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Spamalittle or Spamalot - SPAM is still popular after 80 years

SPAM, no, not the unsolicited junk email you receive every day on your computer, but the iconic little blue can with the bright yellow letters, that when opened, reveals a great-tasting mealtime favorite, is 80-years-old today.

Outlook and Hotmail users hit by waves of spam as filter crashes

A problem with Microsoft's popular email service led to users being flooded by waves of spam mail yesterday and much of this morning. The company's spam filter went offline, letting unsolicited emails reach user inboxes.

Most spam comes from just 20 ISPs

A new study has shown that over 50% of all junk mail and spam on the Internet is generated from just 20 Internet service providers (ISPs) out of 42,000 ISPs currently registered worldwide.

Spam and junk email levels decreasing globally

The amount of junk emails and spam being sent around the world has fallen dramatically over the past month. Spam volumes have been in decline since August last year but December saw a huge drop.

Michigan brothers say no to junk mail

Ferndale - Every year more than 100 million trees are destroyed to fill mail boxes with junk mail. That's the word from three brothers who started in 2006 as a community service.

Spammers profit despite receiving one reply for every 12.5 million spam emails

Californian researchers have found that spam emails get only a rare response -- one for every 12.5 million emails sent. But the spammers still make money from those replies.

Is Green Junk Mail Coming?

How many trees does it take to create a piece of junk mail? Too many, according to a growing number of protesters. They want junk mail to go green by encouraging marketers to use recycled paper and choose sustainable vendors.

Website Helps You Say No to Junk Mail

Tired of checking your regular mail and seeing nothing but bills and junk mail, well the bills are yours but the junk mail does not have to be. A new website can help you reduce the flow of unwanted mail.

'Image Spam' Could Bring the Internet to a Standstill

In order to slip by anti-spam protection, hackers are creating spam using images in place of text.

Spam or Junk Mail?

A study looked into what was more annoying: spam or junk mail.

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