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KFC to bring edible coffee cups to the UK

Food chain KFC has announced that UK customers will soon be able to eat their coffee cup thanks to the development of a new heat-resistant chocolate coated cookie biscuit.

KFC rolls out the new 'Double Down Dog'

The latest addition to KFC's menu is the Double Down Dog, a hot dog covered in cheese sauce and wrapped in a piece of ... you guessed it. Fried chicken.

Google Glass could save KFC, other fast food companies millions of dollars

Much has been written about how technology could be used to replace humans in the service sector, but a recent USA Today story suggests it can also save companies money by making workers more efficient.

Heartbroken Chinese woman spends a week at KFC

When dealing with a tough breakup, some grab a tub of ice-cream or chocolate, lock themselves away and eat until the pain goes away.

Assault by cake reported at North Seattle KFC

Seattle - Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken can be like a cakefight, definitely not a cakewalk, anyway for employees of one restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

KFC pours on the salt while other restaurants cut down on sodium

In an era when many businesses are cutting back to embrace the health food trend Kentucky Fried Chicken is putting more salt than ever before on their offerings.

Report: Disfigured girl asked to leave KFC restaurant was a hoax

Jackson - A newspaper undertook an investigation into allegations a KFC restaurant asked Victoria Wilcher, 3, to leave because her facial scars were disturbing other patrons. The paper concluded the incident never took place.

Girl attacked by pit bulls told to leave KFC because of scars

Jackson - A three-year-old girl who was mauled by pit bulls back in April was reportedly asked to leave a Jackson, Mississippi KFC when an employee told her that her physical appearance was scaring the customers.

KFC worker in Wales suspended for allegedly putting pubes in food

Cardiff - A KFC employee in Cardiff, Wales, was suspended after they posted about how they put pubic hair in food that was being served to a customer.

KFC reveals new prom trend with drumstick corsages

KFC unveiled their latest crispy option on the menu — an exclusive line of drumstick corsages, just in time for prom season. Check out the promo video above.

Cash is on the fast track out of the fast food industry

You can now add fast food to the long list of industries that are turning away from cash and coin in order to embrace the enormous potential of mobile payment technologies.

Mississippi KFC fires woman for being homeless

Tupelo - A Mississippi woman was fired from her job at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant after her manager found out that she was homeless.

KFC employee fired for making out with mashed potatoes

An employee at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Johnson City, TN, has been fired after he made out with a mound of potatoes shaped like a breast.

Thieves meant to rob jewelery store, got KFC instead

Beaudesert - A duo of bumbling Australian thieves made off with $2,600 when they accidentally tunneled into the local KFC outlet, instead of their intended target, the jewelery store next door.

Video: KFC as a popular Christmas main course in Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular chain in the United States, has achieved much popularity in Japan. During Christmas, KFC is the food of choice by many Japanese.

Japan Airlines, for winter season, to serve KFC as airline food

KFC of Japan will expand to airline meals. For the winter season, "Air Kentucky" will be available on certain Japan Airlines flights to either the US or Europe.

Pope's visit sparks new protests, KFC restaurant becomes target

Tripoli - As violence sparked by the Innocence of Muslims movie continued in many cities around the Middle East, a visit by Pope Benedict seemed to ignite more outrage, resulting in a Tripoli Lebanon Kentucky Fried Chicken being set ablaze by protesters.

Op-Ed: KFC's new 'Streetwise' burger puts cheese in unwise place

KFC's new unwisely-named "Streetwise" burger appears as if it were prepared by a drunken employee -- the cheese slice sits awkwardly atop the bun instead of on top of the chicken patty where it belongs.

Thief tried to flush stolen cash down toilet at KFC, police say

Des Moines - Police say that a Des Moines man was arrested Friday after he allegedly robbed a store and tried to destroy evidence by flushing stolen money down the toilet at a fast-food restaurant.

KFC ordered to pay $8.3M to girl left brain damaged after meal

Fast-food chain KFC has been ordered to pay $8.3 million in damages to the family of a girl who was left severely brain damaged and in a wheelchair after being poisoned by a chicken meal.

