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Kidney News

AI technology improves kidney analysis

Boston - A further advancement of medical artificial intelligence technology has been announced with the use of an AI platform to help medical staff to assess kidney disease. The technology is designed to assist, and to not to replace, medical professionals.

New medical technology for kidney dialysis

The company Kibow Biotech has undertaken further validation of Its "Enteric Dialysis®" Technology, and Renadyl™ Product Formulation, designed for maintaining healthy kidney function.

Wearable kidneys could replace dialysis machines

Los Angeles - Kidney dialysis is a long, drawn-out process, requiring those undergoing the treatment to spend long periods inside specially designed machines. This could be about to change with a new, wearable medical device.

Chinese men try to sell kidney to buy iPhone 6S, man disappears

Two Chinese people reportedly agreed to sell a kidney each in order to raise money to purchase a new iPhone 6S. They contacted an illegal agent online who subsequently never turned up. One of the men then ran away and hasn't been seen since.

Teacher gives his kidney to student

London - In a clear display of selflessness, a special education teacher donates one of his healthy kidneys to an ailing student.

New kidney transplant safety test

A simple test that can reveal whether a kidney transplant recipient is at imminent risk of organ rejection has been developed. The test checks urine levels of an immune protein.

Robotic ultrasound developed to screen for kidney cancers

Medical technologists have carried out a study that demonstrates the benefits that robotic ultrasound techniques can offer in the treatment of kidney cancers.

Facebook saves the day

Facebook. A social network that some of us can't seem to live without. To us, Facebook satisfies our curiosity when we can't help but wonder what our friends and family are up to. But to Eddie Beatrice, Facebook was a matter of life or death.

Human kidney cells created from stem cells

Scientists based at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have generated human kidney cells from human embryonic stem cells within a laboratory.

Ibuprofen linked to kidney damage in children

A new study suggests that ibuprofen, along with similar painkillers called NSAIDs, could cause kidney damage in young children, especially if taken when children are dehydrated.

Vodka IV saves puppy from renal failure

Melbourne - A bottle of vodka turned out to be a puppy's best friend after the inquisitive pup drank antifreeze and began to go into kidney failure.

Video: S. Carolina man walks streets in search of kidney for wife

Anderson - Larry William Swilling, 77, of Anderson, SC, has been on the streets with a sign that says: "NEED KIDNEY 4 WIFE." He has been married to Jimmy Sue Swilling, 75, born with one kidney, for 55 years. Her kidney is failing and she needs a new one urgently.

Woman donates kidney to ex-husband's mother

Leominster - When a Massachusetts woman heard her ex-husband's mother needed a kidney, she volunteered to donate hers. The woman and her ex had been divorced for almost a decade.

Woman donates kidney to boss, then gets fired

A New York woman donated a kidney after learning another was in need, and subsequently found herself out of a job. In an unusual situation, the 47-year-old woman has now initiated a lawsuit against her former employer.

Medical first: Kidney transplanted twice

Chicago - In a first time ever medical event, a kidney has been transplanted twice within a two-week period. The second transplant occurred because the transplant did not go successfully for the first recipient.

Chinese teen sells kidney for iPad and iPhone

Five people have been charged for illegal organ trading in China after a teenager wanting an iPhone and iPad sold his kidney last year. The young man is now in failing health and suffering from kidney failure.

The scary drawback to weight loss: kidney damage

Your doctor may advise you to lose some weight for your health, but certain weight loss techniques can actually do more harm than good.

Duke Univ. Hosp. does first multiple live donor transplants in NC Special

Durham - Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC performed their first live kidney donor multiple patient transplant, becoming the first hospital in North Carolina to successfully master this medical technique, opening the door of possibilities for patients.

Hormone predicts which kidney patients would die early

A recent study suggests measuring a specific hormone in kidney patients can help doctors identify whether they require dialysis or not.

Chinese teenager sells a kidney to buy iPad 2

Chenzhou - A 17 year-old Chinese boy opted to sell one of his kidneys to organ traffickers to obtain the money to purchase electronic equipment.

Live Tweeting Kidney Operation

Seattle - Just when you thought live tweeting couldn't get more interesting, Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA brings it to a whole new level.

Kidneys with Cancerous Masses Removed Used in Transplants

A team of surgeons from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have performed transplants on five patients using kidneys from which small cancerous masses had been removed.

Kidney donor dad celebrates chain reaction

A Michigan father of five sparked off a life-saving scheme when in a moment of altruism he offered a kidney transplant to a stranger.

Kidney Compensation Denied in Divorce Property Settlement

Divorces can get ugly. Very Ugly. And sometimes the details surrounding property settlements can get down right weird, too.

Woman Donates Kidney Through Vagina

A Maryland woman just donated a kidney for her niece. Surgeons removed the Kim Johnson's kidney through her vagina. Both Johnson and niece Jennifer Gilbert, 23, are doing well since their operations on Thursday.

Study Finds Kidney Donors Live Long, Healthy Lives

A new study finds that people who give one of their kidneys to a loved one or a stranger live as long and are just as healthy as those with two kidneys.

The Other Side of the 'Kidney Divorce'

The husband wants his kidney back but Dawnell Batista, the woman in what is known as the New York Kidney Divorce, would like to be out of the media's light.

NY Man Demands Ex-Wife Coughs Up Money For Donated Kidney

The donation of a kidney to a loved one is normally in good faith, but New York Doctor Richard Batista is demanding that his ex-wife pays up for a kidney that he donated to her.

Need for more Australian organ donors

Kidney Health Australia has said that more Australians should give the precious gift of life by signing up as organ donors.

Global Warming to increase health-related Epidemics

In a new find by researchers, concerns over epidemics of malaria and increase in other health related issues such as kidney stones etc. especially in the US and other countries due to global warming, has come to light.
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A criminal gang including two workers at the upscale Apollo Hospital in New Delhi allegedly lured po...
A criminal gang including two workers at the upscale Apollo Hospital in New Delhi allegedly lured poor people to sell their kidneys for 300,000 rupees ($4,500), police say
Sam Panthaky, AFP/File
ICONIC: A giant neon likeness of pioneering topless dancer/singer Carol Doda with giant red-tipped n...
ICONIC: A giant neon likeness of pioneering topless dancer/singer Carol Doda with giant red-tipped neon breasts, seen above left in 1973, graced the front of the Condor nightclub in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood for decades
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Wikimedia Commons
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Doctors perform surgery
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