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France pledges hate crime office after Jewish cemetery desecrated

Westhoffen - France is to open a national bureau to lead the fight against hate crimes after 107 graves were smeared with swastikas at a Jewish cemetery in the northeast of the country, the interior minister said on Wednesday.

France to open anti-hate crime bureau after Jewish cemetery desecrated

Westhoffen - France is to open a national bureau to lead the fight against hate crimes after 107 graves were desecrated at a Jewish cemetery in the northeast of the country, the interior minister said on Wednesday.

Albania's endangered Jewish museum reopens

Berat - Albania's sole Jewish history museum reopened in southern Berat on Sunday thanks to a businessman who rescued it from the brink of closure.

In Belgrade, a struggle to excavate an urban Nazi camp

Belgrade - Moments after she was born in a wartime Nazi concentrationcamp in Belgrade, Estera Bajer was furtively smuggled out in a bag.

Lithuania Jewish Community closes Vilnius synagogue over threats

Vilnius - Jewish leaders in Lithuania announced Tuesday they were temporarily closing the Vilnius Synagogue and the community's headquarters due to threats, citing an "atmosphere of rising tension".

UK Labour under pressure over anti-Semitism after BBC doc

London - Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came under renewed pressure over anti-Semitism on Thursday after a string of former officials spoke out about the party's failure to tackle discrimination in a BBC documentary.

Jewish group slams Polish burning of effigy

Warsaw - The World Jewish Congress has condemned a Polish town after reports that residents hung and burnt an effigy "made to look like a stereotypical Jew" in a revival of an old Easter tradition.

Jews live in the shadows in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Tondano - Yaakov Baruch is the rabbi at Indonesia's only synagogue but he keeps his religious identity under wraps, like most of the tiny Jewish community living in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.

In Albania, a sole Jewish history museum on the brink

Berat - On a sloped, cobblestone street in southern Albania sits a small shop, empty except for a dozen framed panels on the walls bearing photos and stories from 500 years of Jewish life.

Polish anti-Semitism festers on the internet

Warsaw - Graffiti of a swastika and the words "Jude Raus" (Jew, get out) recently appeared overnight on the headquarters of a liberal opposition movement in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Israeli Holocaust survivors fear for French Jews

Jerusalem - Like other Holocaust survivors who left France for Israel, Samy Gryn has watched with a sorrow a resurgence of anti-Semitism in the country where he was born."The situation in France reminds me of the 1930s.

Israeli ultra-Orthodox woman eyes Labor seat in April vote

Apo - The wig and long skirt she wears are not slowing Michal Zernowitski down in her race to become the first ultra-Orthodox woman MP for the Labor party in Israel's April polls.

Synagogue attack casts spotlight on American far-right

Washington - The murder of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue has cast the spotlight on a racist, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic fringe in American society -- and rekindled a bitter debate over whether it is being enabled by President Donald Trump.

US Muslim groups raise tens of thousands for synagogue victims

Washington - A crowdfunding campaign by two Muslim American groups has raised almost $80,000 for the surviving victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the relatives of the 11 killed.The campaign on LaunchGood (https://www.launchgood.

Close-knit, diverse Jewish hub numbed by slaughter

Pittsburgh - Hushed mourning blanketed the close-knit community of Squirrel Hill, for decades a hub of Jewish life in Pittsburgh, numb with grief Sunday after 11 people were shot dead at a synagogue.

French court orders new probe in Paris bombing case

Paris - A French court Friday ordered a new probe into evidence allegedly linking a Lebanese-Canadian academic to the 1980 deadly bombing of a Paris synagogue before deciding whether to put him on trial.

Danish Jews recall desperate escape from Nazis, 75 years on

Copenhagen - Freddy Vainer was only four years old when he and his family were forced to flee Copenhagen to escape being deported to Nazi concentration camps, but he remembers it like it was yesterday.

Hollywood dives deep into 1980s Israeli spy 'resort' in Sudan

Apo - The brochure portrayed it as a divers' paradise located along the Red Sea in Sudan. It was in fact one of the Israeli intelligence agency's most audacious operations.

Ultra-orthodox Israeli radio fined for excluding women

Jerusalem - An Israeli court has fined an ultra-orthodox Jewish radio station one million shekels ($280,000) for excluding women from its programmes over a two year period, local media said.

Netanyahu warns Jews still under threat

Vilnius - Israel's prime minister said on Sunday that Jews were still at risk even decades after the Holocaust as he wrapped up a groundbreaking visit to Lithuania, a Baltic state once home to his forefathers.

Team finds sacred part of Vilnius synagogue razed by the Nazis

Vilnius - For decades, little did the principal of a kindergarten in Lithuania's capital realise that his office stood on top of a sacred part of Vilnius' 17th century Jewish temple, once famous across Europe.

Imams, rabbis ride tandems in Berlin rally for mutual respect

Berlin - Jewish rabbis and Muslim imams took to tandem bicycles Sunday to ride through central Berlin in a joint show of inter-faith respect and against racism and anti-Semitism.

Russia seeks to force out foreign rabbis as 'national security threat'

Moscow - For the past three months, Asher Krichevsky, Siberia's chief rabbi, has been battling to stay in the country after the Russian authorities accused the Israeli citizen of attempting to overthrow the state.

Tunisian Islamist party endorses Jewish candidate

Monastir - Decked out in a striking blue suit and white shirt, matching his political allegiance, Simon Slama rubs shoulders with fellow candidates ahead of Tunisia's municipal elections.

Rome's Jews reject Israel artichoke dictat

Rome - Rome's Jewish community is embroiled in a standoff with Israel's top religious authority after it declared the Eternal City's cherished dish of "carciofi alla giudia" (deep-fried whole artichoke) not kosher.

Prague pedestrians tread unaware on Jewish graves

Prague - On a fine spring day in the Czech capital, a young busker draws a crowd with his rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". Little does he realise the poignancy of the Bob Dylan lyrics.

Greeks delve back into Thessaloniki's Jewish heritage

Thessalon - "The voices of 50,000 deported Thessaloniki Jews must not be forgotten. It is time for Greece to delve back into its memory.

Beyond belief: From strict ultra-Orthodox roots to street artist

Telavi - With her nose piercing, jeans and sweatshirt, rising street artist Sara Erenthal looks nothing like what she was 20 years ago -- a member of an extreme ultra-Orthodox Jewish group.

Key players recall 1968 Polish student revolt, ensuing anti-Semitism

Warsaw - In March 1968, a student revolt crushed by Poland's baton-wielding police was used as a pretext for an anti-Semitic purge by the communist regime.

Netanyahu trip highlights India's tiny Jewish community

Mumbai - Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu makes an emotional visit this week to a Jewish centre targeted in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, in a trip that India's tiny and shrinking Jewish community hopes will boost its profile.
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