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Germany to impose strict welfare curbs for EU immigrants

Berlin - The German government on Wednesday approved a new law to curb social benefits for EU citizens who arrive in the country without a job, as it responds to pressure to get tough on migrants.

Myanmar jails Dutch tourist for pulling plug on Buddhist sermon

Mandalay - A Myanmar court on Thursday jailed a Dutch tourist for three months with hard labour for insulting religion after he unplugged an amplifier relaying a late-night Buddhist sermon.

California toughens rape laws after infamous Stanford case

Los Angeles - California's governor has signed a measure mandating prison time for people who rape unconscious or intoxicated victims, the fallout in the case of an ex-Stanford student athlete that sparked widespread outrage.

Bulgaria bans full-face Islamic veil

Sofia - Bulgaria banned on Friday face-covering Islamic veils in public, joining a small number of EU countries as the debate rages across Europe about religious freedoms.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch signs petition to Putin urging abortion ban

Moscow - Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill on Tuesday signed a petition calling for a legal ban on abortion, the Church said in a statement.

Poland pushes near-total abortion ban, nixes liberalisation

Varsovia - Rightwing lawmakers on Friday pushed ahead with a near-total ban on abortion in devoutly Catholic Poland, while rejecting a rival bid to liberalise the existing law already among the most restrictive in Europe.

Poland pushes near-total abortion ban, nixes liberalisation

Varsovia - Rightwing lawmakers on Friday pushed ahead with a near-total ban on abortion in devoutly Catholic Poland, while rejecting a rival bid to liberalise the existing law already among the most restrictive in Europe.

Battle over abortion law heats up in Catholic Poland

Varsovia - Poland's abortion battle will resume Thursday when the devoutly Catholic country's parliament debates rival initiatives to either liberalise or further tighten a law that is already one of the strictest in Europe.

Germany to require mothers to reveal kids' real fathers

Berlin - Germany's government has adopted a law requiring mothers to inform their partners if their children were fathered by another man in disputes over support payments. The measure, dubbed the "milkmen's kids law" in the media, must still pass parliament.

Fight against sexual harassment in Egypt bearing fruit

Cairo - Eight years after the first woman in Egypt won a conviction against a man for sexual harassment, activists and lawyers see progress in transforming attitudes and more harassers being jailed.

Berlin to require mums to come clean on 'milkmen's kids'

Berlin - Germany has drafted a law requiring mothers to inform their partners if their children were fathered by another man, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday.

Anti-burkini law would be 'unconstitutional': French minister

Paris - It would be "unconstitutional" for France to pass a law banning the burkini and such a move could cause irreparable harm, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned in an interview published online late Sunday.

The burkini, the veil, the niqab: What French law says

Paris - Burkinis banned on dozens of beaches, no veils in schools, no niqabs in the neighbourhood: in staunchly secular France, the law imposes an array of restrictions on anything denoting religious affiliation.

Down in the dumps: China lawmaker given five years for sinkhole

Bejing - A Chinese lawmaker was sentenced to five years in jail Friday for trying to dig a basement under his Beijing home so deep it created a giant sinkhole that swallowed four of his neighbours' houses.

UN experts warn of 'extremely serious' abuses in Burundi

Geneva - A United Nations watchdog on Friday urged Burundi to immediately address a long line of abuses, including hundreds of extrajudicial killings and widespread torture and sexual abuse, with disturbing ethnic undertones.

Crisis deepens as Poland's top court rejects contested reforms

Varsovia - Poland's Constitutional Court struck down more government reforms Thursday aimed at clipping its wings in a deepening constitutional crisis that has set Warsaw on a collision course with the EU.

Hundreds protest against Russian anti-terror law

Moscow - Several hundred people protested in Moscow on Tuesday against controversial amendments to anti-terror legislation they say violate internet freedom and their constitutional right to privacy.

China activist tried for subversion, fourth case in four days

Bejing - A Chinese human rights activist was on Friday given a three-year suspended prison sentence for subversion, a court said, in the fourth such case this week as authorities crack down on dissent.

China jails rights lawyer for seven years: Xinhua

Tianjin - A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer was convicted of subversion and sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday, state media reported -- the third such trial this week as authorities crack down on dissent.

Suspended jail sentence for China protester

Bejing - A Chinese court on Tuesday handed a rights activist a three year suspended jail sentence for organising street demonstrations, state media said, the latest conviction in a sweeping crackdown on dissent.

Egypt Christians look to new law to end discrimination

Minya - On a recent Sunday in southern Egypt, dozens of Coptic Christians gathered for mass next to the charred remains of a wooden structure they once used as a chapel.

China firm fined for pollution in landmark case

Bejing - A Chinese environmental group has won a landmark public interest lawsuit against a glass manufacturer, with the firm fined more than $3 million for excessive pollution, a court said.

Dutchman jailed for 30 days for insulting king

Den Haag - A man was on Thursday sentenced to 30 days in prison for insulting the king of the Netherlands on Facebook, prosecutors said, after being convicted of breaking seldom used royal defamation laws.

Liberal hopes dashed as post-Islamist Egypt turns conservative

Cairo - When Egypt's military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, Egyptians like Nabil dared to hope that their conservative country was on the brink of change.

'Unprecedented spike' in Egypt forced disappearances

London - Egyptian police have been implicated in an "unprecedented spike" in enforced disappearances since early 2015 aimed at quashing dissent, Amnesty International said in a report Wednesday.

UN sea law lays down the rules for the planet's oceans

Den Haag - Centuries before international laws, pirates ruled the high seas, plundering and pillaging wherever they went.

Wives of China's detained lawyers fight on

Bejing - Monitored, scared, and made to feel like criminals, the women's only offence is to be married to lawyers and activists detained by China's Communist authorities. But a year after their husbands disappeared, they are defiant.

China passes law to 'regulate' wild animal products

Bejing - China has passed a new wild animal protection law banning the sale of food made from endangered species, but allowing other products derived from them, state media said, amid controversy over its wildlife policies.

Denmark confiscates thousands of euros from migrants

Copenhagen - Danish police announced Thursday they confiscated cash worth nearly 11,000 euros from migrants under a controversial law allowing authorities to seize valuables from people trying to obtain asylum in the country.

Kenya rules anal tests on 'gay suspects' legal

Nairobi - A Kenyan court on Thursday threw out a bid to outlaw anal examinations on people suspected to be gay, a practice that has been criticised by rights activists.
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