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Op-Ed: How safe are whistleblowers? A look at Canada and the U.S.

Canadian whistleblower laws are woefully inadequate to protect informants - exposing them to retribution and it's time to bolster protections before a crisis hits, says an expert who has helped defend more than 7,000 whistleblowers worldwide.

Obesity and food waste — Is Italy becoming like the U.S.?

Italy approved a new law to fight food waste by providing economic incentives to companies who want to donate food. However, recent statistics are pointing out how the Italians' "love for good food" is waning, and bad dietary habits are on the rise.

Hawaii becomes 1st state to raise smoking age to 21

Honolulu - Effective Friday, January 1, 2016, Hawaii became the first state in the United States to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.

Op-Ed: The new EU truck regulations: Will they make a difference?

On April 15 the majority of people at an EU conference voted in favour of introducing new measures to make Europe's trucks safer and more fuel efficient. Will the proposed measures actually make trucks any safer or less thirsty however?

Grave robbing brothers engage in cannibalism

It is possible that after eating human flesh, one might develop a taste for it, but two brothers in Pakistan have taken the practice to the extreme. Already out of jail after a two year sentence for grave robbing and eating a corpse, they are at it again.

EU court rules that data collection rules violate privacy rights

On Tuesday, a data communications collection requirement was struck down in the European Union and declared invalid, on the grounds that it infringed on basic privacy rights.

Legislators say dog ownership laws need more teeth

Today in Maryland, a proposed law being debated would, if enacted, make all dog owners liable for an attack regardless of the animal's breed.

New Turkish laws target women Special

Istanbul - Recent laws by the Turkish Prime Minister promote Islamist ideals that limit secular democracy and negatively affect women in Turkey.

Illinois governor changes concealed carry bill

Springfield - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has made some drastic changes to the state's new concealed carry laws which would allow some citizens to have a concealed loaded firearm on their person in a public place.

Locked and loaded: South Dakota teachers now able to carry guns

Pierre - A law went into effect on July 1st which could allow some teachers in South Dakota to legally carry a firearm onto school property.

Are U.K. drug laws stopping depression drug trials?

A scientist has suggested that medical research is being hampered by restrictions placed on recreational drugs in the U.K.

FDA proposes new rules to fight food contamination

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed two new rules that are designed to improve food safety. The announcement was made on Friday by the agency and the rules are now open for review and public comment.

Bill Clinton says war on drugs not working

As government officials and residents of Washington and Colorado wait to see how the Justice Department and federal law enforcement agencies will respond to the legalization of marijuana, politicians and celebrities are questioning current drug policies.

Op-Ed: Shoot First Ask Later — Gun Laws in the U.S

A look at the gun laws in the United States and the history of the 2nd Amendment. How has this amendment been distorted to commit crimes and make money for the gun lobbyists.

Spain is accused of draconian plans to clamp down on protests

Madrid - Spain is apparently planning draconian new laws against street protests by curbing the use of social networking, following recent strikes and protests by the unions against changes in the labor laws.

1000's of Spaniards strike today against labour reforms (updated)

Tens of thousands of Spaniards are taking to the streets yet again, this time against the labour laws in the country. A general strike was called for March 29, 2012.

South Carolina lawmakers approve bill prohibiting 'sexting'

Columbia - A panel of lawmakers initially passed a bill on Wednesday making it a crime for young people to partake in "sexting." The bill specifically targets South Carolina children between the ages of 12 and 17.

Canadian activists: Those living with HIV are not criminals Special

Toronto - Tonight at the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto people came together for the Toronto Day of Action Against the Criminalization of HIV.

In 2012, new U.S. laws on guns, Starbucks, immigrants, fake pot

If your New Year's celebrations didn't include making resolutions that's okay because several different American states have already done it for you.

GOP calls for end of food safety laws against deadly bacteria

Holly - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a statement regarding the seriousness of listeria, derived from eating cantaloupe. Yet, the GOP is calling for a decrease in food safety laws that protect people from diseases like listeria.

Tennessee strengthens offensive bumper sticker law

Nashville - Tennesseans celebrating Independence Day have found another one of their freedoms taken away by the state, the right to free speech. Drivers offended by a bumper sticker can now report it to the police who will ticket the driver if it's deemed offensive.

Nova Scotia introduces bicycle safety laws Special

Halifax - The province of Nova Scotia will introduce legislation that requires drivers of motor vehicles to leave one-metre of open space between the vehicle and cyclists when passing.

California downgrades cannabis possession to $100 fine

Sacramento - On Oct 1, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed new legislation that downgrades cannabis possession of an ounce or less to a simple infraction with a maximum fine of $100. Violations will no longer be recorded as a crime on a person's record.

Op-Ed: Capitalism impedes creative thinking to deal with desperate times

There's millions of desperate people to be found around the world, hit hard by the recession. The jobless recovery is not getting any boosts from governments who are turning away from stimulus spending in favour of austerity measures.

Ontario judge strikes down Canada's prostitution laws

Toronto - A Superior Court justice struck down three Criminal Code provisions of Canada’s prostitution law in an Ontario court on Tuesday.

Drunk driving laws changing in Ontario for those under 21

Starting August 1 young drivers in Ontario will be facing tough anti-alcohol rules. Drivers 21 and under will be required to have a zero blood alcohol level when they get behind the wheel.

Whites-only legal notice has Massachusetts residents furious

New Bedford - A law firm ran an ad for a foreclosed property recently that stated "whites only" in the property description which has set off a flurry of protests and complaints from both blacks and whites who were offended by the illegal, racist and discriminatory ad.

US gov't changes laws for transgender passport applicants Special

Washington - The State Department announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender applicants. If you bring a note from your doctor that you have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition you'll be able to get a passport to match.

Montel Williams lights up the Maine Medical Marijuana Conference

Portland - Montel Williams spoke at yesterday's medical marijuana conference in Maine. In tears as he shared his pain with the audience, he was encouraged by one attending Sheriff to take his medicine, prompting Montel to light up a joint and take a few puffs.

Pennsylvania may bring beer-buying laws into the 21st Century

A Pennsylvania state senator held a “bust the antiquated beer laws” rally in the state capitol surrounded by a cheering crowd of six-packers, who want the state’s outdated beer-purchasing laws moderated.
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The Laser Weapon System (LaWS)
The Laser Weapon System (LaWS)
Protesters in Madrid  Spain - 29 March 2012
Protesters in Madrid, Spain - 29 March 2012
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The number of cow shares  or farm shares has increased since 2012.
The number of cow shares, or farm shares has increased since 2012.

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