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Journal is new software designed to search your information

Journal is a machine-learning and natural language processing-powered platform that will enable you to make searches across all your web services and tools. It has been able to launch a beta community to test the platform.

Scientists accidentally helping poachers to find rare species

Scientists have sent out a warning about publishing the location and habitat of endangered animals in scientific journals. Wildlife poachers are trawling online publications to target rare and exotic species as soon as the animals are described online.

Science journal Nature opens up its archives

Prestigious science journal Nature has opened up its archives. Users will be able to access articles dating back to 1869 from the journal and its sister titles, but cannot copy, print, or download the materials.

205-year-old Scottish journal published

A 205-year-old journal, in which Scottish teacher and engineer Alexander Nimmo provides a first-hand account of what was taking place in the Highlands, has just been published.

Journal detailing witch trials will open to wider audience

Knutsford - The journal containing details of how 33 women were determined to be witches in mid-17th century England is being digitised so that it can be read by more people.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

Reports surfaced Facebook is planning to implement and announce location-based features for the service at their upcoming F8 conference, while Apple hit the headlines with the launch of the pre-ordering for the iPad. That's this week in tech.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

This week Google made some interesting announcements, Gizmodo also unveiled an interesting new Microsoft prototype whilst Twitter continues to grow, this time raising $100 million in funding.

Ghostwriting taking over in some medical journals

A recent study through online questionnaire revealed industry-sponsored ghostwriting is widely used by some of the top medical journals.

WSJ says Steve Jobs is putting all his focus on Apple Tablet

A report on the Wall Street Journal website today claims that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has put all his effort into a new 'touch screen device' since returning from medical leave in late June.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

We take a look back over the past week of tech news, ranging from the Microsoft-Yahoo deal to Twitter mayhem as DDoS attacks take the site offline.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

This week Windows 7 has finally been released to manufacterers, many tech companies revealed their second and third quarter revenues and Bill Gates closed his Facebook account because of too many friend requests.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

From an Apple patent for 'active packaging' to the release of Firefox 3.5, the tech world had a busy week. Also back at work was Steve Jobs, and Apple is still battling to keep cloning of its products at bay.

This week in Tech on Digital Journal

Take a look at what's been making headlines in the technology world this week on Digital Journal. From Windows 7 finally getting an official release date to reviews on Microsoft's new 'decision engine' Bing, we've got it all.

Op-Ed: Reality And Perception In the Age of Digital Media Reporting

There's no question that new media like DJ are revolutionary and powerful outlets for ordinary citizens like us. The question is, just how objective and accurate is our reporting? And do we steer our research in the directions we want the story to go?

Op/Ed No Art's section yet? Bring Me The Head Of Hogg

We have had some discussions recently about a possible arts section. I had thought that it seemed like we were going to get one. Nothing. Every newspaper has an arts section.

Op/Ed: A City Of Angels

Sometimes you wander into a place and it is "a retched hive of scum and villiany". Other places might be memorable, but also easily forgotten with time. And a very few places, actually touch your soul like warm sunlight.

A Short Glossary Of Digital Journal-isms

I have compiled a short list of Digital Journal-isms. Some you may be familiar with. Others I hope will catch on. There are a whole lot of isms that go on in a place like this.

Digital Journal In The Year 2525

And now for something completely different...

Op/Ed What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

They say tht music soothes the savage beast. In that case, I wonder what Wolfman2001 listens to. What about the rest of you Digital Journalists?

Digital Journal: Then and Now

Do you wonder how Digital Journal looked back in 1999? How Digital Journal was before User news? Then this post will show you the history of the site with tons of pictures.

My opinion on opinions

A quick suggestion....

DJ:Where Do We Draw The line On Articles with Slightly Different Content?

I have an interesting conundrum. Can We clarify something about content?

The 2007 Girls Of DJ Calendar

Live it! Love it! Buy it on virtual newsstands this week

Digital Journal Imitator

Found this in my email....

DigitalJournal.Com Unplugged: The Interviews

The three big guns of DigitalJournal.Com, Christopher Hogg, Alex Chumak and David Silverberg, let down their defenses and open up to the Wolfman. See how the site is changing and where it might go from the eyes of the men who control it's fate.

Labeling problem on Digital Journal

People have to pay more attention when labeling.

Digital Journal, what should and what shouldn't be said

Sometimes the way you word your opinion can be harmful.

Caption Me - A DJ Diversion

Caption This Picture.

My 1st month as DJ blogger

My first month...
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Katelan Foisy based Blood and Pudding on a collection of personal written and audio journals.
Katelan Foisy based Blood and Pudding on a collection of personal written and audio journals.
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