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Junk food News

New supplement could curb junk food cravings

A new supplement that triggers the release of a molecule in the gut may help you curb your appetite, reducing your craving for junk food.

Will kale help McDonald's shake off its 'junk food' image?

McDonald's Corp. is testing a variety of new menu options in an attempt to turnaround its lagging profits. On Wednesday, the company announced nine Southern California restaurants will begin offering breakfast bowls featuring kale.

Study shows junk food damages your brain

Trans fats found in junk food are renowned for creating obesity and heart disease, but now it has been proven that they damage the functioning of the brain as well.

Junk food banned in schools in Poland

Lawmakers in Poland decided to ban junk food in schools in an effort to reduce the obesity rates among children. The ban will go into effect next school year.

'Junk food' banned from U.S. schools July 1

All junk food in a la carte lunches, vending machines, student stores and even fundraisers, including bake sales, will be banned from United States schools as of July 1. Some parents think the move is great, but others are highly critical.

Many L.A. area stores market junk food, tobacco and alcohol

Los Angeles - A statewide survey looked at the availability of tobacco products, alcohol and food in retail environments of more than 7,300 California stores. It was found that L.A. has the highest concentration.

Junk food sales rise when peoples' favorite NFL team loses

Consumption of junk food rises in home towns on the day, and the day after, when the local National Football League (NFL) team loses a game.

Canadian obesity experts call for ban on kids' junk food ads

Leading obesity experts in Alberta, Canada are calling for a ban on junk food and beverage ads that target kids. The impetus is to curb obesity rates that the researchers say should be the responsibility of governments, at least in part.

Poll shows Americans want junk food in face of obesity crisis

In spite of the health crisis posed by the growing obesity epidemic, the majority of Americans oppose their junk food and sodas being targeted by government legislation.

NYC Mayor seeks to ban junk food from hospital cafeterias

New York - New York City hospital cafeterias could soon put an end to serving junk food if Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way. The Mayor is on a mission to ban fatty and sugary foods from the city's hospitals.

Study: Researchers suggest sleep loss affects junk food cravings

A new study has been published that suggests the amount of sleep an individual gets is related to his or her predisposition to junk food.

Disney to ban junk food ads

Walt Disney will ban junk food ads on its TV, radio and online programs by 2015. The entertainment giant will also phase out adverts for products that do not conform to its nutritional guidelines.

Op-Ed: Junk Food Market Still Kicking , but Hostess Suffers Sugar Crash

It is easy to blame Hostess' problems on the decrease in sales, but they only saw a small decrease in sales last year. Hostess' problems are due to management, and not market shares.

Is this the end of the Happy Meal?

The king of the fast food industry -McDonald's- is under pressure to end its most iconic meal - the Happy Meal. Many top medical experts have called for it to be axed amid growing concern over children's health.

Op-Ed: France’s clandestine love affair with Coca-Cola and McDonalds

Although the French loudly and proudly profess their intense dislike of Coca-Cola and McDonalds hamburgers because they are American products, the plain fact is that they are among the world’s most assiduous guzzlers of both.

Michigan schools are banning cupcakes?

For those who love cupcakes, it may be a distressing time to be a child or a parent of a child in Michigan schools. Cupcakes are no longer welcome now in some schools with the new voluntary Michigan nutrition standards, which may soon become mandatory.

Will proposed 'fat tax' on junk food lower obesity rates?

In the same way as taxing cigarettes helped to reduce smoking and related illnesses, would raising the price of junk food by taxation - as Denmark has done - help lower obesity rates in the UK?

Baby carrots to compete with junk food for children's lunch-boxes

Close to 50 carrot growers have banded together for a $25 million marketing campaign to get people to consider carrots instead of junk food for those lunch-boxes.

US creates strict standards for junk food marketing to kids

A US interagency working group has laid out strict nutritional standards for foods marketed to children between 2-17 years of age.

Heaviest Mom ever to give birth feeds triplets junk food

A 29-stone mother of three has told how she feeds her eight-month-old triplets crisps, take-aways and ready-meals in place of healthy food.

Obese Man Lost 430 Pounds to Save His Own Life

A 37-year old man who was told by his doctor that he has only a year to live if he remains obese, went through with an operation, lost 430 pounds and is now happy with his life.

Don't share snacks with your pet

A study shows how pets are becoming obese due to junk food diets. This has lead to pets suffering from diseases such as asthma, diabetes and liver complications.

Junk Food Tax Supported By CEO of Australia's Largest Food Retailer

Michael Luscombe, who is the chief executive of Woolworth’s, the biggest food retailer in Australia has given support for new taxes. He is supporting the taxation on anything that is deemed to be unhealthy.

House Bill to Limit TV Ads Promoting Children's Junk Food

A new bill was introduced by Brazilian Rep. Carlos Bezerra (PMDB), which seeks to set limits to TV advertisements promoting children's candies, fatty food and soft drinks in Brazil. The measure is intended to affect children's prime time TV.

Is There Such a Thing as Junk Food Being Good For Your Health?

It's the time when people are not eating enough vegetables and fighting obesity. The problem these days is that vegetables do not seem as attractive as that bag of chips. And if the bag of chips is sprinkled with veggies and fruits, even better!

Winnipeg: Junk Food Ban Creates Underground Market

Hey man can I score a mars bar? A move to crack down on sugar consumption may have yielded and unintended result, an underground market for chocolate bars and other hot items has sprung up.

Eating For Two: Junk Food Intake During Pregnancy Causes Overweight Babies

We may be stating the obvious here, but a study published today in the British Journal of Nutrition links newborn obesity to their mother’s unhealthy eating habits. Mothers who claim to be eating for two should think twice about the risks.

11 companies to bump cartoons out of junk food ads

Pressure has been stepped up by the Federal Trade Commission on the biggest food and drink companies in the U.S. to restrict cartoons on their adds for junk food that targets children under 12 years old.

Is Faux Junk Food the School Lunch Answer?

Schools are dressing up nutritious food as junk food, but is that really the answer?

Children's Ads Show Lots of Junk Food

In a child's buffet of food commercials, more than 40 percent of the dishes are candy, snacks and fast food. Nowhere to be found: fresh fruit, vegetables, poultry or seafood.

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A close-up of an average vending machine
A close-up of an average vending machine
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions
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