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Lawsuit News

The Chinese company that banned iPhone sales 'barely exists'

The Chinese company that recently banned sales of the iPhone 6 in China "barely exists," according to an investigation into Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services. The smartphone company currently has no products available and has closed down its website.

Legal nightmare could continue for man who sold printer online

Indianapolis - There's a downside to everything. Just ask Doug Costello, the Massachusetts man who tried to sell a used printer on Craigslist.

Oracle's claim over Android's use of Java dismissed by jury

A judge has ruled that Google did not infringe on the copyright of software giant Oracle by using its Java programming language in Android without paying royalties. Oracle intends to appeal the decision which has been welcomed by software developers.

Veterans' Agent Orange lawsuits refused — but their war continues

A contractor agency hired by the U.S. government to review thousands of veterans' refund claims for exposure to Agent Orange recently refused them. Whistleblower attorneys decided to appeal the denial, claiming that they defrauded the federal government.

Plaintiff turns down $1.3 million to settle Talcum powder lawsuit

Diane Berg, the first plaintiff that filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson accusing it of being responsible for her ovarian cancer, refused $1.3 million to settle down her case before the trial began.

FDA issues Black Box warning for Essure — Lawsuits keep growing

A federal court ruled that 2 cases of women who claim they were harmed by Bayer's birth control device Essure can continue. In the meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" label to warn the public about its dangerousness.

Lawsuit — Starbucks has been ripping off the public for years

Two coffee drinkers in California are pretty steamed because Starbucks won't fill their lattes to the rim in an effort to save money on milk. In fact, they are so mad they filed a class-action lawsuit against the giant coffeehouse chain.

Zofran lawsuit — GSK requests split of generic, branded cases

As the number of Zofran lawsuits keep growing, the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) petitioned the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts to separate brand-named injury litigation from those caused by generic ondansetron.

Taylor Swift gives $250K to Kesha after court ruling

Taylor Swift is providing fellow pop star Kesha with a financial shoulder to lean on, having donated $250,000 as a "show of support" in her legal battle with Dr. Luke, whom the singer alleged sexually assaulted her.

Google paid Apple $1b in 2014 to remain default iOS search engine

Google reportedly paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 to remain as the default search engine in the company's iOS software used on the iPhone and iPad. The information was revealed as part of Google's ongoing legal case with Oracle.

Planned Parenthood sues anti-abortion group for secret video

New York - Planned Parenthood, the US women's health care provider perennially attacked by conservatives, filed a lawsuit Thursday against an anti-abortion group it says filmed it illegally.

FDA takes legal action against pharmaceutical company

Washington - A consent decree has been opened against Downing Labs LLC, of Dallas, Texas, together with the holding company. The action has been initiated by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay.

Teacher claims city fired her for lesson on 1989 park jogger case

New York - A former New York City high school teacher says she was fired for teaching students about the 1989 Central Park jogger case in which five African American and Latino teens were wrongfully imprisoned for years.

Amazon announces lawsuit against over 1,000 fake reviewers

Online retailer Amazon has filed a lawsuit targeting over 1,000 people alleged to have posted fake product reviews on its website. The company says that the false reviewers can '"significantly" undermine the trust that consumers place in its listings.

iPhone processors infringe on patents, Apple may face $862m fine

Apple could be fined as much as $862 million for being found guilty of infringing on patents owned by the University of Wisconsin. Several of Apple's recent processor designs used the technology without proper licensing.

Microsoft and Google agree to settle long-running patent dispute

Two of Silicon Valley's largest companies have agree to put an end to legal battles that have lasted years. Microsoft and Google opted not to reveal exact details of the deal which settles patent disputes over smartphones and games consoles.

Indiana couple awarded $370,000 in excessive force claim

Indianapolis - A young couple who alleged that an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reserve officer fired unjustifiably at their car early in the morning on New Year's Day 2014 have settled a lawsuit with the city and the officer for $370,000.

Chipotle being sued over 'false' GMO-free claims

A California woman is taking Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to court because she claims the restaurant's "G-M-Over it" advertising is false and misleading. The woman's lawsuit is seeking class-action status and unspecified damages.

SoulCycle class action alleges 'soulless' cheating of customers

A class action lawsuit has been filed against SoulCycle alleging the fitness chain is illegally profiting from customers by placing unreasonably short expiration dates on its exercise class passes.

'Spam king' hacked 500,000 Facebook users, sent 27m spam messages

A Las Vegas man who called himself the 'Spam King' while he used phishing attacks to gain passwords for 500,000 Facebook accounts before sending over 27 million spam messages has pleaded guilty in court.

