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US mulls how to shield Caribbean if Venezuela oil cut

Kingston - After preparing Latin American allies for possible US oil sanctions against Venezuela, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited the Caribbean on Wednesday to discuss the aftermath of such a move.

US envoy Tillerson pushes counternarcotics effort in Americas

Bogota - Washington's top diplomat wrapped up a trip through Latin America on Tuesday buoyed by support for the US approach to Venezuela but with a warning against backsliding in the drug war.

US mulling sanctions on Venezuela oil: Tillerson

Buenos Aires - The United States said Sunday it has not ruled out sanctions on Venezuelan oil as it turns the screw on President Nicolas Maduro, but is wary of hurting the country's people.

Trump and Tillerson: Who speaks for America?

Bariloche - President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were both addressing drug smuggling and immigration across the southern US border.

Tillerson: China, Russia roles in Americas 'alarming'

Austin - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Thursday that China and Russia are assuming "alarming" roles in Latin America and urged regional powers to work with the United States instead.

US, Mexico play up increased security cooperation

Mexico - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted Friday the US and Mexico are bolstering cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking, brushing aside concerns about the impact of his boss Donald Trump's anti-Mexican barbs.

Tillerson to rally Americas, amid Venezuela crisis

Washington - US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is to embark on his first major tour of Central and South America this week as a worried region watches Venezuela's slide into crisis.

2018: A big year for Latin America elections

Montevideo - Next year will be a big election year for Latin America, a region where democracy in many countries is only decades young, and where the shadow of corruption stretches wide and long.

Fujimori pardon: another blow to tackling impunity in Latin America?

Montevideo - Is frail health a get-out-of-jail card for Latin America's imprisoned dictators and autocrats?

Latin America is world's most violent region for women: UN

Panama - Latin America and the Caribbean is the most violent region in the world for women, the United Nations said Wednesday, highlighting Central America and Mexico as particularly dangerous.

EU, South American bloc reported close to free trade accord

Bras - The European Union and the South American economic and political bloc called Mercosur are close to concluding a free trade accord after decades of fitful talks, an EU official said Friday.

IMF calls on Latin America to fight corruption

Washington - Latin American and Caribbean governments need to crack down on corruption in order to make their economies more durable and the benefits of growth more widespread, the International Monetary Fund said Friday.

Pope Francis: 5 key causes in Latin America

Vatican City - Pope Francis visits Colombia next week on the latest in a series of emotionally charged trips to his home region of Latin America.

Pence's military detail reassigned for bringing women to hotel

Washington - Members of a military detail assigned to US Vice President Mike Pence have been removed from their White House duties following allegations they brought women to their hotel in Latin America, a defense official has said.

US rallies LatAm on Venezuela after Trump military warning

Bogota - The United States vowed Monday to stop Venezuela from becoming a "failed state," as it rallied Latin American allies after President Donald Trump warned of possible military action.

US VP Pence stresses 'peaceable' solution sought for Venezuela

Bogota - The United States "will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles," Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday, but he emphasized a peaceful path even as he stood by President Donald Trump's startling warning that US military action remained a possibility.

Heroin smugglers among suspects caught in global airport checks

Den Haag - An international crackdown on airline ticket fraud netted 153 people including suspected heroin smugglers, Europe's policing agency said on Tuesday.

Plastic trash chokes remote South Pacific island

Miami - One of the planet's most remote islands is polluted with the highest density of plastic particles ever reported, with more than 3,500 pieces washing up daily, researchers said Monday.

Why is South America being hit by deadly landslides?

Estanzuela - It starts with torrential rain in the mountains. Then a wall of mud and boulders comes barreling down the slopes, sweeping away houses, cars and people.

Billion-dollar Odebrecht scandal engulfs Latin America

Montevideo - For years, Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht landed huge public works contracts by paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes.

Chile's Bachelet hopes Trump will 'respect' Latin America

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Thursday that she hopes Donald Trump will maintain "a relationship of respect and cooperation" with Latin America when he takes over the White House.

Latin American left struggles post-Castro and pre-Trump

Havana - It's been a bad year for the Latin American left, which lost its spiritual leader Fidel Castro, saw its "pink tide" ebb to new lows and now faces the menace of Donald Trump.

Brazil bribery probe hits projects in other countries: report

Rio De Janeiro - Construction projects in at least six Latin American countries have been impacted by a major Brazilian corruption scandal that saw companies pay bribes for contracts, a regional investigation showed Sunday.

Lack of access to medicine in Latin America taken to rights body

Panama - Complaints over lack of access to medicine in Latin America were brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Tuesday, with demands that big drug companies be punished for preventing the sale of generics.

Castro's Cuba, beacon in Latin America's leftist tide

Havana - Beyond his native Caribbean island, Fidel Castro's revolutionary fire set alight much of Latin America, helping drive numerous leftist allies to power in a tide that is now turning.

Latin Americans march to condemn violence against women

Buenos Aires - Mass marches to condemn horrific violence against women swept Latin America on Friday, after a series of brutal murders stoked outrage over a long-smoldering problem in the region.

Brazil eye Argentina ambush, World Cup exorcism

Belo Horizonte - A resurgent Brazil return to the scene of the most humiliating defeat in their history on Thursday when they face Argentina in a titantic 2018 World Cup qualifier.

Shocked by women's murders, Latin Americans fight back

Montevideo - Florencia was just 10 years old when her stepfather suffocated her with a plastic bag.Lucia was 16 when two men drugged her, raped her and fatally impaled her on a spike.

Evangelical vote pushes Latin America to the right

Estanzuela - The rise of Evangelicalism in Latin America has brought new power to conservative political movements, visible most recently in the shock defeat of a peace referendum in Colombia, experts say.

Hurricane Matthew intensifies to 'major' Category 3 storm

Miami - Hurricane Matthew intensified Friday into a major Category Three storm, packing winds of 115 miles (185 kilometers) per hour over the Caribbean Sea, US forecasters said.
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