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Laser News

Hong Kong protesters gather for 'laser show' rally

Fpo - As Hong Kong buckles under increasingly violent clashes between protesters and police in a deepening political crisis, hundreds gathered at the harbourfront on Wednesday night for a markedly different kind of protest: a laser show.

Laser used to wirelessly charge a smartphone

Washington - Physicists have used a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone. This was achieved safely and using the distance of a typical room.

Monster X-ray laser offers glimpse into nano-world

Hamburg - The world's most powerful X-ray laser opened Friday in Germany, promising to shed new light onto very small things by letting scientists penetrate the inner workings of atoms, viruses and chemical reactions.

Pulsed light technique promises flexible electronics

A new process, using pulsed light, could provide the basis for a new generation of flexible electronic devices. The new technique involves varying the density of the treated conductive material.

Skull implant breakthrough helps with brain disorders

A novel transparent skull implant has been created. The device will allow laser-based treatments for brain disorders to be conducted. Disorders that could be treated include brain cancers, traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.

MLB clears Dodgers in complaint about electronic positioning Special

Queens - The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team did not violate league rules when it used laser technology to position players before a game with the Mets last month in New York.

World's thinnest ever light bulb produced

By taking advantages of the properties of graphene, scientists have created the thinnest light bulb ever. The bulb is the size of a silicon chip.

Drone being developed to go inside crippled reactors at Fukushima

An unmanned drone is being developed to survey the interior of the crippled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. The drone will use lasers to avoid obstacles inside the reactor rooms, and will be able to land and replace its own batteries.

Lockheed Martin's laser disables truck from a mile away [Video]

A team consisting of Lockheed Martin engineers, technicians and military experts has successfully tested a new fiber-optic laser weapon that disabled a truck from a mile away.

The inventor of the laser has died

Charles Townes, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and inventor of the laser, has passed away at age 99. He also acted as a NASA consultant on the moon landings.

Man gets arrested after shining laser at helicopter

Birmingham - A video of a man on the ground pointing a laser at a flying helicopter surfaced, and it shows the man being arrested after the helicopter's equipment zoned in on him.

Lasers used to rebuild teeth

Scientists have carried out a study using lasers to rebuild the teeth of rodents. It is hoped that the technology could be used on people in the near future.

Military may get new eyes, laser shows what things are made of

Good news is here for the military. A newly developed laser could help detect what objects are made up of and find hidden dangers.

Violin played with laser

Though music sounds great and soothing, it is hard to master. Ever feel like learning to play the violin? What about playing it with laser optics?

Op-Ed: Laser weapons threats are here

Arms designers developed more lasers for drones, warplanes, warships, and combat vehicles. Laser weapons will augment defense systems in the army, air force, and navy within a few years. Energy weapons will eventually replace many existing armaments.

Scientists create new 'anti-laser' device

Invented over 50 years ago the laser has long been a hero of both science fiction and the real world. Now scientists at Yale University have invented its antithesis, the anti-laser, capable of trapping and cancelling laser beams.

Justin Bieber will not face charges for the laser park incident

Justin Bieber, famous pop singer, will not face charges for an alleged scuffle that happened in Canada at a laser tag park in October.

Op-Ed: The Hottest tech of the year: Part 4 Special

Printers: There were few new thrills with printers, but manufacturers still seem to be more hung up on awful marketing tactics

Laser to replace X-rays and biopsy in breast cancer detection

A portable device producing a painless laser beam is under development and can spot early signs of breast cancer, tooth decay and osteoporosis. The method is known as Raman spectroscopy, and researchers think it can come into use in about 5 years.

Worm behind man’s eye for nine months has finally been removed

John Matthews from Bellevue, Iowa discovered the worm last December living in his eye after becoming concerned when he noticed two spots obscuring vision in his left eye.

'Pain beam' device soon to be used on inmates in LA County jail

Castaic - Guards at the Los Angeles County jail complex in Castaic, California will be using a new nonlethal but painfully hot weapon to control the inmates.

United States Navy successfully tests laser weapon on aircraft

The United States Navy succesfully shot down four aircraft with the "Laser Weapon System." The successful test was conducted off the California coast.

Laser treatment for blindness to be tested

A newly developed laser technique could help stop millions of older people from losing their eyesight, experts are hoping.

Alberta Health nixes prostate laser surgery

Despite an offer recently from Canada Safeway at the eleventh hour, the only laser surgery for enlarged prostates was removed from the Rockyview Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. The grocery chain offered to pay $100,000 or more to keep the machine running.

First major step towards a nuclear fusion

The world's largest and highest-energy laser, certified for operation by the U.S. Department of Energy on March 27, 2009 is scheduled to go into operation on May 29th. However full fledged experiments start in 2010.

World’s $3.5 Billion, Most Powerful Laser Up and Ready to Use

A dozen or so years and $3.5 billion later the world’s largest laser will receive final approval today from the Energy Department.

Mitsubishi launches first laser-powered big screen TV

Mitsubishi America has launched the world’s first laser-powered television according to Tech Radar. It consumes less than one-third of the power of an LCD TV, and one-fourth of that of a Plasma TV.

Dozens of ravers blinded at a Moscow laser show

Over 30 young revellers who attended an open air music festival in a town near Moscow had their retinas damaged by laser beams.

First Step Toward Manmade Lightning Taken

A team of European scientists has deliberately triggered electrical activity in thunderclouds for the first time. They were able to accomplish this feat by aiming high-power pulses of laser light into a thunderstorm.

Revolutionary Laser Technique Can Destory AIDS Virus

According to the Institute of Physics, Arizona State University has designed a "laser technique which can destroy viruses and bacteria such as AIDS without damaging human cells and may also help reduce the spread of hospital infections such as MRSA."
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Laser Optic Berlin 2010
Laser Optic Berlin 2010
Microsoft s rapidly disappearing Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000  an old and faithful standby
Microsoft's rapidly disappearing Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, an old and faithful standby
Microsoft Corp.
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin
Laser Optic Berlin 2010
Laser Optic Berlin 2010
Researchers prepare for a test of the Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) laser that will fly on NASA s M...
Researchers prepare for a test of the Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) laser that will fly on NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission.

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