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Central African Republic says Kony is ready to surrender

Central African Republic's government says war criminal Joseph Kony wants to surrender, but US officials doubt that this is true.

Report: Joseph Kony and LRA killing elephants across Africa

Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army have been butchering elephants across central Africa for their ivory tusks, a report says.

US govt offers $5 million bounty for Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony

The Obama administration Wednesday offered up to $5 million in rewards for information leading to the "arrest, transfer or conviction" of the Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, his top aides and a Rwandan rebel leader accused of war crimes.

Kony 2012: The sequel video released

One month ago today, Invisible Children brought to the world's attention the little known plight of children abducted by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. A new video from the charity sheds more light on the conflict.

Op-Ed: Power of the Sudan peace builders

Ethnic cleansing in Sudan has many faces --- the "Arab-African conflict," "the Darfur problem," and the "North-South conflict." The longest running conflict in Africa, its tribal differences and oil related conflicts have compounded Sudan's problems.

Op-Ed: Kony Isn't Viral It's Old School Marketing

It has been called the most-viewed video in YouTube history and many people are crowning Kony 2012 the royalty of social media prowess. But they would be wrong.

Op-Ed: Is the 'Kony 2012 Stop At Nothing' movement the right one?

There is no doubt that Uganda's Joseph Kony is a bad man. He's #1 on the ICC's most wanted people for global crimes against humanity. His name is on the tips of everyone's tongues because of a viral video, "Kony 2012, Stop At Nothing."

Video: Invisible Children Campaign for Kony goes viral

Invisible Children, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information about the atrocities committed by guerilla leader Joseph Kony.

U.S. sends special operation forces to Uganda

Kampala - President Barack Obama has authorized deployment of 100 U.S. special operation troops to Uganda. Reports say the troops will not be involved in fighting, but will be acting as advisers to Ugandan forces.

US Navy divers search for black box in croc-infested African lake

Lake Victoria in Uganda: Some 250 feet deep, murky, dark, crocodile-infested -- for divers searching for the wreck of a large military cargo plane it's similar to looking for a black cat inside a coal shed at midnight - without a flashlight.

Profile of Joseph Kony, founder of Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army

Joseph Kony has waged war against the Ugandan government for almost two decades. Here is a profile of this founder of the Lord's Resistance Army.

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