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Koalas News

Koalas bite, kick each other in Herculean wrestling match

Ashton Webster and his two dogs were out for a walk near his home in Foster, Victoria when he stumbled on two soft, cuddly creatures not being particular soft or cuddly: Two koalas who looked as if they had murder in their heart for each other.

Scientists hope new vaccine will save koalas ravaged by chlamydia

Brisbane - On Wednesday, Australian scientists say they successfully tested a vaccine against chlamydia in wild koalas — and they believe this may be a breakthrough in combating the deadly disease ravaging these native marsupials.

The hard science behind koalas and trees

Melbourne - Ever wondered why you always see Koalas calmly but passionately hugging trees? There is a hard science basis for this particularly cute behavior.

Threatened with extinction, koalas listed as vulnerable species

Koalas –– Australia's living teddy bear –– has been listed as as vulnerable on the national list of threatened species, making efforts to ensure the much-loved koala is protected for future generations.

Gov't report: Save Australia's koalas with speed limits, tunnels

Australia's Koala population that experts guesstimate is between 43, 000 and 300,000 is dropping, with road deaths the second highest cause, and lawmakers urged building tunnels and lowering speed limits to protect the country's favorite marsupials.

Koalas Going Extinct

Koalas are going extinct in Australia and may be gone in the next 30 years, some scientists say. AIDS, loss of habitat and human interaction maybe to blame.

Retrovirus historical discoveries may help modern-day outbreaks

As modern-day Australian koala bears face extinction from an AIDS-like retrovirus, scientists discover that retrovirus families and varieties have been operating among mammalian populations for 100 million years.

Koalas Invade China

The Australianization of the world continues as our brave bears face the inscrutable Chinese girl band. The world’s only twin koalas have arrived. Impeccably dressed in a grey sports ensemble, one of the twin koalas terrorizes the citzenry.

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Koalas Image

This yawning koala in the Koala Park Sanctuary in Sidney  Australia might soon be napping.
This yawning koala in the Koala Park Sanctuary in Sidney, Australia might soon be napping.
A koala on Phillip Island  Victoria  Australia naps between Eucalyptus leaf meals.
A koala on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia naps between Eucalyptus leaf meals.