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Kentucky fried chicken News

After being opened for a few days, 'KFC' in Iran shuts down

Tehran - A KFC-branded restaurant opened up on Sunday night. However, the restaurant, which opened in Tehran, was closed down by Tuesday.

Someone posted a photo of what looks like brain in KFC meal

A disgusted Kentucky Fried Chicken fan posted a photo of his meal after something that looked like a brain that was hidden under the crispy batter.

KFC Japan opening 'KFC Colonel's Cafe' in Kobe on Nov. 28

Kobe - Japan's branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken is opening an upscale KFC coffee shop in Kobe Japan on November 28th, which will have upscale items.

KFC reveals new prom trend with drumstick corsages

KFC unveiled their latest crispy option on the menu — an exclusive line of drumstick corsages, just in time for prom season. Check out the promo video above.

Video: KFC as a popular Christmas main course in Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular chain in the United States, has achieved much popularity in Japan. During Christmas, KFC is the food of choice by many Japanese.

Japan Airlines, for winter season, to serve KFC as airline food

KFC of Japan will expand to airline meals. For the winter season, "Air Kentucky" will be available on certain Japan Airlines flights to either the US or Europe.

John Goodman spoofs pro-gay KFC ad

John Goodman is the latest to throw his hat in the video ring when it comes to the Chick-fil-A controversy. Using his comic chops to play Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, Goodman's video appears on the site Funny or Die.

Kentucky Fried Chicken branch opens in Iran

The first Iranian branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 has opened in Karaj, a suburb of Tehran, in spite of crippling U.S. sanctions.

KFC customers in China sample 'handsome delivery boy service'

Xiamen - Rumours have circulated on Chinese blogging sites that Kentucky Fried Chicken are providing handsome delivery boys upon request.

PETA Seeking to Battle KFC with Bloodied Chicken Statue

The animal rights organization, PETA, is seeking a permit to erect a statue of a bloodied, bandaged and crippled chicken in Louisville, Kentucky, headquarters of KFC. The statue seeks to draw attention to PETA's "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" campaign.

KFC Serves Food from Garbage in China, Has Service Issues Locally

Kentucky Fried Chicken is an institution in America and has spread throughout the world. It is in China, for example. But there is a scandal now on YouTube about what was going on in China.

In Some Parts of the World, KFC Doesn't Mean Kentucky Fried Chicken

Across the United States and other parts of the world, there is a huge presence of Kentucky Fried Chicken. In Kabul, Afghanistan, there is Kabul Fried Chicken.

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KFC now has a new style of chicken on the menu   boneless.
KFC now has a new style of chicken on the menu, "boneless."
Screengrab from the 2013 KFC Super Bowl commercial.
Screengrab from the 2013 KFC Super Bowl commercial.
KFC Box.
KFC Box.
Protesters in Tripoli  Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Protesters in Tripoli, Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Adel Samia
Protesters in Tripoli  Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Protesters in Tripoli, Lebanon set KFC on fire.
Adel Samia

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