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Labor day News

Extremely dangerous T.S. Hermine churns up Atlantic Coast

Even though Hurricane Hermine has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm status, it is still a life-threatening and extremely dangerous storm. The entire Atlantic coastline from Georgia to Connecticut is under a tropical storm warning.

'War Room' to take over a weak holiday box office

As Labor Day weekend winds down, a small budget film will take down a three-time champ at the box office. It will not be pretty, though.

Taiwan to review minimum wage after thousands rally on Labor Day

Taipei - Dozens of trade union members, labor rights groups and student groups marched in the streets Thursday, protesting against low pay and the use of temporary workers.

Review: New on DVD for April 29 Special

This week’s releases include a tender romance between a desperate pair; a coming-of-age story that culminates in a bittersweet moment; and an old school style of super intense drama.

Josh Brolin on 'Labor Day' and his newfound love of baking Special

Josh Brolin wants you to know that he's not a bad guy in real life, he just plays one in the movies. But then, that wrong perception can be a blessing too. After all, it's what led to him being cast in Jason Reitman's new film.

Jason Reitman talks chemistry, peach pies and 'Labor Day' Special

"Storytelling is self-discovery masking as entertainment, so the best stories are bound to address the things that confound us the most. Love, while the most wonderful thing on earth, is also the most confusing."

Review: ‘Labor Day’ is a labour of love Special

In ‘Labor Day,’ a depressed single mother and her son offer a ride to injured man being sought by police, but as they learn more about him their options become limited.

Op-Ed: Let's steal Black Friday

Labor Day, as a meaningful and impactful holiday, has been stolen from us. But the new labor movement in the United States could take the bold move and steal the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. We could rename it Labor's Day.

Paraguayan bus drivers crucify themselves to get jobs

Luque - Eight bus drivers from Paraguay have nailed themselves to wooden crosses to protest their recent job losses. They were fired from their jobs at the Vanguardia bus company in July.

Op-Ed: The Labor Day delusion

Labor Day was born from the railroad Pullman Strike of 1894. The same powers that oppressed workers in the 19th Century have transformed the holiday into a harmless Alzheimer's delusion for holiday enthusiasts and shoppers.

Op-Ed: Labor day, a time for looking back, a time for looking forward

It is time once again for the unofficial end to another fun filled summer season. It is time to celebrate another Labor Day.

Op-Ed: On Labor Day another bad year for Canadian unions

Ottawa - Labor Day is intended to celebrate workers, their contribution to the economy, and their achievement in terms of worker's rights. However as in other countries, in Canada unions and workers' rights are being continually challenged.

Leisurely Labor Day weekend on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Special

Hilton Head Island - This three-day weekend is a time for honoring workers and is often celebrated by doing anything but work. Americans often go shopping, go to the beach, and have meals together, and such was the case on the Carolina coast.

'The Possession' possesses the number one spot in weak weekend

Not much talk centered around movies this Labor Day weekend, and even with one day left on the holiday, break lights could be seen at the turnstiles.

City Bans Republicans from Labor Day Parade

A Wisconsin town has taken the mega-political stance of banning Republican politicians from taking part in their Labor Day parade.

City Bans Republicans from Labor Day Parade

A Wisconsin town has taken the mega-political stance of banning Republican politicians from taking part in their Labor Day parade.

President Obama spoke at AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic

At an AFL-CIO picnic in celebration of Labor Day, Pres. Obama commended the work done by unions and remembered the work of Sen. Kennedy on employee rights and benefits.

Labor Day weekend travel numbers drop for 2009

Labor Day holiday travel numbers are off from all time high numbers from 2008. Two factors take a bite out of this year's numbers, the day when school returns and the unemployment rate.

Tyson Foods Co. Plucks Labor Day Holiday

Tyson Foods has dropped Labor day as a paid holiday at one of their plants in Shelbyville Tennessee. The union workers will instead have a muslim paid holiday.

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Pullman strikers outside Arcade Building in Pullman  Chicago. The Illinois National Guard can be see...
Pullman strikers outside Arcade Building in Pullman, Chicago. The Illinois National Guard can be seen guarding the building during the Pullman Railroad Strike in 1894.
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