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Keystone pipeline News

Keystone pipeline to remain down until corrective action taken

The section of the Keystone oil pipeline in North Dakota where some 9,000 barrels of crude spilled last month will remain shut until operator TC Energy, formerly TransCanada submits a restart and return-to-service plan.

Keystone pipeline spill in North Dakota is contained

More than 9,000 barrels of oil are estimated to have spilled from a leak in the Keystone Pipeline in northeastern North Dakota, the company said. It's the second significant spill in two years in the pipeline running from Canada's tar sands.

Keystone pipeline in major oil leak

Part of the Keystone pipeline were shut due to a leak of oil in Missouri, with some 6,814 liters released into the environment. Enbridge Inc.'s Platte pipeline was also closed temporarily as a precaution.

Athabasca CEO — Trudeau ‘has to show leadership’ over pipeline

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to steer a course up the middle when touting his economic and environmental policies. But with the Kinder-Morgan pipeline a hot issue, the PM is being accused of being a fence-sitter.

Keystone Pipeline spill comes on eve of decision on Keystone XL

Amherst - After a drop in pressure was detected in its operating system in South Dakota, the Keystone Pipeline, operated by TransCanada, was shut down at 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning CST.

Keystone oil spill almost 100 times larger than thought

The Keystone pipeline oil spill discovered last week in a field in South Dakota has turned out to be much bigger than the 187 gallons of crude oil TransCanada originally reported. New estimates say 16,800 gallons was spilled.

Keystone pipeline shut down over oil leak in South Dakota

A key section of the Keystone pipeline was shut down due to an oil spill TransCanada said on Monday. TransCanada is reporting that the spill amounted to 187 gallons of crude oil.

TransCanada wants $15 billion damages for rejection of pipeline

TransCanada slapped the U.S. with a lawsuit on Wednesday in federal district court in Houston, Texas, alleging President Obama's rejection of the keystone XL pipeline was unconstitutional.

Keystone XL pipeline green lit by U.S. State Dept report

Washington - In a report released today the United States State department has found that the Keystone XL pipeline would not significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.However,the project has yet to be fully approved by President Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: The slippery slope of climate change science

New York - The main argument for stopping development of the Alberta oilsands is based on increased green house gases emissions. Canada's Natural Resources Minister John Oliver came under fire for apparently casting doubt on climate change science. Is he wrong?

Pegasus pipeline leak is at least 80,000 gallons

Mayflower - Exxon- Mobil and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency are currently estimating the size of the Pegasus pipeline spill to be between 80 to 84,000 gallons but are still trying to pin down the damage of the bitumen leak.

Exxon Pegasus pipeline ruptures and spills Canadian bitumen

Mayflower - Exxon-Mobil is mobilizing all of their resources to clean up a rupture in the Pegasus pipeline which has caused thousands of gallons of Canadian bitumen fuel to evacuate 22 homes in what the U.S. Environmental Agency has categorised as a "major spill".

Canada: Thomas Mulcair meets with Obama administration officials

Ottawa - New Democratic Party (NDP) and leader of the official opposition Thomas Mulcair will be in Washington this week to meet with officials of the Obama administration and members of Congress. With views closer aligned to Democrats, what can he accomplish?

Keystone: Draft legislation to eliminate presidential permit

Washington - Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry, member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee authored draft legislation that would take the fate of the XL Keystone pipeline out of the hands of the president. The authors believe that four years of delays is enough.

Op-Ed: Keystone-Redford plans more trips to the US; time to diversify

Edmonton - Alberta Premier Alison Redford says more meetings are in the works with U.S. officials as she continues to push for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Both Redford and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall want to sell Canada's environmental record.

Op-Ed: Anti-Keystone pipeline protests in Washington, DC-Twisted facts?

Washington - Anti-XL Keystone pipeline protesters assembled in the nations capital in what they termed as a climate-change rally, demanding that the government to block the XL Keystone pipeline. Organizers claim that more than 35,000 attended the rally.

Thousands of environmental activists rally on National Mall Special

Washington - Tens of thousands of climate change activists descended on the National Mall in Washington, DC. People came from numerous U.S. states and Canada to protest various actions relating to energy forms.

Sierra Club endorses civil disobedience over climate change

First President Barack Obama said in his second inaugural address that the US will respond to the threat of climate change. But then, the very next day, the Nebraska Governor approved the passage of the controversial Keystone Pipeline through his state.

Op-Ed: Pipeline Protest Draws Thousands

Washington - Thousands rally outside the White House demanding President Barack Obama to reject the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that will carry crude oil from Alberta, Canada to the United States, on Sunday.

US Congress panel fast-tracks Alberta tar sands pipeline bill

Washington - A controversial oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries was put on the fast-track for approval this week when a US House Energy and Commerce subcommittee approved a bill which now moves to full committee for discussion.

Fight against Alberta tar sands sees launch of tourism boycott

A coalition of international environmental activists have banded together to try to stop the expansion of oil sands developments through a tourism boycott.

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Mitt Romney laughs at a rally in Paradise Valley  AZ.
Mitt Romney laughs at a rally in Paradise Valley, AZ.
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A skilled worker is anyone who has had special training in a particular job  as have these workers i...
A skilled worker is anyone who has had special training in a particular job, as have these workers installing pipe on the Keystone pipeline.
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Bold Nebraska s response to the lawsuit.
Bold Nebraska's response to the lawsuit.
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