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Kurdistan News

Oak trees take root in Iraqi Kurdistan to help climate

Arbil - Delband Rawanduzi spoke softly to her oak seedlings, as if willing them to grow fast and repopulate forests in Iraqi Kurdistan depleted by war, illegal logging and fires.

Islamic State offensive creates a flood of new displaced persons

Baghdad - There have been many internally displaced Iraqis in Iraq during the Saddam Hussein era and ever since. The offensive of the Islamic State that overran most of several provinces has exacerbated the situation with many refugees now outside Iraq as well.

Op-Ed: 'Those who confront death' go to confront ISIS in Syria's Kobani

A contingent of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga (which roughly translated to 'those who confront death') are en route to the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani to fight the Islamic State (IS) group. Here's why it matters.

Boots on the ground: 40 German soldiers headed to Iraq

Berlin - German officials have announced plans to send 40 soldiers to Iraqi Kurdistan to train Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS.

Op-Ed: The Kurds are on the front-line in the fight against Islamists

With the black flag of the Islamic State having just been flown over the town of Sinjar and the displacement of thousands more Iraqis in the north we're once again reminded of the threat posed by a strong invigorated ISIS.

A Kurdistani from Halabja Special

The present ongoing crisis in Iraq has seen to the Iraqi Kurds assert their dominance in their region and even presented them with a chance for independence. But how much do we in fact know about the Kurds and their dreams of statehood?

Op-Ed: Kurdish comrades

Iraqi Kurdistan's President Barzani's recent comments reinforces the notion that the Kurdish people see themselves as a nation. A nation that will do its utmost when it comes to protecting its citizens.

Explosions shake Iraqi Kurdistans capital Erbil

A series of explosions have shaken the Iraqi city of Erbil. Reports indicate that two people have been killed and 18 injured.

Allure of independence still strong in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds have went to vote in local elections recently. Given the timing of the elections and increasing tensions with Baghdad the prospect of an independent state is one that still has great allure to it.

Kurdish couple in Turkey wins right to name daughter 'Kurdistan'

A Kurdish couple in Turkey have won the right to name their daughter 'Kurdistan' in reference to their national and cultural identity.

Iraqi PM willing to work on fragile relations with Turkey

Baghdad - The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki announced on Friday that he would gladly work on reconciling Iraq's relations with Turkey.

Iraqi Kurdistan exports oil to Turkey without Baghdad's approval

Baghdad - The Iraqi central government is threatening to seize oil exports from the Kurdish autonomous area that are made without Baghdad's consent.

Op-Ed: 92 killed and 227 wounded in Iraq violence on December 17

Baghdad - In continuing unrest caused by militants and a conflict between Kurdistan and the central government over disputed territory, Iraq suffered many dead and injured throughout the country.

Op-Ed: Turkish energy minister denied entrance to Iraq

Baghdad - The Iraqi central government would not grant a plane from Turkey permission to land in Arbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. The plane carried Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yidiz, who was on his way to an energy conference.

Tension rises between Kurds and Iraq central government

Kirkuk - Kurdish militia forces, the Peshmerga, are deploying into disputed areas on the border between the central government's Kirkuk Governate and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

PPK threaten retaliation if Turkey attacks Syrian Kurds

In case of a Turkish attack against Syria's Kurds the Turkish based Kurdish PPK militant group has stated that it will initiate violent reprisals in Turkey.

The Struggle of Syria's Kurds

A look at the views, stances and actions of Syria’s Kurdish population with regard to the current civil war in that country.

Iraq oil production increasing but problems remain

Baghdad - In August Iraqi oil production reached the highest level in over 30 years. In spite of sabotage and inner political struggles oil production continues to increase.

Op-Ed: Kurdish areas in Northern Syria seek autonomy

Damascus - Kurdish areas in Northern Syria seek to establish autonomy and to defend their own interests rather than joining the rebel cause. Kurds in the area are being provided weapons and training by the Peshmerga Kurdish militia in neighboring northern Iraq.

Kurdistan - The "Other" Iraq

Technically it is inside Iraq. But, the Kurds have their own border patrol, their own army, even their own flag. They want nothing to do with the rest of Iraq, or Baghdad. Why would they after what they suffered at the hands of Saddam Hussein?

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Kurdistan Image

Erbil  the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.
Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.
Kurdistan Region - Iraq
Kurdistan Region - Iraq
Adam Jones, Ph.D.
Displaced Iraqi Yazidis  who fled a jihadist onslaught on Sinjar  gather to collect bottles of water...
Displaced Iraqi Yazidis, who fled a jihadist onslaught on Sinjar, gather to collect bottles of water at the Bajid Kandala camp in Kurdistan's western Dohuk province, on August 13, 2014
Ahmad al-Rubaye, AFP
A flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies as Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take position to...
A flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies as Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take position to monitor the area from their front line post in Bashiqa, on August 16, 2014
Ahmad Al-Rubaye, AFP

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