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China firm fined for pollution in landmark case

Bejing - A Chinese environmental group has won a landmark public interest lawsuit against a glass manufacturer, with the firm fined more than $3 million for excessive pollution, a court said.

Dutchman jailed for 30 days for insulting king

Den Haag - A man was on Thursday sentenced to 30 days in prison for insulting the king of the Netherlands on Facebook, prosecutors said, after being convicted of breaking seldom used royal defamation laws.

Liberal hopes dashed as post-Islamist Egypt turns conservative

Cairo - When Egypt's military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, Egyptians like Nabil dared to hope that their conservative country was on the brink of change.

'Unprecedented spike' in Egypt forced disappearances

London - Egyptian police have been implicated in an "unprecedented spike" in enforced disappearances since early 2015 aimed at quashing dissent, Amnesty International said in a report Wednesday.

UN sea law lays down the rules for the planet's oceans

Den Haag - Centuries before international laws, pirates ruled the high seas, plundering and pillaging wherever they went.

Wives of China's detained lawyers fight on

Bejing - Monitored, scared, and made to feel like criminals, the women's only offence is to be married to lawyers and activists detained by China's Communist authorities. But a year after their husbands disappeared, they are defiant.

China passes law to 'regulate' wild animal products

Bejing - China has passed a new wild animal protection law banning the sale of food made from endangered species, but allowing other products derived from them, state media said, amid controversy over its wildlife policies.

Denmark confiscates thousands of euros from migrants

Copenhagen - Danish police announced Thursday they confiscated cash worth nearly 11,000 euros from migrants under a controversial law allowing authorities to seize valuables from people trying to obtain asylum in the country.

Kenya rules anal tests on 'gay suspects' legal

Nairobi - A Kenyan court on Thursday threw out a bid to outlaw anal examinations on people suspected to be gay, a practice that has been criticised by rights activists.

Trump signals could bar gun sales for terror suspects

Washington - Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump signalled Wednesday he could support banning people on terror watch lists from purchasing guns, a move that would place him in opposition to members of his own party.

U.S. gun industry thrives but challenged by demographics

Washington - Driven by fears of tighter regulation, gun sales in the United States have prospered during the Obama presidency and after mass killings, even as few new customers enter the market.

Bolivia enacts law letting transsexuals change ID documents

La Paz - Bolivia braved criticism from Christian churches to enact a gender identity law allowing transsexual and transgender people to change their name, sex and photo on official and private documents.

Seychelles parliament decriminalises gay sex

Victoria - The Seychelles has decriminalised gay sex, the state news agency said Thursday, after lawmakers voted to amend a penal code that meant those convicted of sodomy faced 14 years in jail.

EU raises pressure on Poland in rule of law row

Brussels - The European Union's executive arm warned Wednesday it could take further action against Poland over its commitment to the rule of law, unless Warsaw's conservative government makes "significant" progress.

China imposes controversial controls on foreign NGOs

Bejing - China passed a controversial new law Thursday giving police wide-ranging powers over overseas charities and banning them from recruiting members or raising funds in the country, prompting an immediate outcry.

China imposes controversial controls on foreign NGOs

Bejing - China passed a controversial new law Thursday giving police wide-ranging powers over overseas charities and banning them from recruiting members or raising funds in the country, prompting an immediate outcry.

China imposes controversial controls on foreign NGOs

Bejing - China passed a controversial new law Thursday giving police wide-ranging powers over overseas charities and banning them from recruiting members or raising funds in the country, prompting an immediate outcry.

States must end disputes peacefully at UN's highest court: Ban

Den Haag - UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said Wednesday states should seek a peaceful end to disputes at the International Court of Justice, as the UN's highest tribunal marked 70 years of global decision-making.

U.S. rejects 'living will' plans of most large US banks

New York - US regulators rejected Wednesday the bankruptcy contingency plans of five giant US banks that aim to avoid taxpayer bailouts if they fail.

China court rules against same-sex couple's marriage application

Bejing - A Chinese court ruled against two men seeking to marry, it said Wednesday, as more sexual minorities push for equal rights in the country.

Marijuana legalisation debate fires up in France

Paris - French politicians across the board on Tuesday slammed a Socialist minister's call to legalise marijuana, re-igniting the debate in a country where cannabis use is common.

Sex trade less visible, but alive and well in northern Europe

Oslo - Streetwalkers have largely disappeared from the sidewalks but prostitution remains alive and well in northern Europe where laws criminalising the purchase of sex have been in place for years, illustrating the limits of legislation.

Poland crisis escalates as justice minister warns judges

Varsovia - A battle between Poland's right-wing government and the EU member's top court escalated Wednesday, amid a four-month-long constitutional crisis that observers allege has put democracy at risk.

French MPs approve contested ban on paying for sex

Paris - French lawmakers passed a controversial law that makes it illegal to pay for sex and imposes fines of up to 3,750 euros ($4,270) on prostitutes' clients.

Greek MPs adopt law allowing migrants' return to Turkey

Atenas - Greece's parliament on Friday adopted a law allowing for migrants who reach the Greek islands to be returned to Turkey under a controversial EU deal to stem the numbers entering the bloc.

Japan's PM defends new security laws as protesters denounce them

Toukyo - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that new security laws that took effect Tuesday will strengthen Tokyo's ability to defend itself amid increasing threats as opponents took to the streets to say they risk hurling the country into war.

Serb war crimes suspect Seselj to be judged in absence

Den Haag - UN war crimes judges will deliver their verdict against radical Serb leader Vojislav Seselj in his absence for medical reasons, the court announced Wednesday, after the firebrand nationalist refused to return to The Hague.

China terror convictions nearly doubled in 2015

Bejing - Convictions for state security crimes including "violent terrorism" nearly doubled in 2015, figures from China's top court showed Sunday, following a "strike hard" campaign to quell unrest in the largely Muslim region of Xinjiang and crackdowns on civi...

Uganda moves to tighten control of social media

Kanpala - Uganda's government has proposed a bill to tighten controls over social media, a minister said Friday, weeks after an enforced election day shutdown triggered widespread criticism.

British lesbian loses Hong Kong legal bid

Hong Kong - A British lesbian on Friday lost a legal challenge against Hong Kong authorities to grant her a visa to live and work there with her partner, in a setback for equality campaigners in the territory.
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