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Immunity from liability versus Canada's vaccine injury coverage

Washington - The Canadian government now has a no-fault vaccine injury program for people receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. In the US, a COVID-19 stimulus bill has stalled due to an "immunity from liability" clause in the package. Are these two protections the same?

Op-Ed: Trump legal challenges to election seen as 'tilting at windmills'

President Donald Trump called in his lawyers to shore up his dimming re-election prospects, filing lawsuits in several states, falsely claiming voter fraud and improprieties in the ballot count. But like Don Quixote - he is "tilting at windmills."

Plans unraveling, Faraday Future asks $40 million for Nevada site

Faraday Future has experienced one financial crisis after another as it has vainly tried to make its mark in the automotive world. The cash-strapped startup is now selling its 900-acre factory site in Nevada for $40 million.

Purdue Pharma considers bankruptcy over OxyContin lawsuits

Purdue Pharma and a number of other drug manufacturers are facing thousands of lawsuits related to allegations that they contributed to the opioid crisis through bad marketing practices. Purdue is considering bankruptcy.

Bayer shares tumble on Monsanto's Roundup cancer verdict

Bayer shares plunged as much as 14 percent on Monday, losing about $14 billion in value after newly acquired Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million in damages to a man who said ingredients used in the weedkiller had caused his cancer.

Lawmakers plan lawsuits over West Coast coal port policies

Lawmakers in coal-producing Utah and Wyoming, faced by a shrinking market for the fuel, this week introduced laws to fund legal challenges in California and Washington of policies that they believe hurt coal sales.

Coal companies plead to courts and Trump for West Coast terminals

The failing U.S. coal industry is ramping up its political and legal efforts to get a foothold in shipping terminals on the West Coast, but California and Washington state are saying "no way."

Equifax releases details on cybersecurity breach

On Friday, credit-reporting firm Equifax announced its chief information officer and chief security officer would leave the company immediately, in the aftermath of a huge data-breach of 143 million Americans' personal information.

Oil not flowing yet, but Dakota Access Pipeline already leaking

It was only a matter of time before Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota Access Pipeline had an oil spill or leak, and sure enough, it has happened. Funny thing about it, though - It happened last month and we're just now hearing about it.

Lawsuits can be served via Twitter

San Fransisco - Miscreants and evil-doers beware, some U.S. law firms have begun serving lawsuits using the social medium of Twitter. The first such electronic legal missive was served this week.

Kratom gets a reprieve from the DEA — at least for now

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reversed itself on Wednesday, announcing it has removed Kratom from the agency's list of Schedule I substances, at least for now.

Bayer's Essure trial is approved again after FDA re-evaluation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded its investigation on Essure's pivotal trial. Bayer, the company that manufactures the controversial contraception method, has been, in fact, accused of manipulating data to inflate the device's safety.

Virginia Hepatitis A cases growing and so are the lawsuits

Richmond - The Hepatitis A outbreak in Virginia linked to frozen strawberry smoothies served at Tropical Smoothie Cafes is growing daily, with 28 people now confirmed to be sick as of Thursday evening.

Uber, accused of illegal background checks, opts to pay fine

The U.S. giant of ride-sharing applications is in the eye of the storm again. This time several of its drivers filed a lawsuit claiming they got their accounts terminated illegally. The company opted out for a cash settlement.

Sony agrees to pay compensation to people who ran Linux on a PS3

Sony has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by paying compensation to PlayStation 3 owners who installed the Linux operating system on their console. Sony later removed the built-in feature without warning, leaving many customers unhappy.

Taiwan's ex-president Ma faces lawsuits as immunity ends

Taipei - Dozens of lawsuits brought against former Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou reopened Saturday as his presidential immunity lapsed after the island swore in its new leader.

Plaintiff turns down $1.3 million to settle Talcum powder lawsuit

Diane Berg, the first plaintiff that filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson accusing it of being responsible for her ovarian cancer, refused $1.3 million to settle down her case before the trial began.

FDA issues Black Box warning for Essure — Lawsuits keep growing

A federal court ruled that 2 cases of women who claim they were harmed by Bayer's birth control device Essure can continue. In the meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" label to warn the public about its dangerousness.

Zofran lawsuit — GSK requests split of generic, branded cases

As the number of Zofran lawsuits keep growing, the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) petitioned the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts to separate brand-named injury litigation from those caused by generic ondansetron.

The FDA questions Xarelto safety due to defective device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating on the reliability of the ROCKET-AF clinical trial that led to the approval of Xarelto. Despite the European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirming its validity, a defective device may have compromised it.

Calif. AG and Los Angeles County file lawsuits over gas leak

Southern California Gas Company on Tuesday was charged with four misdemeanor criminal charges for failing to immediately notify state authorities about the massive natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon that has forced thousands from their homes.

Monsanto to California: Pull glyphosate from cancer-causing list

Sacramento - Monsanto's herbicide, glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup is about to be added to California's listing of products said to be cancer-causing agents, and Monsanto is not very pleased.

Op-Ed: Watchdog group takes FDA to task over Pradaxa approval

A watchdog group said on Thursday the FDA was “lax” and “permissive” in its approval of a blood-thinner designed to prevent clots and strokes in patients with a heart condition that affects millions of Americans.

Op-Ed: Judge: Anti-Planned Parenthood group must turn over the evidence

On Friday, a federal judge said that the anti-abortion group attacking Planned Parenthood with heavily edited videos cannot refuse to turn over pieces of evidence by pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Converse files suit over infringement of Chuck Taylor shoes

Brooklyn - United States shoemaker Converse has filed suit against more than two dozen companies alleging those businesses have copied the design of the popular Chuck Taylor shoe.

Superstore Macy’s takes a hit in decapitation case

A major settlement was negotiated on Monday, August 11th, between Macy’s and the family of a 65-year-old man, Roy Polanco, who was decapitated in 2009 by machinery at a distribution center.

Apple cited in class-action lawsuit over wages

As you can see from the embedded PDF, employees in California, notably the Apple "Geniuses," are seeking back pay and damages for incidents such as Apple denying their workers rest periods.

Are Americans obsessed with lawsuits?

Salt Lake City - From a squabble between neighbors in Smalltown, USA, to the nation's largest tech companies battling over intellectual property, Americans -- and American companies -- are filing more lawsuits today than at any other time in history.

Deutsche Bank fails to end four U.S. lawsuits over soured mortgages

Deutsche Bank AG has failed to win the dismissal of four U.S.

Lighting contractors file $95,000 lien against Akon

Atlanta - A Georgia lighting contractor claims Akon never paid for the work they did at his Atlanta mansion, and is suing the singer for unpaid bills totaling $95,000 plus interest.
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ABOVE: An aerial view of a University of California campus in Berkeley  near where more than a dozen...
ABOVE: An aerial view of a University of California campus in Berkeley, near where more than a dozen people were injured during two Black Lives Matter protests on Telegraph Avenue in December 2014.
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Just three of the products claiming ro have aloe vera as the primary ingredient.
Just three of the products claiming ro have aloe vera as the primary ingredient.
Walmart, Walgreens and Target

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