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Laughter News

Is that funny? Microsoft develops AI that can assess comedy

Did you hear the one about the technology company that developed an artificial intelligence platform to assess laughter and judge comedy?

Trump: UN wasn't 'laughing at me'

New York - US President Donald Trump says the United Nations wasn't laughing at him when he boasted about his government's successes during a speech to world diplomats. They were just sharing a "good time.

Trump brings rare laughter to august UN summit

New York - Donald Trump, whose political ascent has been full of firsts, on Tuesday achieved another rare feat -- bringing laughter to the solemn UN General Assembly.

Review: Comedy legends Kids in the Hall bring the funny in reunion tour Special

Toronto - When comedians embark on a reunion tour, nostalgia mainly fuels audience intrigue and ticket sales. But Canadian sketch legends The Kids in the Hall not only brought back beloved characters but also proved their comedy writing is as sharp as ever.

Video: Laughter Yoga — a unique concept in health & happiness

Mumbai - We've often heard that laughter is good for you. A doctor in Mumbai in India has come up with Laughter Yoga, a daily exercise which is good for your health and your soul.

More bucks for a few yucks? Price of humor is going up

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but just as the costs of medical services and health insurance premiums have increased, so has the price of a little humor to chase away the blues.

Laughter not confined to human beings, apes can laugh too

A rock-throwing Swedish chimpanzee and a whistling orangutan in a Washington zoo first challenged the idea of unique human traits. Now a study shows that laughter may have originated long before human beings evolved separately from other primates.

May 3 is the international day for laughter

World Laughter Day continues to spread across the globe, with events planned in dozens of countries. Laughter is the cheapest therapy, and some would say the most effective way to better health and even world peace.

Learn for Yourself Why Laughter Is Really Good Medicine

Something we suspected but now know for sure, is laughter is good medicine. Norman Cousins, a famous writer of the 1970's found that out years ago. Research has now cemented his findings and what some of us knew was true.

Laughter Links Humans and Apes

Apes and humans share the ability to laugh and may have inherited this trait from a common primal ancestor, according to a recent study. Orangutans have a sense of empathy and mimicry; essential parts of laughter.

"Oh yeah....yeah..yeah" Ringtone Gives Court A Laugh

An Australian man in the packed public gallery forgot to turn off his cell while watching a court proceeding at Ipswich Magistrates Court in Australia. His phone rang out with a special sex charged ring-tone for all in the court to listen to and enjoy.

Laughter May Boost Altruistic Behavior

Laughter makes a person to act selfless

Laugh to Survive!

Everyone knows that a good sense of humor makes a person attractive, but did you know it will help you live a longer life?

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Hans Rudolf Merz  Switzerland s Finance Minister  during his giggle fit during a parliamentary speec...
Hans Rudolf Merz, Switzerland's Finance Minister, during his giggle fit during a parliamentary speech
YouTube screenshot
Check out the YouTube video and you will be convinced that at eight months of age a child can be tho...
Check out the YouTube video and you will be convinced that at eight months of age a child can be thoughtful and manipulative, but still awfully cute.

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