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Kim JongUn News

Op-Ed: U.S. sends another aircraft carrier to South Korea

In spite of the fact that US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said this Friday that any military solution would be "tragic on an unbelievable scale", the US is sending another aircraft carrier to the South Korean area.

Donald Trump says dictator Kim Jong-Un deserves 'credit'

Presidential candidate, and controversy-stirrer, Donald Trump has declared that the horrific dictator Kim Jong-Un deserves “credit” for the way in which he uses murder to remove his rivals.

Here we go again: North Korea claims it has cure for AIDS, Ebola

Pyongyang - North Korea says it has gone where no other country has gone before: It has discovered the drug that can prevent and cure Ebola, AIDS, SARS and MERS.

Purges start in North Korea as Kim Jong-Un executes deputy

Pyongyang - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un relies on purges to cement his power since taking over a country with 1.2 million military troops and a nuclear-arms program in 2011. Now he has applied more pressure, executing a four-star general last month.

James Franco, Seth Rogen cancel public appearances amid threats

New York - Stars of the upcoming comedy The Interview have canceled previously scheduled promotional appearances for the film amid threats of violence from cyber hackers.

Only one Kim Jong-un in North Korea, rest made to change name

South Korea’s KBS TV station has obtained a North Korean state document that was a directive for officials to go forth and force everyone named Kim Jong-un to change their name to something else. It was in anticipation of Kim Jong-un becoming leader.

Op-Ed: James Clapper helps release 2 Americans from North Korea

Pyongyang - Terri Chung, the sister of Kenneth Bae, one of two Americans released by North Korea, said she would be thrilled to hug her brother soon adding that the family had been "waiting for and praying for this day for two years"

Uncle to North Korean leader executed over corruption

The uncle of North Korea's leader has been executed after being found guilty of corruption. Chang Song-thaek was publicly stripped of his duties this week during a party session.

North Korea shake-up purges Jang Song-thaek, Kim uncle

Pyongyang - The reclusive state of North Korea is rarely in western headlines for the right reasons and Wednesday is no different. The whereabouts of a powerful uncle of the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, are unknown following speculation that he has been "removed".

Newspaper says former girlfriend of North Korean leader executed

South Korea has reported a woman, a singer, reported to be a former girlfriend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, has been executed. Hyon Song-wol was arrested with 12 others from her bands for making and distributing porn videos.

North Korea's nuclear plant restart belies Politburo changes

North Korea announced it is restarting operations at its nuclear facilities including the currently mothballed reactor at Yongbyon nuclear facility. But, behind the latest sabre-rattling there are changes at the very top of Pyongyang's political elite.

North Korea preparing its missile sites says Pyongyang

Less than 24 hours after the United States despatched two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers from their base in Missouri to fly dummy bombing runs over South Korea, North Korea has again ratcheted up the rhetoric in the Korean peninsula.

Op-Ed: North Korea vows to nuke U.S.

Pyongyang - Thanks to shared nuclear technology from the Bill Clinton White House and a White House content with talking tough during the Bush years, North Korea finally exploded its first nuclear bomb in 2006.

Op-Ed: North Korea threatens all out war

Friday Kim Jong-Un threatens to scrap all peace pacts with South Korea after the United Nations imposed tough new sanctions on the country. In a fast paced week North Korea has threatened a preemptive strike against the US and appears ripe for war.

Op-Ed: The Kim Family Cycle

Why recent developments in North Korea make it evident that Kim Jong-un is following the same general cycle his father did following his ascension to power in 1994.

North Korea declares martial law

North Korea has declared a state of martial law; North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has told the North Korean army to prepare for war.

North Korea denounces rumours Kim Jong-Un had plastic surgery

Rumours that North Korea's great leader, Kim Jong-Un, had plastic surgery to make him look more like his revered grandfather Kim Il Sung, have enraged the Communist regime. Authorities have denounced the media that circulated the rumours as "human scum."

Rumours circulate that Kim Jong-Un is a new father

Speculation is rife that the fourth-generation of the North Korean communist dynasty has been secured with the birth of Kim Jong-Un's first child.

Kim Jong-Un sends children sweets to mark his birthday

North Koreans are jubilantly celebrating the birthday of their esteemed leader Kim Jong-Un. Kim mobilized the country's airforce to ensure every child under 10 received one kilo of birthday candy to mark the occasion.

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un orders development of bigger rockets

Following North Korea's successful launch of the Unha-3 rocket on 12 December, leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered the development of bigger rockets, despite international sanctions.

Kim Jong-un set to win Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ award

The Internet successfully trolled North Korea’s supreme leader this week by voting him to the top of Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” list.

Kim Jong-un wins ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ China doesn’t understand

People's Daily, a Chinese newspaper with a daily circulation of 3-4 million, congratulated North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Tuesday after he won “Sexiest Man Alive.” Here’s the thing, though: the award was given out by The Onion.

South Korea halts launch of anti-Pyongyang propaganda balloons

South Korean authorities today banned the planned release by anti-North Korean activists of balloons containing propaganda leaflets across the demilitarized zone after threats of a military attack by North Korea if the release went ahead.

Wife of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un is former singer

Following the disclosure that North Korea's young ruler Kim Jong-Un is married, fresh reports from Seoul reveal that the leader's wife is a former singer who may not be a newly-wed bride.

North Korean army chief relieved of duties

One of North Korea's most powerful figures, army chief Ri Yong-ho, has suddenly been relieved of his duties with immediate effect. Analysts believe his sudden fall from power denotes leader Kim Jong-Un's intent to strengthen his position over the army.

Will the first lady of North Korea be a pop star?

Pyongyang - North Korea is very secretive about almost everything so it is not surprising there is much speculation in the west about the identity of a mysterious woman in western dress who has been seen with the leader on several occasions lately.

North Korea's 'The Jongettes' makes splash online

A group of all female musicians affectionately called "The Jongettes" played during Kim Jong il's birthday and also wrote a song showing their loyalty to Kim's son Kim Jong Un.

What will be history's judgment of N. Korean leader Kim Jong-il? Special

Toronto - How will history judge Kim Jong-il? That was the question that experts asked during a discussion panel in Toronto Saturday. Experts and officials talked about the legacy of the North Korean leader and what the future holds for Kim Jong-un and the country.

North Korea to send people to labor camp for not mourning enough

Pyongyang - Even emotions are heavily regulated in the Stalinist hermit kingdom of North Korea: everybody must love the leader, and when he passes away citizens must cry hard. As hard as possible.

North Korea tells masses to protect Kim Jong-un as human shields

North Korea has issued its traditional New Year message to the people, telling them to act as human shields to protect the new leader.
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Dennis Rodman
Kim Jong-un.
Kim Jong-un.
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Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un
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North Korean politician Jang Song Thaek  shown in this photo taken in February 16  2012. North Korea...
North Korean politician Jang Song Thaek, shown in this photo taken in February 16, 2012. North Korea said on December 13, 2013 Jang Song Thaek, the uncle of leader Kim Jong Un, has been executed
With permission by Reuters / Kyodo
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a performance by the State Merited Chorus in this undated ph...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a performance by the State Merited Chorus in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang November 22, 2013
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with new wife   comrade  Ri Sol-Ju
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with new wife, "comrade" Ri Sol-Ju
Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)
Image of Kim Long-un broadcast on North Korean State TV.
Image of Kim Long-un broadcast on North Korean State TV.
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Timeline of nuclear and major missile tests in North Korea
Timeline of nuclear and major missile tests in North Korea
Laurence CHU, AFP
People's Daily

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