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Kitten News

Man kills kitten over fight about bong

Crystal Lake - An 18-year-old man from Chicago is being accused of killing a kitten with his bare hands because he became angry during an argument with his sister over a bong.

Refugees bring along their pet cat

Images of a cat and its family have been going viral on social media. The cat and its owners made the journey by sea from Syria to Europe.

GoPro captures fireman rescuing kitten

GoPro published a touching video of a fireman entering a house that was on fire, and once inside he found and rescued a kitten.

'Best Internet mistake of the day' goes to the Chicago Tribune

Chicago - Apparently it's now fixed, but for a while there on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune had one big boo-boo on their home page. Cute kitten though.

Kitten miraculously survives 1,000-mile journey in car engine

Santa Barbara - A very young kitten recently made an incredible and miraculous journey. The male kitten had gotten trapped in a car engine and was rescued 1,000 miles later, only suffering minor injuries.

Video: Rare two-faced kitten 'Deucy' born in Amity, Oregon

A two-faced kitten was born Tuesday in Amity, Oregon. The kitten named "Deucy" has four eyes and two mouths. It feeds and meows from both mouths but has only one body.

Tornado strikes Fayette County

According to the National Weather Service an EF-1 Tornado touched down in Fayette County Saturday night. One minor injury was reported.

Soldier rescues cat in Afghanistan: 'He was my saving grace'

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott was serving in Afghanistan when he found an abused kitten. After seeing evidence of the abuse, he took the kitten back to his office to care for him.

Video: Kitten looks adorable taking its very first bath

Not all cats are afraid of taking baths. In the case of this kitten named Hana, she feels right at home taking a nice bath in a warm cup of water.

Kitten meets hedgehog video goes viral

Toronto - A newly released YouTube video featuring a cautiously curious kitten's first introduction to a hedgehog has already begun to go viral.

Orphaned hedgehogs adopted by cat

Krasnodar - When a mamma hedgehog was killed, her four newly orphaned babies faced certain death as well, that is until Sonya the cat came to their rescue.

Ni Hao, the stowaway kitten from China gets a new home

Carson - A stowaway kitten that survived a three-week 6,500-mile voyage trapped in a storage container this past summer now has a new home.

Video: Watch tiny Kitten take on big scary Doberman

The video shows Pancake, a cute 7-week-old Kitten romping with Sugar Tree, a 2-year-old Doberman. It seems that Pancake at 7 weeks is not experienced enough to assess the dangers of messing with a dog, especially a Doberman.

Kitty festival going ahead in Minneapolis

Minneapolis - Most people love animals and now it's time to celebrate. The first cat video festival is going to be held in Minneapolis on 30 August.

Video: Bunny outwits kitten in epic play fight

The video shows what has been described as the cutest battle ever. Watch a bunny and kitten in an epic mock battle in which the bunny, incredibly, outsmarts a much more agile kitten.

Kitty cat stuck in Dashboard

Ever had a kitten stuck in your dashboard. If you ever encounter such a thing, you may need a mechanic to assist in the rescue.

Op-Ed: Kitten found dead and tortured

It's beyond me how anyone can intentionally be cruel to animals or hurt an animal. It displays such hatred, anger and evil and has been linked to many mental disorders.

Injured dog raising five puppies and a kitten Special

Edmonton - The story of Esperanza, a homeless and injured Alberta dog who was caring for a kitten along with her own puppies, has touched the hearts of people around the world.

Kitten shot in head now recovering in new home

When a British Columbia couple found a seriously injured kitten on the road they thought he had been attacked by a dog or wild animals, but they later learned the young feline had been shot in the head.

Florida Firefighters rescue kitten from storm drain

Gainesville - A firefighter said the recent rescue of a kitten from a storm drain was the most challenging feline rescue he had ever assisted with, in more than 20 years on the job.

MP's wife charged with stealing kitten from husband's lover

Birmingham - The wife of a British MP appeared in court this week, accused of breaking into his lover’s house and stealing her kitten.

Kitten left in bag on rubbish heap

Holborn - A three-month-old kitten was found shivering inside a plastic rubbish bag left on a pile of trash near a block of London flats.

UK cat-dumping woman may now lose her bank job due to outcry

Mary Bale, the UK woman who was caught on CCTV grabbing a cat and dumping it into a garbage bin, is now facing the very real possibility of losing her job due to the public's outrage against her.

Op-Ed: There's no such thing as 'just a cat'

An English lady accused of putting a cat into a garbage can, where it languished for 15 hours before being rescued, excused her actions by claiming: "I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat," leading to a global furor raised by cat lovers.

UK woman who dumped cat in garbage may face charges, prison time

Coventry - The woman who enraged people all around the world after a video was released showing her dumping a friendly cat into a garbage bin could be facing up to six months prison time. An investigation is underway.

UK woman caught on video dumping kitten in garbage bin

Coventry - Shocking CCTV footage has been released of a middle-aged woman in the UK petting the friendly kitten before picking it up and dumping it in the owner's garbage bin.

Kitten rescued from glue trap

A distressed kitten became the victim of a very nasty type of trap. The animal, who is now being called Sticky, became stuck on a glue trap designed for catching rats.

Firefighters and police take car apart to rescue kitten

Vienna - Kittens often get stuck in unusual spots, and rescuers sometimes have to go to extraordinary lengths to help them. Police and firefighters partially dismantled a car to assist a trapped kitten in Vienna.

Man arrested and charged after kitten put in washing machine

A 19-year-old man was arrested last night for breaking into a home and killing a kitten "because it was bothering him." The man allegedly removed clothing from a washing machine and placed the kitten inside while burglarizing the home.

Robbers break into home, put kitten in washing machine

Kimberly Ross got a little kitten from a friend as an early 50th birthday present. She named the kitten Ruby and bought her a red collar and a red litter box. Now Ruby is gone.
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Kitten Image

screengrab of kitten that survived an estimated 2-3 weeks in a container on a freighter that travele...
screengrab of kitten that survived an estimated 2-3 weeks in a container on a freighter that traveled from China to U.S.
This kitten was abandoned with injuries so bad she was unable to stand.
This kitten was abandoned with injuries so bad she was unable to stand.
Pancake  and Sugar Tree
Pancake and Sugar Tree
screen capture from news video
I m cuter than you are!
I'm cuter than you are!
Stray kitten
Stray kitten
Hey there. I m hungry
Hey there. I'm hungry
Loki the kitten meets Harley the hedgehog for the first time.
Loki the kitten meets Harley the hedgehog for the first time.
Screen Capture
Its time to cut this long grass
Its time to cut this long grass
File photo: Small kitten relaxing
File photo: Small kitten relaxing
A screenshot from a video  recored by a GoPro camera  of a fireman rescuing a kitten
A screenshot from a video, recored by a GoPro camera, of a fireman rescuing a kitten
Who understands what your cat is trying to say?
Who understands what your cat is trying to say?
Watch out I m coming
Watch out I'm coming
File photo: No I am not dead. I am sleeping because its so hot
File photo: No I am not dead. I am sleeping because its so hot
Wow! This pillow is so hard!
Wow! This pillow is so hard!
YouTube screen capture

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