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Arabic pledge sparks controversy at New York school

New York - It was intended to celebrate language and diversity. But reading the pledge of allegiance in Arabic at a US high school sparked a furious backlash in upstate New York.

The rise of the real-time translation apps

Translation apps on the internet and phones have got much better at their jobs in recent years and are now used frequently by tourists. A major question remains though: how reliable are they and do they work? A recent BBC report attempts to answer this.

Chimps can learn words for objects

Edinburgh - According to some new research, chimpanzees can learn “words” for objects. This is a new insight into how chimps learn and develop.

Alleged rape victim speaks no English, court assumes she does

A witness testifying before the Inner Crown London Court as part of a serious criminal trial didn't speak much English, and an entire hour passed before anyone realized it.

Lost languages leave a mark on the brain

Washington - Babies adopted across international borders may not remember the language they heard in their first days, but the words leave a lasting mark on their minds, scientists said Monday.

High Court denies damages to French-speaking Ottawa couple

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Air Canada does not have to pay an Ottawa couple that filed suit against the airline because they couldn't be served in their preferred tongue.

Teach English, not Russian in Ukraine schools: president

Lviv - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Friday risked further angering the Kremlin by suggesting that English lessons replace Russian ones in schools to improve the country's standard of living.

Who are the 'terrorists' the world needs to fight?

Beirut - From Washington and Paris to Tehran and Damascus, it seems everyone agrees on the growing need to fight "terrorism". What exactly the word means is another matter entirely.

Economic growth kills minority languages: Study

Paris - Economic prosperity is the worst enemy of minority languages, said researchers Wednesday who listed parts of Australia and North America as "hotspots" for extinction risk.

Icelandic naming laws prevent 10-year-old's passport renewal

Iceland has hit the headlines recently, in quite a bizarre way: apparently, girls from Iceland can't be called Harriet and therefore those called Harriet cannot get an Icelandic passport.

Twitter opens up multi-language advertising

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow advertisers to target users on its platform based on their language.

Word lovers rejoice as OK celebrates 175 years

Washington - Whatever you're doing this Sunday, wherever you might be, take a moment to reflect on the most popular word in the English language, OK?It will be 175 years since OK -- or, as some prefer, okay -- first appeared in print, on page two of The Boston Morn...

What makes a jazz musician tick?

Baltimore - With jazz maestros, some areas of the brain that typically process language are highly active, according to a new study, which was carried out at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Not just baby talk: Chatting spurs brain development

Chicago - Baby talk is more than just bonding: chatting with your infant spurs important brain development that sets the stage for lifelong learning, researchers said.And while high-pitched, sing-song tones may capture your baby's attention, the best way for the...

Language a hurdle as Germany seeks foreign doctors

Berlin - Germany is relying more on foreign doctors to fix a crunch in its healthcare system but a notoriously daunting language barrier is complicating patient care, with potentially disastrous results.

Guilty man wants to return books he took 25 years ago

Cambridge - Spaniard Iñaki Buenaposada studied English in Cambridge in the UK some 25 years ago, when he was just 16. He took some books from what he thought was garbage and kept them, but now wishes to return them.

Watching television changes people's accents

Scots might find themselves adopting Cockney slang after research found that watching television could be a factor in accent change.

National award for aboriginal language preservation Special

Dar Es Salaam - A University of Dar es Salaam indigenous languages revitalization program is being recognized nationally for its excellence in aboriginal education.

Op-Ed: PC gone mad? 'Man up' now amongst unacceptable terms at Anfield

Liverpool - In an attempt to banish verbal abuse and discrimination from Anfield, the staff of Liverpool Football Club have been issued with a guide to unacceptable language, although some may argue that it's political correctness gone mad.

Studying bird song explains how babies learn to speak

New York - Researchers have identified similarities between the way birds learn new songs and how babies learn to speak. It all comes down to transitions between syllables.

Understanding how language works, a Q&A with Ben Bergen Special

San Diego - Ever wondered how we make sense of language? Ben Bergen’s book, “Louder Than Words: The New Science of How The Mind Makes Meaning” offers a new approach as to how we come to understand language through a process known as "embodied simulation."

New method for predicting autism in children

Researchers have put forward a method for predicting autism in infants by examining how their brain reacts as they attempt to speak and process language.

Why do many girls learn to speak earlier than boys?

A gene called FOXP2 is regarded by many scientists as essential for speech in humans. New research has shown that the building blocks of the gene are more abundant in young girls than boys.

Scientists work to preserve Aramaic language spoken by Jesus

Cambridge - British scientists have been attempting to preserve Aramaic, a Semitic language related to Hebrew and Arabic, once spoken by Jesus Christ. A professor of linguistics is now making recordings of the language.

Op-Ed: Phonics pronk - Do education experts need to go back to school?

The Synthetic Phonics test, devised by educational experts, to test the reading ability of six year old children suggests educational experts may have a rather limited vocabulary and need to return to school.

Jamaican New Testament published

The Bible has been translated into many languages over the centuries. The people of Jamaica now have the New Testament in their own vernacular. The achievement is the culmination of twenty years' academic work.

Young white children choose language over race as a social marker

University of Chicago researchers discovered that for young white children language can be more significant than race in defining a person’s identity. For young black children, different results emerged.

Monkeys can possibly 'read'

A recent study has indicated that monkeys can "read", or at least distinguish real words from a nonsense jumble of letters.

Op-Ed: Inappropriate language for Hamilton Music Awards Show Special

Hamilton - At the recent 2011 Hamilton Music Awards, the host, Tom Wilson, who is also a well-known musician, was congenial and often funny. He was also prone to using expletives to build up excitement.

Debate heats up over English-only bills introduced in Minnesota

Saint Paul - A group of Minnesota Republican State Senators and Representatives have introduced similar legislative bills in the House and the Senate that would make English the official state language. The bills have been called racist and an attack on immigration.
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An example of  Franglais  - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restauran...
An example of 'Franglais' - the use of English words and phrases in French - in a Parisian restaurant
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An image of a National Geographical researcher conversing with a member of the Koro language
An image of a National Geographical researcher conversing with a member of the Koro language
Messages received through a hypnotic state may not seem valid - but there could be a connection with...
Messages received through a hypnotic state may not seem valid - but there could be a connection with another aspect of the person's physical reality. Some people speak in 'tongues' when hypnotized. This is called Polyglot or Xenoglot. Message gleamed through past life regression therapy allow the individual - insight into a collective memory and greater understanding of their behavior in this time line.