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Op-Ed: Why Timothy Bradley resents Pacquiao gay comments

More than a month since Manny Pacquiao got embroiled in controversy from his statement about same-sex marriage, Timothy Bradley finds it hard to restrain himself from blaming Pacquiao because of his statement's effect on the revenue of the bout.

Pacquiao back to winning circle in latest senatorial poll

Filipino boxing superstar and senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao is back in the winning circle of the latest Pulse Asia survey on senatorial candidates for the upcoming Philippines national elections.

British lesbian loses Hong Kong legal bid

Hong Kong - A British lesbian on Friday lost a legal challenge against Hong Kong authorities to grant her a visa to live and work there with her partner, in a setback for equality campaigners in the territory.

Op-Ed: Pacquiao's poll rating to level off in next survey result

Manny Pacquiao's substantial drop in the latest survey rating conducted by Pulse Asia is expected to level off in next few weeks when pollsters will conduct another survey to keep track of the changes in voters' preferences leading up to the May 9 polls.

Jody Wheeler: Screenwriter, producer and director Special

The screenwriting graduate from the University of California began his career writing for 'Inside/Outside The Beltway,' a groundbreaking TV series from the 1990s. He has since moved on to directing and producing, where he also seems rather at home.

Autumn City talks songwriting, future music and more Special

Autumn City, the little band with big sound is quickly making a name for itself in the New Jersey indie rock scene. Three women with immense talent raging their way through dive bars, clubs and venues to showcase the hidden talents of indie artists.

Op-Ed: Moratorium needed to shield Pacquiao from training distractions

After over a week of bashing, mudslinging and insulting everyone who takes a stand on the ongoing same-sex marriage controversy, a five-week moratorium is now in order to shield Manny Pacquaio from training distractions leading up to his April 9 fight.

LGBT takes round 1 in ongoing Pacquiao-LGBT fight

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community has won the opening round of what appears to be Pacquiao's most challenging battle outside the ring following his statement in a recent TV interview about same-sex marriage.

Actors Chasen Schneider and Jordan Salloum discuss 'Hate Crime' Special

Two rising stars of American cinema, who also happen to be good friends, talk to Digital Journal about their upcoming movie.

Conversing with actor, comedian, writer and novelist Justin Sayre Special

The Pennsylvania-born star never has a problem when it comes to keeping busy. If he's not writing for popular sitcom, '2 Broke Girls,' he's publishing novels or making acute observations about society and its many quirks on his variety show 'The Meeting.'

Hong Kong LGBT protesters say city lags behind in gay rights

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's streets were a sea of rainbow flags on Saturday as protesters marched in the city's annual gay pride parade to call for equality and same-sex marriage.

Largest U.S. Jewish sect embraces transgender inclusion

Orlando - The Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish denomination in the United States, approved a groundbreaking pro-transgender resolution on Thursday, vaulting the sect into the lead among Abrahamic faiths in embracing transgender people and their rights.

Taiwan crowds march in Asia's biggest gay pride parade

Taipei - Tens of thousands marched in Taiwan's capital Saturday in Asia's biggest gay pride parade, with many hoping presidential elections next year bring to power a pro-gay government that will legalise same-sex marriage.

Prominent Argentine transgender woman murdered

Buenos Aires - A prominent leader for the struggle of Argentina's transgender community has been found murdered in her home, triggering demands for justice -- including from the president.

'Creepy' Windows 10 may inform parents of LGBT kids seeking help

As the Internet takes fire at Microsoft for its various data collection policies in Windows 10, a recent report highlighted another issue that could affect LGBT teens. The OS could inform parents of child visits to gay help sites, flagging them as porn.

Op-Ed: Metal Gear Solid and the progression of LGBT in pop-culture

When it comes to the depiction of LGBT in video games, Metal Gear Solid has been the leader. The series has featured a variety of characters that have broken the stereotype to drive one of gaming's most memorable stories.

Anti-gay bill clears key vote in Kyrgyzstan parliament

Bichkek - Lawmakers in ex-Soviet Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly in favour of a law activists say discriminates against homosexuals, in the crucial second of three mandatory readings of the bill.

