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Kepler Telescope News

NASA's Kepler Telescope 'close to death' as it runs out of fuel

The Kepler Space Telescope is almost out of fuel, which means its life is coming to an end, NASA announced on July 6, 2018. The space agency says it put the planet-hunting spacecraft into a “hibernation” safe mode.

Has NASA found a new 'Earth-like' planet? We'll know tomorrow

NASA has some news to share with the public tomorrow in its hunt for Earth-like planets. The space agency will host a news teleconference at noon EDT Thursday, July 23, and many media sources are saying NASA has some "really big news" to tell us.

Op-Ed: Funding for alien spacecraft search approved

Berkeley - It’s no trivial achievement. A scientist at the University of Berkeley has been approved for funding to search for alien spacecraft. The scientist is Geoff Marcy, the guy who found “three quarters” of the first exoplanets discovered.

NASA to attempt fix for stricken Kepler Observatory

NASA announced on Wednesday that it will attempt to revive the ailing Kepler Space Observatory by mid-to-late July, but engineers warn that the recovery attempt is not a sure thing.

Life on Earth: Gone in a billion years for want of carbon dioxide

Saint Andrews - But the bad news for any man-made global warming skeptics is: it won’t happen tomorrow, or next year or even next millennium.

'Citizen Scientists' writing the history of the universe

Scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have created what they've metaphorically depicted as a universe of astronomy enthusiasts to relieve them from an overwhelming task - identifying events occuring in the actual universe.

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This artist s concept illustrates the two Saturn-sized planets discovered by NASA s Kepler mission o...
This artist's concept illustrates the two Saturn-sized planets discovered by NASA's Kepler mission on August 24, 2010. The star system is oriented edge-on, as seen by Kepler, such that both planets cross in front, or transit, their star, named Kepler-9. This is the first star system found to have multiple transiting planets.
In this image dated June 27  2013   In the star cluster NGC 6811  astronomers have found two planets...
In this image dated June 27, 2013, In the star cluster NGC 6811, astronomers have found two planets smaller than Neptune orbiting sun-like stars. Can you see the exoplanet transitting the star?
NASA / Michael Bachofner

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