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Op-Ed: What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? A lot, it seems

What does Mike Huckabee get wrong about science? I did some digging and came to the conclusion that perhaps the question should be: "Does Mike Huckabee ever get anything right about science?"

Katie Couric named Yahoo's 'Global Anchor'

Katie Couric has had a long career in the land of broadcast television. Now, she taking her talents to another place that is constantly becoming filled with content - the Internet.

Op-Ed: NBC should stop 'sharting' around with Today show

New York - NBC needs to clean house at the Today show while Nielsen can still reach a few viewers without having to ring up hosts' family members to take its survey.

Manti Te'o tells Katie Couric he 'briefly' lied to maintain hoax

While maintaining that he had no part in creating the fake girlfriend hoax, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o did admit that he lied to the media and the public to help keep it going.

Katie Couric beats Oprah to score TV interview with Manti Te'o

Embattled Notre Dame star Manti Te'o is headed to Katie Couric's couch this week for his first on-camera interview since news broke that his longtime girlfriend with leukemia never died –– because she never existed.

Katie Couric on Kate Middleton: 'I think she needs to eat more'

Katie Couric’s dream of having Kate Middleton as a guest on her new talk show, may more than likely remain just that –– a dream –– after calling the Duchess of Cambridge just “too thin.”

Sarah Palin to co-host NBC's 'Today', will battle Katie Couric

New York - Former Alaskan Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been announced as Tuesday's co-host of NBC's "Today." Palin will battle it out with her nemesis, Katie Couric.

Op-Ed: United States obsessed with Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding attracted thousands to the streets of London and it also glued the eyes and ears of millions to their TV sets Friday.

Op-Ed: Long Live the New King of News, Jon Stewart

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart ranks number one as America’s most trusted newscaster, beating out Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, according to a Time poll.

Katie Couric does a 'Palin' at Princeton

In the spirit of fun Monday, Katie Couric made a "Palin" joke, the kind now standard among comics. After all her interviews with Sarah Palin began the fun, so she capitalized on it, along with Helen Thomas, the famous female face of journalism.

Katie Couric advises Sarah Palin: 'Keep your head down'

CBS TV news anchor Katie Couric told Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin that if she wants to run successfully the next time, she should learn more about the government.

Palin: Katie Couric Annoyed Me

Sarah Palin told Fox News that she was very annoyed with the way Katie Couric handled their interview and accused them for not letting her talk about Obama.

Palin's Foreign Policy Experience Questioned By Couric

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was interviewed by CBS anchor Katie Couric. This was Palin's third major interview.

McCain Ordered By Fox News To Remove Ad Featuring Major Garrett's Voice

The McCain campaign has been accused of using two news media personalities as voices in television ads. The ads are no longer available on YouTube.

Katie Couric Interviews Candidates on Campaign Disillusions

CBS Evening News anchorwoman Katie Couric interviewed the top candidates as they tell her the most disillusioning parts of running for United States President. This is for the series “Primary Questions: Character, Leadership & The Candidates.”

Katie Couric, Brian Williams lost a combined 690,000 Viewers last Year

In an unexpected turn of events, ABC's Charles Gibson has taken the nightly news Crown.

Katie Couric Interviews Michael J. Fox

This will probably be one of the few interviews by Katie Couric that people actually watch. This week has definitely been a heavy week of Michael J. Fox news, so I thought it would be timely to post this interview with Michael J. Fox with Katie Couric.

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Katie Couric sounds off on Kate Middleton s (shown above) slim figure.
Katie Couric sounds off on Kate Middleton's (shown above) slim figure.
Screenshot via YouTube
Aimee Copeland on  Katie :  Love Life 
Flesh-eating disease survivor tells Katie Couric that she doe...
Aimee Copeland on 'Katie': 'Love Life' Flesh-eating disease survivor tells Katie Couric that she doesn't like being called "disabled."
Pictured is former ABC news anchor Katie Couric.
Pictured is former ABC news anchor Katie Couric.
Joella Morano
Manti Te o speaks to Katie Couric during an exclusive interview.
Manti Te'o speaks to Katie Couric during an exclusive interview.
screengrab via Video
Screenshot via YouTube