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Latin American pandemic recovery lagging: IMF

Washington - Latin America's recovery from the pandemic crisis is lagging the rest of the world and the economy will not return to its pre-pandemic level until 2024, the IMF warned Thursday.

Latin America passes 25 million coronavirus infections

Montevideo - Latin America and the Caribbean passed the 25 million mark Friday for recorded coronavirus cases as a surge in infections saw countries place restrictions on travel and movement while vaccine campaigns catch up.

No class for a year: Covid worsens Latin American inequality

Panama - Like some 890,000 other pupils, eight-year-old Brithany has not been to class in a year in Panama -- the country with the most missed in-person school days due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 700,000 Covid-19 deaths in Latin America: AFP tally

Montevideo - More than 700,000 lives have been lost to Covid-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean since the pandemic began, according to an AFP tally on Monday evening from official sources.

Pandemic pushed LatAm extreme poverty to 20-year high, says UN

Santiago - Extreme poverty in Latin America has reached its worst level in 20 years due to the coronavirus pandemic, a report by the UN said on Thursday.

Covid patients asphyxiate as Latin America battles oxygen shortage

Montevideo - As a second, deadly wave of Covid-19 batters Latin America, images have emerged from country after country of desperate people lining up for days to buy oxygen to ease the suffering of infected loved ones fighting for breath.

Covid shrinks Latin American trade for 2020: UN

Santiago - The coronavirus epidemic has triggered the steepest drop in Latin American foreign trade in 2020 since the global financial crisis more than a decade ago, a UN body said Friday.

LatAm unemployment passes 10% due to pandemic: ILO

- Unemployment in Latin America and the Caribbean will end the year over 10 percent after 30 million jobs were lost during the coronavirus pandemic, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said on Thursday.

Venezuela rivals congratulate Biden on victory

Caracas - Venezuela's political rivals Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido on Saturday both congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election.

Pandemic pushes millions of shoppers online in Latin America

Mexico - Latin America's e-commerce industry is booming as millions of shoppers across the region venture online during the pandemic, many for the first time, forcing traditional businesses to adapt to survive.

Latin American leaders push at UN for free Covid vaccine

New York - Latin American leaders have appealed at the United Nations for free access to a future Covid-19 vaccine, urging major powers to share their know-how for the sake of global well-being.

Latin America's virus victims, and the spaces they leave behind

Mexico - An untouched exercise bike, a guitar that has gone silent, an empty couch -- these are just a few of the cherished possessions and everyday habits that tell the story of those who have died from Covid-19.

Pandemic threatens to undo a decade of Latin American progress

Montevideo - Almost six months after it was first detected in Latin America, the coronavirus death toll has reached 250,000 and exacerbated poverty and inequality, threatening to undo a decade of slow social progress.Among the 620 million people in the region, 6.

Pandemic scuppers Latin America coming-of-age quinceaneras

Montevideo - The coronavirus pandemic has robbed millions of Latin American teenage girls of their 15th birthday parties, a coming-of-age ritual that many had been planning for months and even years.

Young Latinos vent pandemic fury after lost 2020

Montevideo - For four young adults across Latin America, 2020 was meant to be a year of freedom and opportunity. Instead, the coronavirus pandemic brought confinement and frustration.

Latin America tops four million coronavirus cases

Montevideo - More than four million coronavirus cases have been recorded in Latin America and the Caribbean, half of them in Brazil, according to an AFP tally based on official figures.

Pandemic could push 45 million in Latin America into poverty: UN

New York - The COVID-19 pandemic could push 45 million people from the middle classes into poverty in already economically troubled Latin America and the Caribbean, the United Nations said on Thursday.

Coronavirus decimating indigenous Latin American communities

Montevideo - Indigenous people in Latin America have been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic due to weak immune systems and centuries of state neglect.

Virus 'hunger pandemic' threatens Latin America: UN

Geneva - The coronavirus crisis is pushing 40 million people into food insecurity in South and Central America and the Caribbean, the UN warned Tuesday, calling for urgent action to avert a "hunger pandemic".

Latin America's slums facing losing battle against virus spread

Montevideo - As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, Latin America's slum dwellers waited defenseless in its path. Now, with the region becoming the new epicenter of the crisis, the virus is unleashing destruction on its most vulnerable populations.

Virus spread 'still accelerating' in Brazil, Peru, Chile: WHO

Washington - International health authorities expressed concern Tuesday over signs the spread of the new coronavirus is still accelerating in Brazil, Peru and Chile.

Latin America and Caribbean record 500,000 virus cases

Montevideo - Latin America and the Caribbean have recorded more than half a million coronavirus infections, according to an AFP tally based on official reports.

More than 100,000 coronavirus infections in Latin America: AFP tally

Montevideo - The number of coronavirus infections across Latin America surpassed 100,000 on Sunday with nearly 5,000 deaths, according to an AFP tally based on official figures reported by individual countries.

Coronavirus could spark second LatAm 'lost decade': IMF

Washington - The coronavirus pandemic may spark another "lost decade" in Latin America, the IMF said on Thursday.

US plans new aid to Central America, year after Trump cutoff

Washington - President Donald Trump's administration said Monday it would seek new aid for Central America in recognition of efforts to curb emigration, a year after abruptly cutting off assistance.

UN predicts 'deep recession' in LatAm due to virus

Santiago - Latin America is heading into "a deep recession" in 2020, with an expected drop in the region's GDP of 1.8 to 4.0 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UN economic commission for the region said Friday.

UN predicts 'deep recession' in LatAm due to virus

Santiago - Latin America is heading into "a deep recession" in 2020, with an expected drop in the region's GDP of 1.8 to 4.0 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UN economic commission for the region said Friday.

Coronavirus spreads in Latin America as cases pass 20,000

Montevideo - More than 20,000 cases of COVID-19 were registered in Latin America and the Caribbean by Wednesday -- double the figure from five days ago, according to an AFP tally.

Colombia goes into lockdown, Chile extends school closures

Montevideo - Countries across Latin America have tightened measures to halt the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus, with more lockdowns, border and school closures as well as increased aid to the region's poorest.

Panama orders lockdown, Paraguay closes borders

Montevideo - Panama became the latest Latin American country to declare a lockdown due to the novel coronavirus Tuesday, while Paraguay closed its borders until the end of the week.
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