Apple could lose $500m as patent in Samsung lawsuit ruled invalid

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has ruled that a patent held by Apple on the design of the iPhone 3GS is actually invalid. The decision will prove critical in the company's lawsuit against Samsung, alleged to have infringed on Apple's patents.

Uber is being sued for allegedly sending unsolicited texts

Chicago - A federal lawsuit has been filed against the popular ride-sharing service Uber, alleging the company is violating U.S. law by sending unsolicited text messages to people wanting nothing to do with the service.

Silicon Valley unites to defend Samsung against Apple patent case

Several Silicon Valley technology companies have stepped up to help Samsung win its ongoing patent dispute with Apple. The group has filed a "friend of the court" letter to help argue Samsung's case. Apple claims that it infringed on multiple patents.

Ripping CDs and DVDs is now illegal once more in the UK

The UK High Court has once again banned the copying of CDs and DVDs for personal use just nine months after it was made legal. After a successful challenge from the music industry, the law will now be reverted to its former status.

TV streaming should be treated like cable operators: U.S. judge

In a landmark ruling for the world of TV broadcasting and streaming, a U.S. judge has ruled that one streaming company could be entitled to a license that would let it transmit the copyrighted content of other broadcasters over the Internet.

Malaysia's prime minister to sue Wall Street Journal

Malaysia's Prime Minister is looking to take the Wall Street Journal to court after the newspaper released an article claiming that nearly $700 million dollars has flowed from Malaysian government programs into the Prime Minister's personal accounts.

Samsung, Oppo sued in China over intrusive smartphone bloatware

Smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Oppo have found themselves faced with a lawsuit from their customers in China. The consumer commission is fed up with the massive amounts of bloatware apps installed out of the box, some of which may be intrusive.

Arum lawsuit signals death knell to Mayweather-Pacquiao rivalry

The lawsuits filed by boxing promoters Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions (TR) and Oscar de la Hoya of Golden Boy Promotioins (GBP) could effectively end the Mayweather-Pacquiao rivalry and signal the death knell for boxing.

Google admits that it 'doesn't always get it right' in Europe

Google has admitted it has messed up in Europe, leading to the strong anti-trust allegations it is faced with now. The company's European chief made the comments in an interview yesterday, saying "As far as Europe is concerned: We get it."

Rockstar Games' parent company sues BBC over upcoming GTA drama

The BBC has been hit with a lawsuit by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar Games, over allegations of potential trademark misuse in the broadcasting company's upcoming drama about the GTA franchise.
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Demonstrators protest remarks attributed to Clippers owner Donald Sterling outside the Staples Cente...
Demonstrators protest remarks attributed to Clippers owner Donald Sterling outside the Staples Center arena in Los Angeles in April.
Craig Dietrich/Wikimedia Commons
U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)
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McDonald s restuarant in Mount Pleasant  Iowa.
McDonald's restuarant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.
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The danger of GMOs is debatable  and Chipotle admitted that on its website in April  2015. However  ...
The danger of GMOs is debatable, and Chipotle admitted that on its website in April, 2015. However, the company lists other reasons for removing GMOs from their menu.
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Local labor and political activist Steve Zeltzer spoke to the press on the steps of San Francisco Ci...
Local labor and political activist Steve Zeltzer spoke to the press on the steps of San Francisco City Hall on Monday, July 11, 2011. He opposes the redevelopment plans approved by SF Board of Supervisors.
Bold nebraska s response to lawsuit.
Bold nebraska's response to lawsuit.
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StarKist tuna products
StarKist tuna products
The town of Jardin in Antioqiua  Colombia
The town of Jardin in Antioqiua, Colombia
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Los Angeles Clippers coaches and players share the bench during a game against the Washington Wizard...
Los Angeles Clippers coaches and players share the bench during a game against the Washington Wizards in Washington, D.C., in December.
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TREE OF LIFE BREAST MILK CIRCLE, made by MommyMilk Creations
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Akon performs
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StarKist Tuna products
StarKist Tuna products
Attorney Jeff Anderson stands with attorney Mike Finnegan and Tom Doyle  discussing Records Obtained...
Attorney Jeff Anderson stands with attorney Mike Finnegan and Tom Doyle, discussing Records Obtained by the St. Paul Law Firm that Implicate Pope
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Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby (left) announced that he had filed an application with the Ontario Super...
Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby (left) announced that he had filed an application with the Ontario Superior Court on behalf of Toronto resident Paul Magder, alleging that Rob Ford has violated the Province of Ontario’s Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.
Bold Nebraska s response to the lawsuit.
Bold Nebraska's response to the lawsuit.
Bold Nebraska
The FTC claims textiles advertised as being made of bamboo really contain rayon.
The FTC claims textiles advertised as being made of bamboo really contain rayon.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Off shore oil rig.
Off shore oil rig.