KFC's infamous Double Down returning to Canada this summer

Toronto - Following high consumer demand, Kentucky Fried Chicken will be bringing the Double Down sandwich back to Canada on June 1, although with less sodium than the original.

KFC pulls Obama look-alike TV commercial ad campaign

Hong Kong - Yum! Brands has pulled a Barack Obama look-alike commercial that was being used in KFC television ads to promote a new Fish Fillet sandwich in China and Hong Kong. The company has claimed 'no foul' saying it was meant as a spoof of the president.

Weighing the Double Down: KFC's infamous Sandwich comes to Canada Special

There’s a new epidemic in town, and it's like no other of its kind. Comprised of a “secret sauce,” and two pieces of cheese and bacon sandwiched between a pair of fried chicken fillets, the KFC Double Down is a sandwich without a bun.

KFC uses co-ed buns to help sell its bunless Double Down

Louisville - KFC announced on Tuesday its latest advertising strategy, a plan involving the recruitment of college co-eds and their backsides in an effort at persuading students to give its new bunless sandwich a try.

Buckets for Breasts in Race for the Cure Special

This KFC restaurant in Louisville, Ky., underwent a pink-ification as part of KFC's "Buckets for the Cure" campaign. The goal is to generate the largest-ever donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

New KFC Double Down sandwich has no room for the bun

The new KFC chicken sandwich named the Double Down has just been introduced in America today. But the sandwich has raised concerns in a country where 65 percent of adults are overweight and 31 percent are obese, according to US government figures.

PETA Seeking to Battle KFC with Bloodied Chicken Statue

The animal rights organization, PETA, is seeking a permit to erect a statue of a bloodied, bandaged and crippled chicken in Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters of KFC. The statue seeks to draw attention to PETA's "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" campaign.

In Some Parts of the World, KFC Doesn't Mean Kentucky Fried Chicken

Across the United States and other parts of the world, there is a huge presence of Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Kabul, Afghanistan, there is Kabul Fried Chicken.

KFC serves urine and spit-tainted food, family falls victim

A police officer and his family from Sydney, Nebraska, fall victim to grossly contaminated food tainted with an employee's urine and spit.

KFC Issues a Nationwide Allergy Alert Unlabeled Double Chocolate Chip Cakes

KFC Corporation is voluntarily recalling its Double Chocolate Chip Cakes because they contain eggs, milk, wheat, soy ingredients and possibly traces of tree nuts, and are not individually labeled with ingredient information.
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Kfc Image

KFC now has a new style of chicken on the menu   boneless.
KFC now has a new style of chicken on the menu, "boneless."
Screengrab from the 2013 KFC Super Bowl commercial.
Screengrab from the 2013 KFC Super Bowl commercial.
A screenshot from a KFC China ad featuring chicken doused with Irish liqueur
A screenshot from a KFC China ad featuring chicken doused with Irish liqueur
YouTube screenshot
KFC s Double Down sandwich  returning to Canada June 1.
KFC's Double Down sandwich, returning to Canada June 1.
Mike Saechang
The Double Down sandwich from KFC  featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
The Double Down sandwich from KFC, featuring two pieces of fried chicken and bacon and cheese
The new KFC Double Down Dog  a hot dog drizzled with cheese sauce  wrapped in a piece of fried chick...
The new KFC Double Down Dog, a hot dog drizzled with cheese sauce, wrapped in a piece of fried chicken
KFC Philippines Twitter
KFC Box.
KFC Box.
Kentucky fried chicken
Kentucky fried chicken
wikimedia commons
KFC will offer edible coffee cups in select UK restaurants
KFC will offer edible coffee cups in select UK restaurants
The new Cheese Top Burger from KFC in the Philippines
The new Cheese Top Burger from KFC in the Philippines
KFC in Beaudesert  Queensland  Australia
KFC in Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia
Google Maps
Protesters in Tripoli  Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Protesters in Tripoli, Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Adel Samia
Protesters in Tripoli  Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Protesters in Tripoli, Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Adel Samia
KFC in Japan.
KFC in Japan.