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Op-Ed: Fallout COVID cases continue to rise after Trump tests positive

President Trump's doctor said Saturday he's fever-free, not on oxygen, and doing "very well" at a military hospital where he's being treated for COVID-19, however, the number of positives from the mask-less events held by the president continues to grow.

US lawmakers urge NBA to suspend China activities over boycott

Washington - A bipartisan set of US lawmakers urged the NBA on Wednesday to suspend all activities in China until Chinese firms and broadcasters end their boycott of the league and the Houston Rockets.

Right to repair: Why tech giants want to stop you fixing devices

"Right to repair" has become a common phrase over the past few years as consumers and lobbyists demand longer lifetimes from their devices. Industry giants are thwarting bills designed to let you repair your products, citing safety and legal concerns.

Mass. proposed bill wants 100 percent renewable energy by 2035

Lawmakers in the state of Massachusetts wants the state to rely on renewable resources by 2035, so they have proposed a bill.

Rebel Hong Kong lawmakers challenge China in parliament

Hong Kong - Hong Kong rebel lawmakers swore, shouted, banged drums and railed against "tyranny" Wednesday when they took their oaths of office in the city's parliament, as calls grow for a split from Beijing.

Venezuela lawmakers reject Maduro's emergency decree

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition-controlled National Assembly on Tuesday rejected the state of emergency decreed by President Nicolas Maduro, deepening the crisis in the oil-rich South American country.

Congress passes bill requiring childproof liquid nicotine bottles

Washington - It's called the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, and it's intended to keep kids safer by making it more difficult for sticky little fingers to get into yummy-looking but highly toxic liquid nicotine. Congress passed the measure on Monday.

Op-Ed: America's overcrowded prisons won't be going away any time soon

Washington - President Barack Obama has recently taken steps to address the problem of prison overpopulation in the U.S. He has told us something many people probably don't want to hear — there isn't much he can really do about it.

U.S. companies have $2.1 trillion worth of profit stored overseas

The U.S. Congress must find a way to tax offshore profits stored by some of the world's largest corporations. Currently letting their earnings safely mount up abroad, lawmakers are considering a special "deluxe" tax rate to get money from the companies.

Chilean Parliament to discuss banning salt shakers in restaurants

Santiago - The Honourable House of Deputies of Chile will be discussing a bill that seeks to ban salt shakers in restaurant tables. According to two lawmakers, salt intake has increased significantly in Chile and people need to be educated about it.

Op-Ed: Comprehensive U.S. tax reform can benefit the 90 percent

With the 2014 midterm election narrative likely to center on income inequality, congressional legislators and candidates should look to meaningful comprehensive tax reform.

Louisiana lawmaker wants to defund library in favor of new jail

Come Saturday, members of a southern Louisiana community of 97,000 known as Lafourche Parish will vote on a controversial ballot proposal aiming to reallocate $800,000 a year from the local library budget to the funding of a new $25 million jail.

Egyptian lawmakers clash over writing constitution

Cairo - Egyptian lawmakers had a heated debate Saturday in a meeting discussing who should write the country's new constitution. The writing panel will be comprised of 100 people.

New Poll shows 46% of Americans think most lawmakers are corrupt

Washington - A new Rasmussen report finds that a growing number of voters now see most members of Congress as being corrupt. The 46% figure is up seven points from June, and the highest finding to be recorded.

Lawmakers considering Google's push for driverless cars in Nevada

Las Vegas - Google is pushing Nevada legislators hard to legalize driverless vehicles. Nevada could be the first state in the Union to legalize operation of the self-driving Toyota Prius hybrids on public roads.

Lawmakers react to testimony of Peace Corps victims of rape

Rape is a heinous crime. Volunteers from groups like the Peace Corps have been victims of the crime while working to better the world.Victims found the agency not supportive of them during the aftermath. That lack of care is being reviewed by lawmakers.

Florida lawmakers wants to put medical marijuana to a vote

Tallahassee - Florida's registered voters may get a chance to decide the future of medical marijuana in the sunshine state if one state representative has his way.

Democrats facing violent threats in wake of health care reform

Washington - Blame it on the heavy toll the recession has taken on Americans, along with the politely termed "inflammatory rhetoric" against the historic U.S. health care reform bill.

Lawmakers urge Obama to overturn military suicide condolence rule

United States lawmakers urged in a letter to President Barack Obama to overturn the military suicide condolence rules that now forbids the military to send letters to families of a soldier who committed suicide.

US Legislators want new tax to pay for war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is in its eighth year and has costed hundreds of billions of dollars but now Democratic lawmakers want a new surtax to pay for the war.

Craigslist Meets With Lawmakers Over Exotic Ads

Negotiations between lawmakers in three states and Craigslist have begin to eliminate what is viewed as advertisements that offer illegal sexual activities.

Lawmakers Consider Castration for Sex Offenders

A Louisiana lawmaker has proposed a bill in which castration could be a sentencing option for some sex offenders in the state. The bill will be sent to the Senate for final approval.

Iraqi Lawmakers Plan to Take a Nice Summer Break

Iraqi lawmakers have announced they plan to take a two month summer break because the summer heat in Iraq makes it too hard to meet.

Lawmakers Threaten To Take Spy Powers Away From The FBI

Lawmakers are increasingly becoming angry that the FBI is abusing its spy powers.

I-Spy Bill Introduced in US House

The Internet Spyware (I-Spy) Prevention Act, a bill that have provisions for more than five years in prisons for Spyware activities introduced in US House.

Which Videos Are Protected? Lawmakers Get A Lesson

How can individuals be expected to know what videos are protected when our lawmakers don't even seem to know.

Lawmakers want vaccination for cervical cancer forced on us

As lawmakers prepare to debate an override of the governor's order that schoolgirls be inoculated against the virus that causes cervical cancer, a group of legislators wants the state to produce a brochure about the vaccine.

Mass. Lawmakers Propel Gay Marriage Ban

Lawmakers in Massachusetts, the only state where gay marriage is legal, voted today to advance a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, a critical step toward putting the measure om the 2008 ballot.

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The Indiana House of Representatives.
The Indiana House of Representatives.
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