaged in "unfair trade practices.”

Watch what you take home, warning about kids and lead risks

Washington - These days greater controls are in place about the risks of lead exposure, especially with children, but risks still exist — especially with items brought home from the workplace and when kids get hold of them.

Op-Ed: The struggle against lead poisoning, young children most at risk

While lead in paint has been banned in Europe and the US for years, certain companies still produce lead paint and sell it abroad. There, yet also at home, young children still suffer the consequences: lower IQ, slowed body growth, failure at school.

TopFinds: Why text-messaging kills, how rice may contain lead

Driving and texting proves deadly for one man. Rice imports to the US contain high levels of lead. Wildfires in California blaze out of control. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

US rice imports contain dangerous amounts of lead

West Long Branch - Analysis of imported rice sold in the United States has discovered alarmingly high amounts of lead in the food that is a staple for millions of Americans.

Even low levels of lead in blood raises gout risk, study shows

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported Monday, “even relatively low levels of lead in the blood may be linked to an increased risk of gout."

The Earth's clock may be a little out of time

New geological research into the way in which the age of the Earth is measured suggests that previous equations were incorrect and that some events might have occurred more recently than first thought.

Health Canada warning: Do your kids have these lead-tainted toys?

Health Canada's latest announcement has parents on high alert: two children's playset toys manufactured in China are said to contain dangerously high levels of lead.

Canada gets tough on lead in children's toys

Point Claire - Health Canada announced Monday morning the country is introducing new regulations that will restrict lead content in children's toys.

Op-Ed: Lead loaded candy recall in California

What a way to start the new year. One of the lead stories in the Los Angeles Daily News for Jan. 1, 2010, concerns the recall of tainted candy imported from Mexico and China.

Lead Found in Multi-Vitamins

Researchers have found that some multi-vitamins contain lead, which can lead to deficiencies in calcium, iron and zinc. The brands are not the cheap ones, it's many of the name brands that adults consume to stay healthy.

Report questions effectiveness and safety of multivitamins

Several multivitamin products demonstrate imbalances among vitamin and mineral makeup, exceeding suggested dosages established by the Institute of Medicine. Some were found to be contaminated with lead.

Handbags, Purses and Wallets Found with High Levels of Lead

High levels of lead have been found in dozens of vinyl and faux leather women's handbags, purses and wallets purchased from Bay Area outlets of major retailers.

High Levels of Lead Found in Cameron, Missouri

After a series of brain tumors in Cameron Missouri, several tests were done on the soil. The tests have confirmed that there are levels of potential concern.

Educational Craft Kits Recalled by FloraCraft

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of Solar System Kits and DNA Kits

Various Toys Recalled by CBB Group

Thee U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall due to choking hazard and violation of lead paint standard.

Millions of homecrafters face bankruptcy after Feb 10

The Feb 10 2009 deadline for millions of American homecrafters requiring expensive testing of their products, is approaching fast. Child-products without certificates proving they have no lead content, will have to be scrapped; export products included.

Child product safety law turns US homecrafters into criminals

A Quincy, Massachusetts woman who runs a micro-business from her home, warns that a new US law requiring costly testing for lead in children's products and toys ' is going to turn millions of home-crafters into criminals'.

Study Finds High Level of Lead in Christmas Lights

Thanksgiving for many marks the time of year to haul out Christmas lights and start decorating for the holiday ahead. This year there comes a warning that those Christmas lights have higher levels of lead than are allowable by EPA/HUD regulatory limits.

Casper Halloween Figurines Recalled For Lead Hazard

The U.S, Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Coyne’s & Company, Inc. are recalling Casper the Friendly Ghost Halloween Mini-Figurines due to having high levels of lead on the painted surfaces. These figurines are dressed in various costumes.

Lucky Country Inc. Recalls All Natural Black Licorice Products

Lucky Country Inc. of Lincolnton, NC is recalling all of its natural black licorice products due to elevated levels of lead.

Deadly lipstick: Lead found in leading brands in US

The toxic slopfest in consumer products continues, with high lead levels found in lipsticks including Dior Addict. Dozens of others are also affected. Quantities of lead found are double the FDA level, in the case of the Dior product.

Once Endangered Condors Being Poisoned By Lead In California

Once nearly extinct, the condor is under fire again as lead poisoning is making them sick and even killing them. The cause of the lead is speculated to be secondary contamination from hunter's ammunition used to kill other animals.
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The water crisis in Flint  Michigan -- where lead has leaked into the water supply -- has Gov. Rick ...
The water crisis in Flint, Michigan -- where lead has leaked into the water supply -- has Gov. Rick Snyder asking President Obama to declare the city and surrounding county a federal disaster area.
CBS Evening News
DOWNTOWN: A view of downtown Flint  Michigan  is seen in this photo taken from the Flint River.
DOWNTOWN: A view of downtown Flint, Michigan, is seen in this photo taken from the Flint River.
Connor Coyne / Wikimedia Commons
Lead guitar player Marty Friedman
Lead guitar player Marty Friedman
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