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Verbling launches new apps to let you learn languages on the go

Y Combinator-backed language learning startup Verbling has launched new mobile apps designed to help you get started in a foreign language. Unlike rival apps, Verbling connects you to real language tutors so you can make actual conversation.

Peru in fight to save its endangered languages

- Amadeo Garcia has no one left to talk to in his mother tongue, Taushiro.Neither does Pablo Andrade, the last living speaker of Resigaro.

New language game teaches you 1,000 words in a few hours of play

A new app claims to teach you 1,000 words in a foreign language in just a few hours. It uses a scientifically-proven method of rapidly delivering learning that's been recognised by UNESCO. The game bears little resemblance to a traditional language app.

Language becomes a new frontier in digital commerce

Language has become a new frontier in business. From entrepreneurs and startups to existing SMBs and enterprises, language products and services are on the rise in the global economy.

French students just couldn't 'cope' with this English exam

French students taking a baccalaureate English exam have petitioned online after they were stumped by a question that centred around the word "coping" which many did not know. It follows the Edexcel Maths fiasco in the UK earlier this month.

25 percent of world's languages threatened says new study

A new study published on September 3 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, suggests that many world languages are threatened by economic growth, and may go extinct.

1/3 of Latvians speak Russian, 3/4 oppose it as official language

Approximately one-third of Latvians speak Russian, but a recent vote revealed that 75 percent of Latvians are not in favor of granting Russian the status of official national language.

Twitter adds five new languages

For the Twitter-sceptic, it is quite sufficient that Kanye West can tweet his carpeting preference (Persian, adorned with a cherub pattern) in one language.

Is democracy destroying African languages in South Africa?

Benoni - Reports show that fewer Black people are speaking indigenous African languages than previously and ironically, the advent of democracy could be the death knell of African languages in South Africa.

Half of world's languages may become extinct by year 2100

A new report by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) states that half of all modern languages may vanish by the year 2100. UNESCO says many languages are already considered to be endangered.

From a vagabond to mutli-lingual tour guide, tourism success story from Goa

Can you fathom the idea of a vagabond, make the transition to a multi-lingual bird guide - in the rarest of rare cases that happens - and that holds true for thirty-nine year old Shiva Mandre, who speaks an astonishing twenty-five languages.

Canadian Commissioner of Official Languages Says Spend More on Bilingualism

Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages says that the federal government needs to spend more and is moving to slowly on bilingualism.

Craigslist offers multiple language support

Craigslist, an online classified advertisement site, used to be available in English only and it later added Spanish. Now it has expanded to include other language support such as Italian, French, Portuguese and German.

Word of the Year: 'Subprime" voted by the American Dialect Society

If you thought there should be a law against some language usage/abusage, this is about as close as it gets. The American Dialect Society’s 18th annual vote has definitely picked a global, fully functional, form of abuse.

2008 Is Going To Be The Year Of International Languages

Next year is going to be the 'International Year Of Languages', as proclaimed by the UN. The international body hopes to promote 'unity in diversity' as well as global understanding.

How words mutate and survive

The more often a word is used, the more likely it will remain the same. Researchers at the University of Reading, (apt name) have been studying the survival of words. Etymology is an old enough science, but direct evolutionary effects are something new.

Learning languages the hard way: car crash causes Czech to speak 'perfect English'

An 18 year old Czech man was knocked out by a speedway accident for 45 minutes. When he awoke, he conversed in perfect English with medics, “with an English accent.” This has everyone baffled, not least the man himself.

Google Desktop 5 released in 29 languages

Google Desktop releases its new version with options for 29 languages customization

Cameroon a Land of 250 Indeginous languages + 2 Official Languages

How do you communicate? It is bad enough the "noise" you have to deal with when communicating but not knowing what language to use when addressing people must be confusing.

I Needed a Translator?

On looking around, I’ve decided NOT to hire the following translator. :-)

Merchant Mariners Learn New Communication Phrases For Emergencies

WARNEMUENDE, Germany (dpa) - A team of linguists led by a German professor has developed a standard form of language for reporting emergencies at sea. In future, fire alarms, attacks by pirates and other distress messages will be transmitted in Engl...

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Space Polyglots
Space Polyglots
More than 50% of the world s languages are located in just eight countries: India  Brazil  Mexico  A...
More than 50% of the world's languages are located in just eight countries: India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and Cameroon. Legend:- Red: the 8 megadiverse countries. Blue: areas of great diversity
Space Polyglots
Space Polyglots

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