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National Novel Writing Month ready to inspire in November

Writers the world over celebrate the annual National Novel Writing Month each November. The marathon writing exercise encourages participants to set a goal of writing 50,000 words — the size of a small first draft of a novel — in just one month.

Review: The fateful debate about books and e-books

Kobo’s new Aura HD, a ‘limited edition’ e-reader for ‘the most passionate book lovers,’ is a great e-reader. But it launches in the middle of a dubious debate

Review: Reading in the glow Special

The Kobo Glo is a great eReader and a great way to pack a lot of books for a week of reading in the dark — or in the bright tropical sun

Review: Tech for Christmas (part 1)

E-book readers: These gadgets have raced out of the gate and are colliding with tablets. It’s taking some mind-bending among manufacturers to make the combination work.

Kobo raises the bookshelf for e-readers

Three new e-book readers and a revamped old one offer a network of 11,000 booksellers offering 3 million books in 60 different languages in 190 countries

Op-Ed: E-book formatting — Just fix it, you damn wannabe electricians!

Sydney - Who the hell do e-book format dictators think they are? Listen, scumbags, whatever you say about your bloody platforms, you’re using binary. 010101- A dead, castrated chimp would know that, so why don’t you? It’s a basic read function, morons.

eReader growth among Americans surpasses previous expectations

New statistics coming out from eMarketer are reporting that eReaders in the US have more than quadrupled in the last two years. They also report that the rapid growth is ongoing.

Kobo launches European expansion at London Book Fair

Toronto-based Kobo is moving across the pond launching local content stores in Germany and Spain beginning next month. The ebook company has customers in more than 100 countries with language stores in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

Kobo sending eBooks and eReaders to troops in Afghanistan

Canadian troops stationed in Afghanistan will be able to use eReaders early next month at the base library when Kobo delivers to them 150 of their eReaders.

Op-Ed: Kobo eReader is simple, affordable but no touchscreen Special

Kobo, the latest eReader to compete against the Kindle, nook and Sony Reader, launches April 30 in Canada at an affordable $150. Read's review to find out why next-gen bookworms might clamour to this eReader.

Op-Ed: Kobo Changes the Concept of E-readers

E-readers are convenient when it comes to reading books and other texts. However there are many disadvantages in them. They don't seem nearly as nice when you actually look at it. Here is something that could change the whole idea of using e-readers.

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Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader  displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone ...
Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader, displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone 3Gs
The Kobo eReader  available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
The Kobo eReader, available April 30 in Canada. It costs $150
Courtesy Kobo
Kobo s family of e-book readers.
Kobo's family of e-book readers.
The Kobo family of readers
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
Kobo has launched its lineup of four e-readers
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