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Komodo dragon News

New synthetic peptide promotes wound healing

A new study has identified a peptide, derived from the Komodo dragon, called VK25, which can be synthesized and used as an antimicrobial peptide to promote wound healing.

T. rex and cousins had uniquely serrated teeth, scientists find

For some time, scientists have known that Tyrannosaurus rex and other theropod dinosaurs had serrated teeth. They knew that those teeth, with their jagged edges worked like steak knives to help their owner tear through flesh.

The origin of all dragon myths: Komodo Dragons of Indonesia

Komodo dragons are the world’s largest living lizards. They grow to 10 feet long and run fast like a dog. They would have been a great candidate for the inspiration behind the mythical dragons in Europe, but Europeans didn't discover them until 1910.

Komodo dragon attack hospitalizes 2 park workers in Indonesia

Jakarta - Two employees at Komodo National Park in Indonesia are in the hospital after being attacked by a Komodo dragon that found its way into a park office.

Komodo dragons, rare crocodiles among animals in seized luggage

Bulgarian customs officials in Sofia announced on March 12, 2012 that they had seized several suitcases of live exotic rare animals. The alleged trafficker, a Bulgarian citizen, was traveling via bus from the Czech Republic when his luggage was seized.

Rescued European Divers Almost Became Komodo Dragon Food

There was the report of the five European divers that had gone missing during a trip to Indonesia. They were eventually rescued. Luckily, they got rescued.

Boy Dies in Komodo Dragon Attack

A young boy out with his family became the first human death by a Komodo Dragon in 33 years. The incident took place Saturday on Komodo island.

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Komodo dragon
Komodo dragon
A baby Komodo dragon born by parthenogenesis  photographed at Chester Zoo  Cheshire  England.
A baby Komodo dragon born by parthenogenesis, photographed at Chester Zoo, Cheshire, England.

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