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Knife News

From 'never aggressive' asylum seeker to Hamburg knife attacker

Hamburg - Muddy bootprints along the corridors marked the tell-tale signs of a massive police raid at an asylum seeker shelter in Hamburg, where the suspect who killed one and wounded six in a knife attack lived.

One dead, six wounded in Hamburg supermarket knife attack

Hamburg - One person was killed and six others were injured on Friday when a failed asylum-seeker brandishing a knife attacked shoppers in a Hamburg supermarket, shouting "Allahu Akbar" before being overpowered by passers-by, police and officials said.

Hamburg knife attack: what we know

Hamburg - A rejected asylum seeker aged 26 killed one person and wounded six others in the German city of Hamburg Friday, shouting "Allahu Akbar" before being overpowered by passers-by and arrested.

Passers-by flung chairs to stop Hamburg knife attacker

Hamburg - Passers-by gave chase and used makeshift weapons to tackle a knife-wielding man who killed one person and injured six others at a Hamburg supermarket on Friday, witnesses of the chaotic scene said."A crowd of about 30 people ran out of the supermarket....

Hamburg supermarket attacker was 'known Islamist'

Hamburg - The suspect who killed a man with a knife in a Hamburg supermarket was a known Islamist with psychological problems but his motives remain unclear, German officials said Saturday.

One dead, several wounded in Hamburg supermarket knife attack: police

Hamburg - A man killed one person and wounded several others in a knife attack at a supermarket in the German city of Hamburg Friday before being detained by police.

German knife killer sent to psychiatric hospital: Police

Munich - A German man who killed one person and wounded three in an apparently random knife attack will be held in a psychiatric hospital not a jail, police said Wednesday.

German kills one in 'Islamist motivated' knife attack

Munich - A man killed one person and wounded three others in a knife attack at a German railway station Tuesday that prosecutors said had "an apparent Islamist motive".It is Germany's third knife attack with an apparent Islamist motivation since September.

Boy writes letter asking judge to keep his mother in prison

Middletown - A boy who watched his mother fatally stab his father in the chest with a knife has written a letter to a judge asking him to to keep her behind bars. Little Bradyn Takach, 10, was only four when he saw his mother, Shannon Smith, stab his dad to death.

Knife turns into weapon of choice in Palestinian unrest

Jerusalem - A knife concealed in a bag or a shirt has become the weapon of choice and symbol of the Palestinian conflict with Israel, with 19 stabbings targeting Jews since October 3.

China police shoot man dead after nine hurt in knife attack

Guangzhou - A man was shot dead by police and another detained after a knife attack at a Chinese train station which left nine people wounded Friday, police said.

Bear Grylls and the hunting knife row

Television adventurer Bear Grylls has asked a knife manufacturer to change the name of its range of knives because they feature the word "bear."

Xinjiang separatists behind deadly China rail attack: Xinhua

Beijing - Separatists from China's northwest region of Xinjiang orchestrated the attack on a train station which left 29 dead, the Xinhua news agency reported Sunday, quoting the city government.It said evidence from the scene of the attack late Saturday in Kunm...

Mass stabbing at China rail station leaves 28 dead in 'terrorist attack'

Beijing - A mass stabbing at a Chinese train station late Saturday left 28 people dead and 113 injured in a "violent terrorist attack", state media said.Victims described knife-wielding attackers dressed in black bursting into Kunming railway station and slashin...

New ‘smoking’ tool helps with cancer surgery

A new tool has been developed which can inform surgeons within seconds whether they are slicing through cancerous or healthy tissue. This can happen through detecting traces of smoke produced from cells.

Toddler finds knife in birthday cake

Cayden Bibeau, 2, got an Elmo-themed birthday cake, which was bought from a Walmart. However, the toddler found a knife in the cake.

A bloody day for children — 20 killed by gunfire, 22 stabbed

On the same day 20 children were gunned down at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT., 22 children at a school in China were stabbed by a mentally ill 36-year-old man.

Woman stabs boyfriend for taking last beer

Greensburg - A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars, accused of stabbing her boyfriend after he tried to take the last beer from the house.

Washington man stabs himself during fight

Spokane - A Spokane Washington man proved that violence is not the answer when accidentally stabbing himself while fighting with another man in a hotel parking lot.

N.Y. man allegedly tries to steal beer from Walmart, pulls knife

Cortlandt Manor - A man was arrested over the weekend in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. after he'd allegedly tried to steal an 18-pack of beer at the local Walmart, and purportedly pulled a knife on the store's security guard.

Kite surfer Jan Lisewski fends off sharks with knife in Red Sea

Polish kite surfer Jan Lisewski recently found himself in a battle against sharks in the Red Sea during a kite surfing excursion.

Woman cut and trashed husband’s penis

Garden Grove - A 48-year-old woman allegedly cut her husband’s penis after she drugged his dinner, and then tied him to a bed. Afterwards, the wife threw the penis in a garbage disposal, turning it on. About 9 p.m. on Monday, the victim’s wife called 911.

Knife fight tears apart Ontario love triangle

Oshawa - A young Oshawa woman was fighting for her life yesterday after the other woman in a relationship showed up at her residence in the Adelaide Avenue West and Gibbons Street area Tuesday morning.

London police officers injured in daytime knife attack

Ealing - A police officer and a police community support officer were stabbed during a daylight attack while carrying out checks on bus tickets in London.

Police stop alleged street robber after long night of crime

Toronto - A Toronto street robber allegedly spent the early morning hours of Tuesday committing several street robberies before he was finally arrested.

Police find knife and brick used in Imran Farooq murder

Edgware - Detectives have recovered a knife and a brick which were used in the murder of Pakistani politician Dr Imran Farooq near his home in the UK in September.

Mother and daughter in critical condition after knife fight

Southall - A mother and her 12-year-old daughter were rushed to hospital in critical condition after an apparent knife fight with each other.

Woman stabs husband 193 times, claims self defense Special

Houston - The trial played out like a theatrical drama in the case against a woman who was found guilty of stabbing her husband to death. How many stab wounds did it take to kill him? He was stabbed 193 times says the Texas medical examiners office.

Teens rob another Toronto teen at knife point on busy street

Toronto - A teen survived a knife point robbery this weekend in Toronto in the downtown core. After the robbery the teen called 911 for help.

Victorian Government Moves to Combat Rising Knife Crime

The Victorian Government has announced new laws to combat the recent spate of knife related crimes. It follows many stabbings in the state and growing voter anger over the apparent inaction.
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Dzhokhar emerging from boat  no traumatic neck/throat wound.
Dzhokhar emerging from boat, no traumatic neck/throat wound.
Boston Police Department
The double-DNA knife
The double-DNA knife
Police mentioned that the alleged assailant wielded a knife in the assault.
Police mentioned that the alleged assailant wielded a knife in the assault.
Dave Crosby
Soooo  my can opener broke and I had no choice but to use a produce knife to cut open my cans. Resou...
Soooo, my can opener broke and I had no choice but to use a produce knife to cut open my cans. Resourceful!
A knife and fork
A knife and fork
Basheer Tome
A man posing as a serial killer in front of a door
A man posing as a serial killer in front of a door
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