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Kittens News

Two kittens survive accidental trip from Los Angeles to San Diego

Chula Vista - Two tiny newborn kittens, since dubbed Mouse and Wifi, were accidentally packed in a box and shipped in a truck from Los Angeles all the way to San Diego and survived the long and stressful 126-mile journey.

British woman jailed for killing pet kitten in microwave

Barnsley - A British woman who killed her pet kitten by cooking it in a microwave oven has been sentenced to 14 months behind bars.

Kitten miraculously survives 1,000-mile journey in car engine

Santa Barbara - A very young kitten recently made an incredible and miraculous journey. The male kitten had gotten trapped in a car engine and was rescued 1,000 miles later, only suffering minor injuries.

Police officer shoots kittens in front of children

North Ridgeville - The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is pushing for animal cruelty charges against a North Ridgeville, Ohio police officer Barry Accorti, after he shot and killed five kittens.

Video: Kitten looks adorable taking its very first bath

Not all cats are afraid of taking baths. In the case of this kitten named Hana, she feels right at home taking a nice bath in a warm cup of water.

Household cats putting rare mammals in danger

According to a new study of cats in the U.S., as many as 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals are killed each year by house cats.

Photo Essay: Our outdoor cats

Brandon - Stray cats are common in our small village in rural Manitoba. Their numbers vary. Many succumb to the harsh winters, are captured in traps, or suffer various other misfortunes.

Animal shelters overrun with animals

Across America, animal shelters struggle to find homes for pets. During the summer months, animal shelters are overrun with pets that need re-homing.

Mother cat takes a bullet in the head, but stays with her kittens

Santa Fe Springs - Cindy, a mother cat, took a bullet in the head while nursing her kittens. But in spite of being in a critical condition, the cat was found hovering protectively over her kittens when she could have abandoned them to save her life.

Heroic dog saves kittens tossed into bag and left on road

A dog rescued two kittens who were cruelly placed into a bag and left to die on an Iowan roadside. When Reagan, a yellow Labrador, came across the bag, he dragged it all the way home to his owner.

Similar YouTube cat videos get fur flying on the Internet

Toronto - Catvertising is the ultimate Internet kitty video, an ad agency's spoof about a company that has devoted itself entirely to felines. But a couple of months earlier YouTube gave the world Kittywood, a parody of a cat video movie studio.

Fire Department rescues stuck kitten with leaf blower (video)

West Hamlin - The talk of the town in at least one community in West Virginia this weekend is a viral video that was made at a volunteer fire department showing the efforts of the firemen to rescue a kitten stuck in a section of pipe using a leaf blower.

Fainting kitten video goes viral on YouTube

The latest YouTube video to go viral on the Internet features a pair of kittens named Charlie and Spike. They aren't your average furry felines: they are afflicted with myotonia congenita, otherwise known as "fainting goat" syndrome.

Man arrested after saying he planned to eat kittens for dinner

A man who was charged after people told police he had said he was going to eat the animals for dinner is now claiming he said he was going to save them.

RCMP save three kittens trapped in donation bin

Langley - British Columbia RCMP were called to help with kittens in distress in Langley. The crying kittens were trapped inside of a donation bin.

Facebook deletes kitty crush club

Toronto - A group of animal torturers called the North Central Cat Death Group has had it's site removed from Facebook. The removal came after complaints from The Ontario SPCA and other animal lovers using the popular social networking site.

Rescued cat adopts rescued newborn bobcats

Three newborn bobcats were found under a house slated for demolition in South Carolina, but the mother wouldn't accept them after people had handled them.

Cat, Dog Partners in Caring for Newborns

A cat and dog are sharing mother-care responsibilities in China. Whilst one of the mothers is out and about the other mother looks after the babies.

Mother Cat Adopts 6-Day-Old Puppy Charlie

Even the worst enemies become friends when it comes to love. Dogs and cats are worst enemies but a mother cat literally adopted a 6-day-old pup after its mother abandoned it.

Abandoned Kittens Survive On Plastic, Toilet Water

Owners of a New Hampshire home are facing charges after six kittens were rescued from the empty house, police said.

Boyfriend Gets Prison For Kiling Kitten's

Boyfriend sentenced to prison time for killing girlfriends kittens.

Tired of depressing news? Look! animals being cute and cuddly!

Sometimes you just need a break from the bad news. This site will make you go "awwwww". It's pictures of cute animals. Who doesn't like cute animals?

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He has boxed us in.
He has boxed us in.
more july cats
more july cats
Jluly cats
Jluly cats
more july cats
more july cats
May kittens
May kittens
Big brother would like to go in the house.
Big brother would like to go in the house.
more july cats
more july cats
Don t you want to take me home?
Don't you want to take me home?
june cats
june cats
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Dont bother me Im busy.
Dont bother me Im busy.
june cats
june cats
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
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Its too hot a day to play
Jluly cats
Jluly cats
May kittens
May kittens
Kittens at two weeks of age.
Kittens at two weeks of age.
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May kittens

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