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Lamb News

Review: Widespread corruption permeates this week’s new releases Special

This week’s releases include new seasons of a couple of standout HBO shows; new and classic horror movies; screen veterans reminding audiences of their talents; and a couple of despondent films from Russia.

Lamb thief in Mallorca makes getaway in a wheelchair

Palma - A man with a noticeable limp was seen pushing a woman in a wheelchair, with two whole skinned lambs on her lap. Police became suspicious and decided to follow up on the matter.

Ticks pose a risk to sheep populations

Tick bites are responsible for a high death rate in sheep, according to a new study. Researchers have called for new measures to be taken to reduce the incidence of ticks.

Lamb with five legs born on farm

Morpeth - A sheep in the United Kingdom gave her owners a surprise when she birthed three lambs. One of the babies had three back legs.

Review: Old City delivers new charm for New Jersey foodies

Cranford - Nestled on a corner in the heart of Cranford, New Jersey, Old City Cafe and Grill delivers fresh charm and succulence just three weeks after its initial debut.

Video: Dalmatian adopts orphaned spotted lamb named 'Dotty'

A Dalmatian has adopted an orphaned spotted lamb abandoned by its mother in South Australia's Barossa Valley. The Dalmatian does not have puppies of her own but took a liking to the spotted lamb named "Dotty" who looks remarkably like a Dalmatian puppy.

Six-legged bisexual lamb born in Georgia

A six-legged hermaphrodite lamb born in a tiny village in the former Soviet republic of Georgia is winning international fame.

Lamb found abandoned in wheelie bin

Manchester - A woman in Manchester was surprised when, checking out an unusual sound, she discovered a month-old lamb inside of a wheelie bin.

Two-legged lamb being hand-raised in China

A two-legged lamb impressed his owner so much with his instinct to survive, that she has decided to hand-raise him. The animal was born with only front legs.

Diet designed to combat climate change

In The United Kingom, government advisers are taking an approach to combating climate change that would effect what people eat for dinner.

7 Legged Lamb Born In New Zealand

The seven-legged lamb was born along with a "twin" in New Zealand. Doctors and Veterinarians will now have to decide whether it would be more humane to put the animal to sleep or allow it to live.

Gwen Stefani parts ways with L.A.M.B. collaborator Zaldy Goco

Recently, Gwen has decided to stop designing clothes for her fashion line with Zaldy Goco.

Five-Legged Lamb Born In Kansas

A five-legged lamb was born last week in Miami County, Kan.

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Lamb stew is perhaps the easiest stew to make  next to the basic beef stew. Lamb shank or lamb shoul...
Lamb stew is perhaps the easiest stew to make, next to the basic beef stew. Lamb shank or lamb shoulder is ideal for making a flavorful stew.
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Maria s special stuffed lamb peppers
Maria's special stuffed lamb peppers
Free Range Lamb served at The Berghoff Restaurant.  Chicago  IL
Free Range Lamb served at The Berghoff Restaurant. Chicago, IL

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