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K2 News

Polish Ice Warriors tell of defeat by Pakistan's Savage Mountain

Islamabad - Pummelled by weeks of hurricane-force blizzards and sub-zero temperatures -- not to mention high-altitude disputes -- the elite climbers known as Poland's Ice Warriors gave in: K2 remains unclimbed in winter, one of mountaineering's final frontiers.

Polish mountaineers call off winter K2 summit bid

Islamabad - A team of Polish mountaineers attempting the first winter summit of K2, the world's second highest peak, have called off their bid citing bad weather, after a drama-filled expedition which made international headlines.

Maverick climber calls off 'suicidal' solo bid to summit K2

Islamabad - Russian-Polish climber Denis Urubko has called off his attempt to summit K2 alone during winter, a post on his former teammates' Facebook page said Monday, after a weekend drama saw him begin what another climber had called a suicide mission.

NASA's K2 discovers dead star vaporizing a mini 'planet'

Mountain View - On its second mission, NASA's Kepler space telescope has found something that sounds dire, but is completely amazing: A dead star, known as a white dwarf, cannibalizing a small planet that exists within its solar system.

Synthetic marijuana use grows while ingredients keep changing

On Tuesday this week, a woman reportedly high on synthetic marijuana went into a Subway in Anchorage, Alaska, took off all her clothes and then proceeded to trash the restaurant. This latest incident shows just one of the severe side-effects of using K2.

Why Asia's glaciers are expanding, and not melting

In many regions of the world, glaciers, great rivers of ice are melting. From the Himalayan Mountains to other areas of our globe, we have documented the loss of glaciers. But there are regions in our world where glaciers are actually growing.

Florida teen has strange dream, calls 911, gets arrested

Orange City - The 18-year-old, who was high on drugs, had what he called an "odd dream" and tried to convince his family what happened in the dream was real. When they didn't believe him, he called 911—twice.

Synthetic pot bust yields guilty plea

Sonora - Synthetic marijuana was made illegal by the California Legislature as of January 1, 2012. One head shop owner now pleads guilty for sale of the product.

Teen dies after smoking fake marijuana

Pittsburgh - A 13-year-old Pennsylvania boy who underwent a double-lung transplant after his lungs collapsed from smoking synthetic marijuana in a plastic pipe made from a Pez candy dispenser has died from an infection.

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Synthetic form of marijuana known by the names  K2  Spice  Blaze and Vanilla Sky. Screenshot
Synthetic form of marijuana known by the names, K2, Spice, Blaze and Vanilla Sky. Screenshot
Max Dobner died instantly after he crashed a car into house going 100mph after ingesting what s call...
Max Dobner died instantly after he crashed a car into house going 100mph after ingesting what's called synthetic marijuana.

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