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Lasers News

First medical laser ultrasound images of people produced

Medical technologists have pioneered a new and more advanced form of ultrasound based on laser technology. Using the new technique, the first images of humans have been produced. The technique should advance medical science.

Nanolaser developed to treat neurological conditions

A tiny, biocompatible nanolaser can function inside living tissues. This technology could be used to treat several neurological conditions, according to a new research study.

Colliding lasers lead to cheaper proton therapy

A new method capable of doubling of a proton beam produced via laser-based particle accelerators has been developed in Sweden. This could pave the way for lower-cost medical applications, like proton therapy.

Lasers developed for non-invasive cancer diagnosis and treatment

Scientists have developed a new way to assess a human for signs of diseases, using lasers for a novel non-invasive approach. This is based on a new laser microscope that has been initially tested out to assess for signs of skin cancer.

Developing ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi with semiconductor lasers

Advances to WiFi may be possible with new technology centered on semiconductor lasers. This is based on the use of lasers, for the first time, as radio transmitters. The results are sufficiently promising for the technology to be investigated further.

Essential Science: Laser eyes being developed

Laser eyes are edging close to reality, according to researchers based in Scotland. With this, ocular lasers, based on an ultra-thin membrane laser using organic semiconductors, have been tested out.

Laser-equipped shoes help Parkinsons patients take that next step

"Gait-freeze" is one of the more debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease, and is not only inconvenient but can be hazardous. Dutch scientists have come up with something to help Parkinson's patients walk safely - Laser shoes.

Lasers used to detect heart attacks

Patients at risk from heart problems can have these risks detected earlier due to the application of laser technology. Through the use of near-infrared light medics can identify high-risk arterial plaques.

Laser technology helps medics track tumor growth

Evanston - Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a laser design platform that uses multicolored light to track for tumor growth. The application will be used by medical facilities and it offers an advance on current methods.

Laser weapons edge toward use in US military

Washington - A sci-fi staple for decades, laser weapons are finally becoming reality in the US military, albeit with capabilities a little less dramatic than at the movies.

Two British men jailed for pointing laser at police helicopter

Leicester - The two men were jailed after they were convicted of pointing a laser pen at a police helicopter that was searching for a missing person. The search had to be called off.

Spotting food poisoning bugs using laser scanning

Seoul - Korean researchers have developed a novel way to scan for potential food poisoning bacteria. The technology takes the form of a laser scanner and it works within a few seconds.

Tracking the path of water via lasers

When it rains, where does the rain water go? Most of it is absorbed into soil. Then what? Researchers have used sophisticated laser technology to track the path of water and the results are more important than you might expect.

Super accurate stopwatch made from graphene

Dresden - In a new application of the "super material" graphene, researchers have used ultra-thin flakes of graphene to construct a very fast and very accurate stopwatch.

New laser treatments improve mature burn scars

New research suggests that fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment appears to be a promising method for dealing with difficult lesions.

Man who fired laser 50 times at CHP plane sentenced to jail

Fresno - A Central California man has been sentenced on Monday to one year in jail for firing a laser 50 times at a California Highway Patrol (CHP) plane, Ars Technica reports.

Sneak Peak of LA’s STEAM Carnival will be at a Hacker Preview Day

Los Angeles - An entertainment engineering company called Two Bit Circus will hold the world’s 1st “Carnival from the Future.” A Hacker Preview day will be held beforehand to show what types of experiences will be seen at the carnival.

FDA approves device stimulate hair growth with laser light

The Federal Drug Administration recently approved a device that claims to treat androgenetic alopecia, or male-patterned baldness.

Super fast lasers break world record

London - Researchers have engineered a record-breaking laser that accelerates the interaction between light and matter by over 10 times.

FBI investigating laser attacks on planes in New York City

New York - The FBI announced that it is investigating two laser attacks on airplanes and pilots at LaGuardia airport. There has been a noted rise in laser attacks over the last year.

How to change brown eyes to blue with a laser

A California doctor is testing a laser surgery procedure that turns brown eyes blue, according to media reports, but experts have expressed doubts about the method's safety.

FAA wants to fine people $11,000 for pointing lasers at planes

Thinking of pointing a laser at a plane? Well, unless you have $11,000 to fork over, you might want to think again if the FAA gets its way.

The future of technology

What will be next?

Terrorism Suspected In Attack On The USS Cole

WASHINGTON - An apparent terrorist bomb tore into a U.S. Navy destroyer Thursday, killing at least five Americans and leaving 12 missing, the Defense Department said. Authorities said the explosion was triggered by a small boat that was assisting in mo...

World's First Laser Weapon to Shoot Down Operational Rocket

Cleveland, Ohio - The U.S. Army and the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD) have blazed a new trail in the history of defensive warfare by using the Army's Tactical High Energy Laser/Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrator (THEL/ACTD), the world's firs...

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Lasers Image

A close-up of the the laser and mirror display inside one of the Tate telephone boxes.
A close-up of the the laser and mirror display inside one of the Tate telephone boxes.
A green laser pointer
A green laser pointer
Dan Tentler
Laser pens or pointers
Laser pens or pointers
Wikepedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Laser hazards in navigable airspace: This photo shows a pilot suddenly hit with a dazzling green las...
Laser hazards in navigable airspace: This photo shows a pilot suddenly hit with a dazzling green laser light that obliterates his vision
Federal Aviation Administration
The drone model envisaged for work inside the reactor buildings at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nucl...
The drone model envisaged for work inside the reactor buildings at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant would have six propellers and the ability to replace its own batteries.

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