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Researchers achieve 1Tb/sec 5G speeds in lab

Researchers developing the 5G mobile network technology that will eventually replace 4G have managed to transfer data at a massive 1 Tb/sec in experimental lab conditions, blowing away previous estimates of the potential speed of our future mobiles.

349 inmates released after Massachusetts uses faked evidence

Boston - Annie Dookhan falsified documents and lab results which were used as evidence in more than 300 convictions. Those prisoners have been released, and Dookhan was convicted on a 27-count indictment.

Beauty, skincare, fashion and wellness tips with Tata Harper Special

Every morning and night we brush our teeth and wash our face. Us ladies, probably put on some type of daily moisturizer and then a night cream later, but do we always think about what we're putting on our faces?

$40M meth lab bust is one of the largest in Ontario history

Police say they seized drugs with a street value of $40 million, making it one of the biggest meth seizures in Ontario's history.

Video: 'Ruff Dog Day' on pace to be next viral video

The video "Ruff Dog Day", which shows a 1-year-old chocolate Lab getting ready to go to "work", is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

Retired lab chimps-sanctuary havens or torturous research labs? Special

The U.S. National Institute of Health had announced the retirement of 110 lab chimps, previously used for bio-medical research. NIH was planning on sending them to a Texas lab or a chimp sanctuary in Louisiana. An obvious choice for most animal activists.

Mutated H5N1 virus created in Netherlands research lab

Rotterdam - The University of Rotterdam researchers in the Netherlands have created a mutated H5N1 bird virus. Made in the lab, the virus could not only go pandemic but is considered lethal to over 50% of those it affects.

Former lab chimps go outdoors for first time: video

Several chimpanzees who spent years in a laboratory were able to venture out into the daylight recently, many for the first time in their lives, and the event was captured on video.

Criminals go Free While Untested DNA Sits in Storage

In Los Angeles, many criminals have gone free for years while untested DNA evidence sat in storage, many of these cases can no longer be prosecuted because the statute of limitations has expired.

Bronx basement lab of horrors discovered

A locked Bronx basement turned out to be a ghoulish laboratory of horrors, filled with preserved human skulls, sulfuric acid and possibly a human fetus soaking in a jar of formaldehyde.

Black lab drives owner's car into river

Charlie the black lab drove his owner's car into the Pend Oreille River. As Mark Ewing walked home Wednesday evening after returning from picking up a pizza, Charlie jumped into the car through an open window, and apparently knocked the vehicle into gear.

Scientists attempt to grow meat in a lab

Netherlands and U.S. researchers grow synthetic meat in labs from animal stem cells. The former wants to replace the animals in the farms, while the latter wants to help the astronauts' food needs for Space travel.

NY Lab Gets Big Results in Pet Food Recalls

Until now, the New York State Food Laboratory had been quietly going about their business in testing foods sold at grocery stores. But, the amenity is now gone thanks to dogs and cats.

Lost Lab brothers meet at dog daycare

Two Labrador retrievers were abandoned when they were puppies and ended up at a shelter. They were adopted out to two different families and have now been reunited.

Lab disaster may lead to new cancer drug

Her carefully cultured cells were dead and Katherine Schaefer was annoyed, but just a few minutes later, she realized she had stumbled onto a potential new cancer treatment.

Updata: Lab-Grown Diamonds Make the Cut

Since 2003, synthetic diamond production has taken off, driven by consumer demand for merchandise that’s environmentally friendly (no open-pit mines), sociopolitically neutral (no blood diamonds), and monopoly-free (not controlled by De Beers).

Update:Nuclear Lab Breach Could Be 'Devastating'

The recent security breach at Los Alamos National Laboratory was very serious, with sensitive materials being taken out of the facility — possibly including information on how to deactivate locks on nuclear weapons,

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File Photo: Dr. Scott Walper  a molecular biologist in the Naval Research Laboratory s (NRL) center ...
File Photo: Dr. Scott Walper, a molecular biologist in the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering advises Ebony Stadler, a biomedical engineering rising senior from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, as she performs an experiment in the lab.
Office of Naval Research (CC BY 2.0)
Broad Institute lab
Broad Institute lab
Len Rubenstein
A medical laboratory
A medical laboratory
National Cancer Institute
Cells in a petri dish
Cells in a petri dish
Ebola test laboratory in Sinje  Grand Cape Mount  Liberia
Ebola test laboratory in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount, Liberia
 250 water-passionate Canadians aged 18 to 35 from all over the country
demonstrate their commitmen...
"250 water-passionate Canadians aged 18 to 35 from all over the country demonstrate their commitment to a healthy water future with a photographic message from the Rockies showing the Canadian flag with a drop of water instead of the maple leaf. Taken Saturday, October 23 at YMCA Camp Chief Hector in Exshaw, Alberta as a part of the inaugural Canadian Water Innovation Lab."
A science lab
A science lab
Dudley the Labrador Retriever stars in  Ruff Dog Day
Dudley the Labrador Retriever stars in "Ruff Dog Day"
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