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China's Xi calls for 'popularizing' Mandarin in Inner Mongolia

Bejing - Authorities in Inner Mongolia must "solve ethnic problems" and push the use of the Mandarin language, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said, months after the region was rocked by protests over a new rule that would reduce the use of the local language....

Flipping the script: China school reforms spark Mongolian writing revival

Ulaanbaatar - In a classroom in Mongolia's capital, students pass over the Soviet-era Cyrillic alphabet they grew up with and turn their copybooks sideways to practice the traditional, vertical Mongolian script that dates back to the empire of Genghis Khan.

Digital based language courses boom during lockdown

A boom has occurred within the e-learning sector, in relation to digital-based language courses. a new survey, based on U.K. habits, has shown a general increase as well as spotlighting the most popular languages to learn.

Research: Looking at why some words are so easy to forget

You want to say something and it's on the tip of your tongue and then disappears...Why are some words more memorable than others? New psychological research has probed the brain for the answer.

Q&A: Healthcare is using machine learning to improve clarity Special

To make health information more accessible, healthcare organizations are turning to algorithms tailored specifically for medical terminology, removing jargon from text, and making the wording far easier for the general population to understand.

French language watchdogs warn of rise of 'franglais'

Paris - A centuries-old institution regarded as the guardian of the French language has warned state officials against encouraging the spread of "franglais", saying it could have dire consequences for the future of the language.

'OK, boomer': New Zealand MP hits out at parliament age gap

Wellington - With the quickfire putdown "OK, boomer", a 25-year-old New Zealand politician dismissed a heckler during a speech about climate change -- highlighting the generation gap between herself and other MPs in a clip that has gone viral.

Brexit translates to challenge for EU interpreters

Apo - English as a common language has in recent years scaled the heights of the European Union's 24-floor Tower of Babel, but will Brexit loosen its grip?

AMLO's Mexico: a glossary

Mexico - President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is reshaping the language of politics in Mexico with his colorful, folksy take on Spanish. Here is a glossary of key terms to understand the man known as "AMLO" and his opponents.

AMLO reshapes Mexico's language along with its politics

Mexico - The jury is still out on whether President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will "transform" Mexico as he has promised. One thing is sure, though: he is reshaping its language.

No-deal, prorogue and BOBs: A Brexit glossary

London - Britain's long goodbye to the European Union often seems to be spoken in unintelligible code.

Q&A: How chatbots are developing to be more like us Special

Most chatbots come across are stilted and artificial. However, advances in programming are leading to novel ways for chatbots to communicate and interact with users.

Stormzy makes Glastonbury history, but sign interpreter steals show

Glastonbury - British grime star Stormzy made history before throbbing crowds at the Glastonbury music festival this weekend -- but it was Tara Asher, his sign language interpreter, who may have stolen the show.

Malaysia fights to save centuries-old creole

Malacca - Children in colourful outfits sing in a creole of Portuguese and Malay during a class in the historic Malaysian city of Malacca, part of efforts to stem the decline of the centuries-old language.

Illiterate to author: ageing S. Koreans embrace written word

Suncheon - Hyper-wired South Korea is the world's 11th-largest economy, one of its most technologically advanced countries, and the first to launch a nationwide 5G network.

Body language: Brazil's Bolsonaro angry and introverted

Rio De Janeiro - Behind the virulent speech and aggressive body language of Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is an uncharismatic introvert deeply uncomfortable in public, experts say.

Russia slams 'scandalous' order in Ukraine to boost local language

Kiev - Russia on Thursday slammed as "scandalous" a move by Ukraine to reduce the use of the Russian language, pushing up already high tensions days after Ukraine elected a new president.

Kiev passes law strengthening Ukrainian language use

Kiev - Ukraine's parliament on Thursday passed a law enforcing the use of the Ukrainian language in official settings, a move likely to rile Russian-speaking areas of the country and Moscow.

Slovak president vetoes foreign anthem ban

Bratislava - Slovak President Andrej Kiska has vetoed a controversial law banning foreign national anthems at public events, his office said in a statement on Thursday.

Ethnic Hungarian MPs upset at foreign anthems ban in Slovakia

Bratislava - Ethnic Hungarian MPs who backed a controversial law banning the singing of foreign national anthems at public events "by mistake", said on Thursday that they have asked Slovakia's president to veto it.

Britain's long goodbye to EU spawns Brexit lexicon

London - Britain's long goodbye to the European Union often seems to be spoken in unintelligible code.

Hard, soft and BRINO: the Brexit glossary

London - Britain's long goodbye to the European Union often seems to be spoken in unintelligible code.

Icelandic language fighting tsunami of English

Reykjav - Two centuries ago experts predicted that Icelandic would be a dead language by now. But the doomsayers can eat their words: Icelandic is alive and kicking despite an onslaught of English brought on by modern technology.

Metoo, Brexit, environment inspire new dictionary entries

London - "Single-use" was named the Collins Dictionary word of the year on Wednesday, following a four-fold increase in usage since 2013 in a reflection of increased concerns about sustainability.

French MP proposes 'glottophobia' law after southern accent mocked

Paris - A French MP on Thursday announced the tabling of a bill to outlaw regional linguistic discrimination, "glottophobia", after a prominent politician mocked a journalist's southern accent."Do we speak French any the less with an accent.

South Tyrol debates dual Italian-Austrian citizenship

Bolzano - The Austrian government has angered Italy with plans to offer dual citizenship to the majority German-speaking population of South Tyrol province.

Italy, Austria at odds over South Tyrol dual-citizenship

Bolzano - A diplomatic row threatens to disrupt Italy's Alpine province of South Tyrol: over the question of national identity and whether some of its inhabitants should have the right to Austrian citizenship.

Rwandan foreign minister elected Francophonie head

Yerevan - The world organisation of French-speaking nations on Friday elected Rwandan Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo as its new head despite her country's shift to English a decade ago and controversy over its rights record.

Can Saudi Arabia be considered 'francophone'?

Paris - It might seem absurd to question whether Saudi Arabia can be considered francophone, but the world's club of French-speaking countries will take up the matter at a meeting that opened Thursday in Armenia.

Choice of francophone chief makes waves in Africa

Dakar - In normal times, African countries would have loudly saluted the choice of Rwanda's Louise Mushikiwabo as head of the world community of French-speaking countries.
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Etruscan alphabet has very similar-looking letters to our alphabet.
Etruscan alphabet has very similar-looking letters to our alphabet.
Prof. Valery Chudinov
An image of a National Geographical researcher conversing with a member of the Koro language
An image of a National Geographical researcher conversing with a member of the Koro language
An example of  Franglais  - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restauran...
An example of 'Franglais' - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restaurant
Jonanamary on Flick'r
Houston  TX  October 14  2005 -- Charley Henderson  lead PIO in Houston and a Vietnamese language li...
Houston, TX, October 14, 2005 -- Charley Henderson, lead PIO in Houston and a Vietnamese language linguist, appears with Kiem Vu, on Little Saigon, a Houston radio station targeted at the local and evacuated Vietnamese population. FEMA provides language services for most languages in the super DRC. Photo by Ed Edahl/FEMA

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