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1 in 5 in U.S. cannot name a single element on the periodic table

It might be elementary for many, but a new poll finds that one in five (around 20 percent) of the U.S. adult population cannot name a single element on the periodic table. The survey indicates the troubling status of science in the country.

Remembering the first Africans to arrive in America

This month, Black History Month is celebrated in the U. S., And later this year, our nation and other countries around the world will collectively come together to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of African Landing Day.

Op-Ed: Knowledge doubles almost every day, and it's set to increase

The rate at which knowledge is becoming available doubling every 12 months and on a curve predicted to rise even faster. The world is changing and we could soon struggle to make sense of it all.

Wikipedia celebrates its 15th birthday

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia used by millions worldwide every day, is celebrating its 15th birthday today. Its founder thinks the site can keep progressing though and wants to see the famous name become the "sum of all human knowledge."

Sex: Some things you should know by age 40

Most people are interested in having a satisfying sex life. By the time we reach the age of 40, we should have a good amount of knowledge concerning what turns each other on.

Japanese eager to test their knowledge in subculture

Tokyo - Japanese people are still hungry for tests despite all the years they spend cramming for school entrance examinations. Nowadays, people of all ages are cramming to be recognized as experts in rock 'n' roll, anime or maid work.

Op-Ed: When Technology Fails Us, Can We Endure?

Are you the type of person who freaks out if the cable TV goes out for an hour? Or if you lose the internet for a day? If we lost all of our technology, could you cope, even endure?

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