Anti-gay law prompts Angie's List to halt $40 million expansion

Indianapolis - Citing a controversial law recently signed into legislation, Angie's List announced on Saturday that it has suspended the planned expansion of its Indianapolis headquarters.

Nikki and Nora (N&N Files) is back and ready for a Season Two Special

Nikki and Nora actresses Liz Vassey, Christina Cox and Writer/Director Nancylee Myatt are back and crowdfunding for Season Two.

Writer/Director Emily Schooley talks about her new film, Reset Special

An interview with Writer/Director Emily Schooley on her latest project Reset. Reset follows the lives of three women, and how they each approach difficult choices in their lives.

'A Reason' — indie sleeper film of the year Special

A Reason is an independent film written and directed by Dominique Schilling and produced by Caroline Risberg (Risberg Schilling Productions).

Op-Ed: Holiday happenings in Toronto

Toronto - The holiday season is a time to reflect upon another year soon to be behind us, spend time with family and friends, and also a great time of year to bundle up and enjoy all that the city of Toronto has to offer.

Apple CEO comes out in a Bloomberg Businessweek editorial

On the morning of October 30, Bloomberg Businessweek published an Opening Remarks piece titled, "Tim Cook Speaks Up." The essay is written by Tim Cook, and provides readers with a stunning and extremely honest look at the life of Apple's CEO.

Op-Ed: A confederacy of homophobes

Washington - With federal courts knocking down same-sex marriage bans in Arizona and Alaska, the practice is now legal in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Appeals of the ban are pending in all 12 states still prohibiting it.

Arizona same-sex marriage legal, couples can marry immediately

Phoenix - The Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled the law that prohibits same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. Same-sex couples in Arizona can legally marry effective immediately.

Vatican backs away from 'welcoming homosexuals' stance

Rome - Despite Pope Francis saying homosexuals have "gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community" and a push by LGBT rights groups for a more accepting Catholic Church, the Vatican has backed away from its "Welcoming Homosexual Persons" stance.

World OutGames Miami launches crowdfunding effort

Miami Beach - The WorldOut Games has announced they are launching a crowdfunding effort to aid participants who are in need of assistance to attend the event in Miami, Fla., in 2017.

Supreme Court denies cert in same-sex marriage cases

Today the U.S. Supreme Court denied cert in same-sex marriage cases, refusing a final ruling on the issue, but allowing same-sex couples to get married in 5 more states with more to join soon. Same-sex marriage will now be legal in the majority of states.

Facebook and LGBT community meet over 'real names policy'

Facebook met with city officials and activists in San Francisco following the criticism it has received over its name policy.

German LGBT activist severely beaten in Belgrade

Belgrade - A German man who participated at a conference on LGBT rights was in intensive care Saturday after he was severely beaten by unknown attackers in Belgrade, a doctor said.
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Manny Pacquiao with wife Jinkee
Manny Pacquiao with wife Jinkee
Protest against Arizona SB 1062.
Protest against Arizona SB 1062.
Xomiele/Creative Commons
Gallup; LGBT
Gallup; LGBT
Bemz Benedito (on stage)  Chairperson of Ang Ladlad Party List  addresses the audience as part of th...
Bemz Benedito (on stage), Chairperson of Ang Ladlad Party List, addresses the audience as part of the opening of the program. Ang Ladlad is currently lobbying for the Anti-Discrimination Bill that will protect LGBT as well as non-LGBT people from discrimination.
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
A Day In The Life of Philippines
A Day In The Life of Philippines
The Gay Pride flag.
The Gay Pride flag.
Left Eye On The Media
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
London Pride 2014
A Day In The Life of Philippines
A Day In The Life of Philippines
Ugandan Parliament
Ugandan Parliament
Andrew Regan/Wikipedia
Russian lawmakers pass anti-gay law – by 436 votes to 0
Russian lawmakers pass anti-gay law – by 436 votes to 0
Digital Journal / RT
A Day In The Life of Philippines
A Day In The Life of Philippines
A Day In The Life of Philippines
A Day In The Life of Philippines
Kid Sings  Ain t No Homos Gonna Make it to Heaven
Kid Sings 'Ain't No Homos Gonna Make it to Heaven"
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