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Lake News

Lake Trump? Disputed reservoir could be named after US president

Pristina - In addition to his own golf clubs and hotels, Donald Trump may soon have a lake named after him following proposals to christen a contested Balkan reservoir in his honour.

Pretty in pink: India crater lake changes colour overnight

Mumbai - A crater lake in India's western Maharashtra state has turned pink overnight, delighting nature enthusiasts and surprising experts who attributed it to changing salinity levels and the presence of algae in the water.

Youngest female founder to take a company public joins Glossier

Katrina Lake, the CEO of Stitch Fix — an on-demand personal styling service — has joined the Glossier Board of Directors.

Polluted lake is poor Nicaraguans' lifeline

Tipitapa - Looking tired and haggard, William Coronado pulls up before dawn with a boat full of fish on the muddy shore of Nicaragua's Lake Managua, a dumping ground for trash and waste."The lake is so polluted.

Strong summer storm packs rare punch — Tornado strikes Ashburn

Oshawa - Teams from Environment Canada began cleaning up debris Saturday after powerful summer storms toppled trees and damaged homes south of Toronto, even spawning a small tornado.

14 children drown in Russia lake tragedy

Moscow - At least 14 children on a summer camp in northeast Russia drowned when their boats capsized in a storm on a lake, investigators said Sunday.

Oregon lake disappears down hole but no one's sure where it goes

Every year a lake in Oregon disappears down a hole. The water is sucked away just like water in a bathtub. However, nobody is really sure where it goes.

Microbes discovered 800 meters deep in Antarctica lake

Samples taken from an Antarctic lake 800 meters below the ice reveal an abundance of microbial life. The lake was the vast and mysterious Lake Whillans.

Tunisian 'mystery lake' baffles, concerns officials

Gafsa - A lake which has mysteriously appeared in the middle of a Tunisian desert has authorities concerned and searching for an explanation.

Photo Essay: Beijing's Summer Palace Special

Beijing - After touring the famous sights of Beijing, I found China's Summer Palace the most beautiful and healthy place, nestled by a lake, river, hills, and forest. Explore its royal halls, gardens, and temple with me.

Divers pull meteorite from Russian lake

On Wednesday, divers working at a Russian lake managed to recover a large chunk of meteorite that exploded earlier this year over Chelyabinsk.

Two boaters fined for harassing moose swimming in lake

Two boaters were fined a total of $2,500 because they were harassing a cow moose swimming in a northwestern Ontario lake.

Man uploads a video to YouTube of wife throwing temper tantrum

A man has posted online a video he secretly took of his wife throwing a temper tantrum to show everyone what he went through being married to her.

Scientists discover 'God's bathtub' in Australia

Australian scientists uncover a lake that has not been affected by climate changes or any man made influences. It has maintained its same water state for the past 7,500 years.

Ice splintering phenomenon caught on video at Minnesota Lake

Minnesota resident Nadalie Thomas managed to videotape an ice splintering phenomenon, which is rarely seen, that occurred at a Minnesota Lake.

Invasive predator fish to be hunted in Central Park, NYC (video)

New York - This rather strange predator fish has the ability to breathe air and can live out of water for days under certain conditions, and frankly, is really not welcome in Central Park.

Even a hike in January can provide a scenic view of Tennessee Special

Tennessee is ripe with beautiful lakes, streams, rivers and natural areas perfect for a weekend hike, with perhaps some of the best lying half way between Nashville and Knoxville.

Woman sleepwalks into lake, dies

Police believe that Charlene Ferrero,a 55-year-old New Jersey woman, died after she fall into a lake because she was sleepwalking.

Op-Ed: Fish killed in lake pollution incident — time to wake up

Up to 5,000 fish are said to have been killed by a pollution incident in North London. Now imagine 5,000,000 fish killed off the coast of Shetland.

Drilling into ice-buried lake in Antarctica

A group of engineers from Britain plan on taking a journey to a lake that is beneath the ice of Antarctica. The lake is located almost two miles beneath the ice.

Tons of Philippine freshwater fish killed due to lack of oxygen

More than 500 tons of freshwater fish including milk fish and tilapia have drowned in commercial fish cages in Talisay, Batangas and Bolinao, Pangasinan in Luzon Island, Philippines, according to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)

US Navy Fighter Lifted From Lake Michigan 64 Years After Crash

A famous World War Two fighter has been recovered from the depths of Lake Michigan more than 60 years after it crashed during a training exercise.

China's second largest lake shrinking fast

Dongting, China's second largest freshwater lake, has decreased in area by about two thirds in only one month says a local meteorologist.

For Sale: 1 Natural Lake, Eco-friendly Want it to Remain Pristine

The largest natural lake in Los Angeles County is up for sale, or at least most of it is, including it’s legendary monster.

Pink dolphin appears in a lake in Louisiana

A pink dolphin was seen swimming with a group of other dolphins in a lake in Louisiana. Despite being pink from head to tail, it is healthy.

15-Million Year-Old lake found in Antarctica

Scientists have found an isolated lake located beneath two miles of ice in East Antarctica and believe it may have remained undisturbed from other areas for more than 15 million years.

Geoscientists Drill For Earth Secrets Under Arctic Lake

An international science team drills for sediment and meteorite breccia cores more than 3 million years old, from a meteorite crater, Lake El'gygytgyn, north of the Arctic Circle.

Diving into the world's deepest lake

In what is thought to be another show of Moscow's resurgent ambitions, Russian explorers jumped into the world's deepest lake, Baikal in Siberia.

Toddler Thrown Into Lake By 30 MPH Winds Then Submerged For 15 Minutes Survives

A two year old toddler has miraculously escaped unharmed after being whipped up in his buggy and into Lake Michigan. The little boy was completely submerged for 15 minutes before being rescued

Glacier Melts And Empties lake

Colonia glacier in Chile feeds Cachet Lake, which recently filled and then dried up. The lake dried up after emptying itself rapidly into Baker River in the Southern region of Chile.
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Lake Image

Aerial view of the Prairie du Sac Dam  which impounds Lake Wisconsin.
Aerial view of the Prairie du Sac Dam, which impounds Lake Wisconsin.
Paul Gorman
Lake Constance: Approximately 1 000 tonnes of fish are caught in the lake each year.
Lake Constance: Approximately 1,000 tonnes of fish are caught in the lake each year.
Meditation by the lake.
Meditation by the lake.
Nat Sakunworarat
We stopped at a few Rest Areas today as we motored across Washington state. This is not our usual pr...
We stopped at a few Rest Areas today as we motored across Washington state. This is not our usual practice but all things considered, it seemed wise. Oh well, the stops provided picture taking opportunities.
ice lake fishing
ice lake fishing
Some smaller boats on Lake Constance as the evening draw in
Some smaller boats on Lake Constance as the evening draw in
A French forest
A French forest
Harrison Lake during the daytime  BC.
Harrison Lake during the daytime, BC.
A small deer wanders along the edge of the lake.
A small deer wanders along the edge of the lake.

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