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Kosovo News

Kosovo detains main opposition figure over tear gas protests

Pristina - Kosovo police on Friday arrested three leading members of the main opposition party, including its founder, over the firing of tear gas in parliament last year.

Kosovo court prosecutor vows to protect witnesses

Den Haag - The prosecutor for a special tribunal set up to try crimes committed in the Kosovo conflict in the late 1990s vowed Tuesday to do everything possible to protect witnesses, who could be "at risk from everything from death to intimidation".

Serbian court issues suspended sentences over US embassy fire

Belgrade - A Serbian court handed suspended jail sentences to four men on Tuesday for their involvement in setting fire to the US embassy in Belgrade nearly a decade ago.

Gloves off for Kosovo leader as war court charges loom

Pristina - Kosovo's President Hashim Thaci has launched a rare attack on the country's Western supporters in recent weeks, an outburst that analysts say could be linked to coming war crimes indictments.

Putin claims Western 'double standards' over Catalan crisis

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the Catalan crisis was Spain's internal affair but slammed what he called Western double standards over separatist movements."Russia's position is known here.

Kosovo seeks Albanian help to sidestep EU visa demand

Pristina - Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on Wednesday asked Tirana to smooth the way for Kosovans applying for Albanian citizenship, which would enable them to travel to Europe without visas.

Activists have high hopes with Kosovo's first gay pride parade

Pristina - About 300 people marched through Kosovo's capital on Tuesday at the first gay pride parade in the strongly conservative country which has a large Muslim majority.

Kosovo leader assails empty 'promises' of Western leaders

Pristina - Kosovo President Hashim Thaci lashed out at Western leaders on Monday, saying they had failed to fulfil promises made to his country in return for Pristina's approval of a war crimes tribunal."Kosovo has kept its word.

Going to school in the Balkans, segregated by ethnicity

Drenas - Benjamin, an ethnic Albanian, and Luka, an ethnic Serb, are young neighbours who share a school but meet only on the football pitch. One boy is taught that Kosovo is independent and the other that it is a Serbian province.

Kosovo's 'Rambo', Serbia's arch-antagonist, set to be PM

Pristina - A hero at home but considered a war criminal by Belgrade, Ramush Haradinaj is set to become Kosovo's prime minister just a few months after fighting against extradition to Serbia.

UN accused of dragging its feet over Kosovo fund for lead poisoning

New York - A UN trust fund announced four months ago to help hundreds of people exposed to lead poisoning in Kovoso while housed in UN-run camps has not received any contribution from member-states, the UN spokesman said Thursday.

'Rambo' ex-guerrilla Haradinaj chosen to become Kosovo PM

Pristina - Kosovo's president on Thursday picked former rebel fighter Ramush Haradinaj to form a new government, following three months of political stalemate since elections in June.

Op-Ed: Digital surveillance — Australia's Pine Gap and US vs War Crimes?

Sydney - The U.S. Pine Gap base in Australia has been controversial since it was built, during the later Cold War. The question is whether Australia is participating in a system which may qualify as war crimes when civilian casualties are incurred.

Kosovo's election deadlock blocks funds, recognition

Pristina - Kosovo's failure to establish a government two months after an election is stalling its bids for greater international recognition and blocking funds for the poverty-stricken country.

Kosovo deadlock has hurt country's economy: UN official

New York - Kosovo's failure to form a government two months after snap elections has hurt the country economically and socially, the head of the UN mission there said Wednesday.

Western powers concerned at Kosovo political deadlock

Pristina - Leading western powers voiced concern Sunday at political deadlock in Kosovo, which has still not formed a government two months after snap elections in the tiny country, a former Serbian province.

Kosovo Roma seek justice for lead-poisoned children

Mitrovica - Kosovo's Roma minority "are not treated as humans," laments Florim Masurica, who is seeking justice for his disabled son, one of the children suffering from suspected lead-poisoning contracted at post-war United Nations camps.

Kosovo faces potential political crisis

Pristina - Kosovo faces potential political crisis after its new parliament failed to elect a speaker on Thursday, casting doubt on whether the coalition that won June's snap polls can muster a majority.

Kosovo stalemate after inconclusive election

Pristina - Kosovo faces a political stalemate after official election results released Thursday showed no party can form a government alone -- and deep divisions make them reluctant to work together.

Coalition led by former rebel leaders leads in Kosovo election

Pristina - Almost complete results from the Kosovo national election show that a coalition of ethnic Albanians, former leaders in the war of independence waged in 1998-1999 against Serbian troops, are leading, receiving about a third of the votes.

Kosovo's old guard takes fragile lead in snap polls

Pristina - Kosovo's snap parliamentary election Sunday looked likely to usher in a period of uncertainty, with the old guard of former guerrilla fighters in the lead but lacking an outright majority against parties calling for change, official early results showe...

Fragile Kosovo prepares for crucial vote

Pristina - Nine years after proclaiming independence, fragile Kosovo votes Sunday at a time of high tension with Serbia, rampant unemployment and some of its leaders threatened with prosecution for war crimes.

Ex-guerrilla, economist and 'Kosovo's Che' vie to be PM

Pristina - In Kosovo's parliamentary election on Sunday, a former guerrilla commander will take on an economist compared to Emmanuel Macron and a popular former student leader once known as "Kosovo's Che Guevara".

Preaching from behind barbed wire in Kosovo's north

Father Nenad Stojanovic is waiting for the day when he will celebrate Sunday service in Kosovo's northern city of Mitrovica "without police protection or barbed wire".The Orthodox priest officiates at St.

Serbia's new president calls for 'dialogue' over Kosovo

Belgrade - Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic, who was sworn in as the country's president on Wednesday, wants to open a debate over the future of Kosovo, the breakaway province whose independence Belgrade has refused to recognise.

UN to set up fund to help Kosovo displaced poisoned at UN camps

New York - The United Nations on Friday expressed regret after hundreds of displaced people in Kosovo were exposed to lead poisoning in UN-run camps and said it will establish a trust fund to help them.

Kosovo calls snap election for June 11

Pristina - President Hashim Thaci of Kosovo on Thursday called for a snap parliamentary election on June 11, a day after the government lost a confidence vote in parliament after a year of political crisis.

Kosovo government falls, snap election to follow

Pristina - Kosovo's government collapsed Wednesday after it lost a confidence vote in parliament, a move expected to trigger a snap election after more than a year of political crisis in the tiny Balkan country.

Sheep slaughter and gifts to welcome summer in Kosovo

Drenas - A slaughter of sheep and offerings for sunny weather and good health: thousands of ethnic Albanians poured into a small village in southwest Kosovo on Saturday for an age-old, part-religious and part-pagan festival.

French court refuses to extradite Kosovo's ex-PM to Serbia

Colmar - A French court rejected a request from Serbia to extradite Kosovo's former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj over accusations of war crimes committed in the 1990s, sparking outrage in Belgrade.
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