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Kindle News

Amazon's Kindle now lets you read e-books in Indian languages

Amazon has finally added support for several Indian languages to its Kindle e-reader. For the first time, books written in languages including Hindi, Tamil and Marathi are available to purchase from the Kindle store. "Thousands" are available at launch.

Amazon revamps its budget Kindle to reverse falling e-book sales

Amazon has announced a new version of its base model Kindle e-reader. The budget device has been updated with a lighter design and improved performance. The changes are designed to attract more people to Kindle as e-readers stagnate.

Kindle owners urged to update their device to keep using it

Amazon has warned owners of older models of its Kindle e-reader that they need to install an important software update today or face the device becoming unusable online from later this week. From March 22, Kindle services will be inaccessible.

Man orders Kindle eBook reader, receives tumor sample instead

Bristol - An environmental consultant from Bristol was surprised to find a tumor sample instead of the Kindle eBook reader that he ordered.

Amazon laying off hardware staff after $170m Fire Phone failure

Dozens of Amazon engineers responsible for its failed attempt to enter the smartphone market with the Fire Phone are being told they are no longer required, according to a report today. The company is reorganising its general hardware efforts.

A security flaw in Amazon's Kindle Library could allow anyone to take control of your account

A security researcher has uncovered a flaw in Amazon's website that could enable hackers to gain access to Amazon accounts.

Op-Ed: Vend a Kindle? Machine spits out Kindles in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - A vending machine for electronics does make sense, and this isn’t the first. It’s getting used to the idea that’s a little difficult. Amazon unveiled a new “Kindle dispenser” in Las Vegas this week.

Reading devices changing the habits of readers everywhere Special

Technology has changed many things. It's changed the way we buy, listen, watch, and even store content. Now it's changed another aspect of our lives — reading.

E-books, changing people's reading habits

Todd, 23, is an avid comic book fan. He use to spend a lot of time at the comic book store buying all the latest issues of his favorite comics. Three years ago Todd bought an iPad. Now he downloads and reads a lot of his comic books as e-books.

Sales of printed books fall in the UK

Figures in for 2012 show that sales of printed books fell by almost £74 million ($119 million) in the UK. At the same time sales of e-books has risen.

Review: Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor Special

"Olivia’s Christmas trip to Venice, Italy, should be a holiday dream come true. But when the unattended luggage becomes the focus of a handsome Italian policeman’s bomb investigation, she worries she won’t even make it out of the airport."

Op-Ed: Amazon to launch their own smartphone line rumored

The US mobile market is dominated by Apple and Samsung. Earlier this year, Google decided to take a piece of the pie with the Nexus line. First with the Nexus 7 tab and now the Nexus 4 and 10 editions. It appears Amazon may be wanting in as well.

Amazon launches Kindle ebook store in China

Amazon has operated in China for quite some time now and they are finally entering the ebook market with a mixture of paid and free ebooks with a cost range of $0 to $7 USD.

Amazon's KDP platform gives grieving author global voice Special

Twenty-two years after the suicide of her father, author Amanda Evans takes advantage of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform to share her story with a global audience.

Op-Ed: Apple Losing Market Share With iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Launch

Despite the tension and amazement generated during the latest two Apple launches, consumers are quick to realize and lose interest in what Apple has to offer.

Amazon revokes Kindle account, says users don't own books

Amazon has canceled the account of a Kindle user, deleted all the books the user had paid for and refuses to give a reason for the action.

Review: The Invention of the Big Bang by Fred Schäfer Special

With his novel The Invention of the Big Bang, author Fred Schäfer takes the reader on a wonderfully philosophical journey in which life's most pressing questions are considered ... and left pleasantly unresolved.

Barnes and Noble soon to compete with Nook HD

It appears as if Barnes and Noble, bookstore giant, is also following suit to Amazon's Kindle Fire HD. Barnes and Noble is now accepting pre-orders to their very own Nook upgrades.

Op-Ed: Why Walmart decided not to sell Kindle devices

Bentonville - Walmart has decided that it will no longer sell Kindle devices beyond present commitments to do so. Walmart claims the move is simply part of its marketing strategy but many think that the decision is related to concerns about competition from Amazon.

Price of ebooks set to fall

New York - In a landmark decision on Thursday, US district judge Denise Cote upheld the $96 million Department of Justice penalty imposed on publishers Simon & Schuster, Hachette and HarperCollins for conspiring to fix the price of ebooks.

New Kindle Fire about to be launched

This week Amazon will launch two new models of its popular tablet computer / e-reader Kindle Fire. Tech rumors indicate that the devices will have a radical new design.

Target to stop selling Kindle products

Target today announced that it will be phasing out sales of Kindle products this spring due to a "conflict of interest."

Op-Ed: The Increasing Price of Textbooks

The increasing price of textbooks can be an additional financial burden to students already struggling with paying tuition. Here is just one way to loosen the noose of student loans.

Unpublished Kurt Vonnegut novella gets released for Kindle

NEW YORK – Death doesn't always stop great writers from publishing their new material. Not even Kurt Vonnegut. So it goes.

Is Amazon planning to launch a small retail store in Seattle?

Seattle - Is Amazon in the process of opening a retail store in Seattle? Sources tell one media outlet that they are planning to do so in order to test the profitability of such a venture. It would begin within the next few months.

Op-Ed: Do people read real books anymore? Bookstores struggle to survive

Large chains pushed out independent bookstores. Bookstore chains pushed each other out. Barnes & Noble, the last remaining bookstore chain, now stands alone. As eBooks replace print books, can Barnes & Noble survive in an online, digital world?

Amazon 'rife with fake authors' plagiarizing, selling erotica

Amazon is dealing with a bit of a plagiarism problem with their erotica section of ebooks, with several self-published authors being caught with copyright infringement.

Amazon sued by Kindle case and accessory maker

M-Edge Accessories LLC, a partner of Amazon who manufacturers Kindle cases, has filed a lawsuit against Amazon alleging the online retailer has been "sabotaging" their business.

Internet ‘has same weight as a strawberry’

Research carried out in California suggests that the weight of the Internet approximates that of a large strawberry or small egg.

Op-Ed: Trying out Smashwords- E-book publisher for everybody Special

Sydney - Smashwords is a wide-distribution publisher. Their approach is somewhat like existing publishers like Lulu, but they’ve got a much bigger range. I was put on to Smashwords by a friend in the States, and I have to say that so far they’re a cut above.
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Malicious script sneaked into eBooks can change the way the Kindle library page displays.
Malicious script sneaked into eBooks can change the way the Kindle library page displays.
A woman reading ebook reader
A woman reading ebook reader
In a landmark judgement  a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishe...
In a landmark judgement, a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishers for ebook price fixing. Sept 2012.
All-new $79.99 Amazon Kindle  announced 22/06/2016
All-new $79.99 Amazon Kindle, announced 22/06/2016
Will Self s ninth novel   Umbrella .
Will Self's ninth novel, "Umbrella".
Original Kindle Fire
Original Kindle Fire
Gotta Be Mobile
Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor
Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor
HarperCollins Canada
Amazon Kindle 3
Amazon Kindle 3
Amazon Kindle 2.0 vs A Book
Amazon Kindle.

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