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Kidneys News

Reducing organ rejections using 'lethal' bacterial enzyme

Researchers have developed a novel type of drug therapy using an enzyme extracted from bacteria that are normally considered harmful. The aim is to use the enzyme to reduce organ rejection rates following kidney transplants.

Why are kidney stones passed on multiple roller coaster rides?

Taking several rides on a roller coaster can help to pass kidney stones. Researchers amusingly established this by taking multiple rides. Back in the lab, they've found out why.

Link found between global warming and kidney stones

Philadelphia - According to a recent press release, a link has been found between the extreme hot or cold temperatures of global warming and the high risks of developing kidney stones. The six-year study involved 60,000 adults and children across the United States.

Gene linked to pediatric kidney cancer

Boston - A type of pediatric kidney cancer has been linked to a specific gene, called Lin28, according to new research. Understanding this could lead to a new treatment.

Lab grows kidneys from stem cells

Scientists from the U.S. and Spain have used stem cells to generate functional kidneys (or at least the basis — ureteric buds).

Can kidneys be recycled?

Can kidneys be recycled? A new science paper suggests that kidneys could be put to use as raw material for engineering new kidneys.

Nurse accidentally throws donated kidney in medical waste

Toledo - An investigation has been opened at an Ohio medical center after a nurse accidentally disposed of a donated kidney in medical waste.

Deadly snake may hold key in heart treatments

The green mamba is one of the world's deadliest snakes but research shows that it could be a lifesaver. The mamba's venom could be the key to saving people with heart failure.

Indo-Canadian pact to take on the mighty DeBeers

Diamonds are living up to their claim of being good friends – for people in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, and Gujarat, a state in western India.

Possible Treatment for Deadly Strain of E.coli Discovered

A researcher has discovered a very promising treatment to prevent the serious side effects of the deadly E. coli strain.

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Kidneys Image

Al Jazeera English
A kidney just removed from a donor.
A kidney just removed from a donor.
Al Jazeera English
A woman shows off her scar showing she donated her kidney. She was supposed to be paid about $4 000 ...
A woman shows off her scar showing she donated her kidney. She was supposed to be paid about $4,000 but has never received her money.
Al Jazeera English

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