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Israel takes first step to pass contentious NGO law

Jerusalem - A controversial bill that would compel NGOs receiving most of their funding from foreign governments to declare it in official reports passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament early Tuesday.

Experts probe Polish govt's alleged breach of rule of law

Varsovia - European legal experts on Monday began a fact-finding mission in Poland to determine if Warsaw's new right-wing government has violated the EU member's constitution and democracy rules.

Gbagbo trial shown dramatic video of Abidjan clashes

Den Haag - Dramatic video footage of armed clashes in Abidjan and bloodied corpses lining the streets on Friday opened the second day of the landmark trial of former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo.

China jails three 'civil disobedience' activists

Bejing - A Chinese court sentenced three activists to prison on Friday for allegedly attempting to start a non-violent civil rights movement, family members and campaign groups said, the latest example of the Communist Party's intensifying crackdown on dissent....

China 'deported' Swedish NGO worker

Bejing - China has deported a Swedish human rights activist detained earlier this month for allegedly posing a threat to national security, the government said Tuesday.

German brewers cheer 500th birthday of beer purity law

Berlin - German brewers will be clinking glasses this year to the 500th anniversary of their "purity law", even as craft label designers complain the decree is cramping their style.

EU has 'deep concerns' about China's detention of Europeans

Bejing - The European Union's ambassador to China said Wednesday it was "deeply concerned" about Beijing's detention of EU citizens, hours after state media broadcast the purported confession of a Swedish activist held by authorities.

Prosecutors to seek war crimes trial for LRA warlord

Den Haag - War crimes prosecutors will Thursday seek to convince the International Criminal Court to put infamous Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen on trial on charges including keeping sex slaves in a rebel army.

UK terror law contradicts human rights legislation: Judge

London - British judges ruled Tuesday that the country's anti-terror law is "incompatible" with European human rights legislation, in a case brought by the partner of the journalist at the centre of the Edward Snowden revelations.

Missing Hong Kong bookseller paraded on China state television

Beijing - A missing Hong Kong publisher of books critical of Beijing appeared weeping on state television Sunday, saying he had returned to China to surrender to police 11 years after fleeing a fatal drink driving incident.

Danish govt secures backing for bill on taking migrants' cash

Copenhagen - A controversial Danish bill to seize migrants' valuables to pay for their stay in asylum centres looks set to pass in parliament after the government on Tuesday secured a parliamentary majority.

China detains Swedish human rights worker: group

Beijing - A Swedish man working for a human rights group in China has been detained on suspicion of endangering state security, his colleague said Tuesday, as Beijing steps up controls on civil society.

China charges seven in crackdown on lawyers: associates

Bejing - China has formally arrested on "subversion" charges at least seven human rights lawyers and colleagues held in secret for six months in a sweeping crackdown on legal activism, family and associates said Tuesday.

Anguish for families of missing China lawyers

Tianjin - Every day Li Wenzu's son asks her why his daddy has not come home, she says. Her husband went missing six months ago in a sweeping crackdown on Chinese human rights lawyers, but she tells the three-year-old he is on a "business trip".

Six months after China crackdown lawyers strike back

Bejing - Chinese security agents hooded one as they bundled him into a vehicle. Police seized others at home as their horrified families watched. More, alone when they disappeared, sent frantic text messages to friends.

Controlling partners to be prosecuted in England and Wales

Domestic abusers who use “coercive or controlling” behavior against their partners can now be prosecuted in England and Wales under a law that went into effect on Tuesday.

China rights lawyer gets suspended jail sentence: Lawyer

Bejing - One of China's most celebrated human rights lawyers was handed a suspended three-year prison term on Tuesday, his lawyer said, in the latest clampdown on critics of the ruling Communist Party.

Ex-Milosevic intel chief, deputy, maintain innocence

Den Haag - Two top Serbian officials in Slobodan Milosevic's regime pleaded not guilty before the Yugoslav war crimes court Friday after the tribunal ordered their retrial for crimes committed during the 1990s Balkans wars.

France passes bill forcing shops to give unsold food to charities

The French National Assembly has passed a new law that forces large supermarkets to not trash unsold food. Under the new law, large supermarkets will be required to partner with local charities that can help distribute unsold food to consumers in need.

Mongolia praised for abolishing death penalty

Ulan Bator - The United Nations' top human rights official praised Mongolia Wednesday for abolishing the death penalty, after the sparsely populated Asian country approved a new criminal code eliminating executions.

ICC staves off Africa-led rebellion, sets sights on new HQ

Den Haag - The International Criminal Court staved off a veiled African-led threat to quit the world's only permanent war crimes court, but experts say that has come at the expense of justice for the victims of mass atrocities.

Swiss region set to ban full-face veil

Ginebra - Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region has moved a step closer to banning the full-face Muslim veil, after its parliament gave the proposed law the thumbs-up this week.

US kids' lawsuit over climate change gathers steam

Miami - A lawsuit over climate change filed by 21 young Americans has gained the attention of the fossil fuel industry, which is joining the US government to oppose the kids' demands for sharper pollution cuts.

Moscow tells Twitter to store Russian users' data in the country

Moscow - Moscow has warned Twitter that it must store Russian users' personal data in Russia, under a new law, the national communications watchdog told AFP on Wednesday.

Russia widens net in hunt for 'foreign agents'

Moscow - Russian photographer Alexander Rumyantsev never thought he was meddling in politics when he staged an art festival with funding from the US government -- but the authorities in his country decided differently.

Op-Ed: Will Canada condemn Rwanda’s brutality at home and abroad? Special

Rwanda’s tragic history and predatory governance have been devastating for refugees. The West has enabled the government’s witch-hunts and has made things worse.

Guatemala raises legal age of marriage from 14 to 18

Guatemala City - Guatemalan lawmakers on Thursday passed a law raising the minimum age for marriage after human rights groups cited alarming figures for early pregnancies and other risks for wedded girls.

Britain to unveil plan for new digital-intel laws

London - Britain's government published proposals for new Internet spying laws Wednesday to keep pace with the digital age and crack down on terror threats, but critics have branded the package a "snooper's charter".

UN body calls for Malaysia's Anwar to be freed: family

Kuala Lumpur - A UN body has determined that former Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been jailed in violation of international law and called for his immediate release, according to a copy of the opinion released Monday by his family.

Brazil eyes 'Wild West' gun ownership law

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, which has one of the highest murder tolls on the planet, could soon end most restrictions on gun ownership, risking what one critic called a "Wild West" scenario.
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