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Video: Jon Stewart explains 'secret' White House meetings

Jon Stewart offers his signature comedic response to media reports that the talk show host had "secret" visits with President Obama at the White House.

Op-Ed: Brian Williams goes to MSNBC while inaccurate Fox News stays same

Brian Williams will not be returning as anchorman for NBC Nightly News. Instead, he will be joining MSNBC as anchor for breaking news stories and special reports. NBC veteran Lester Holt, who has been filling in for Williams will now be chief anchor.

Celebrities speak up about Jade Helm

The Jade Helm military training exercise has caused quite a media frenzy. From conspiracy theorists to the Governor of Texas, everyone is on high alert. Now celebrities have begun to speak up about the mysterious military operation.

Op-Ed: Is Jade Helm a training operation to impose U.S. martial law?

In video footage recently released, American military is seen training to escort civilians to FEMA camps and initiate martial law. Is there more to the Jade Helm training operation than authorities are saying?

Op-Ed: Why Dave Chappelle should be the next host of The Daily Show

If there's any comedian who could fill Jon Stewart's enormous shoes at The Daily Show on Comedy Central, it's a legendary comedian who's earned the respect of TV fans worldwide: Dave Chappelle.

Jon Stewart leaving 'The Daily Show'

New York City - The host of the most popular late-night comedy news program in history told a live studio audience Tuesday night that he is stepping down sometime "later this year."

Review: ‘Rosewater’ is a well of inspiration and inexperience Special

‘The Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart’s feature directorial debut, ‘Rosewater,’ is an imperfect but stirring story of a journalist’s unjust detention in Iran.

Stephen Colbert announces last day for 'Report'

Popular Comedy Central late night host Stephen Colbert announced Thursday the date of his final episode for the network.

Review: Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart take on NSA spying

Whatever faults the US government may have one of them is not suppressing their comedians. In Egypt and many other countries neither of the appended videos would probably reach the airwaves or if they did, Colbert and Stewart would probably be in Jail.

Op-Ed: VOA and U.S. public diplomacy failed on Obama-Malala meeting

Washington - Voice of America (VOA) and U.S. public diplomacy failed to take full advantage of President Obama's meeting Friday with teenage Pakistani campaigner for girls' education Malala Yousafzai. But Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) did a good job.

For Jon Stewart, US torture is a laughing matter

New York - Jon Stewart, icon of late-night cable TV political satire, dealt with the release of a damning report on US torture as only he could-- with a healthy dose of comic relief.

Egypt's 'Jon Stewart' tests the nation's freedom of speech

The case against Bassem Youssef, a political satirist from Egypt known as the country's Jon Stewart, has been thrown out by an administrative court.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart calls out gun control opponents

On last night's The Daily Show, comedian Jon Stewart went serious to attack opponents of gun control and stressed the importance of debating this issue to help keep Americans safe.

Bruce Springsteen named MusiCares 'Person of The Year'

Los Angeles - An All-Star line-up of artists including Sir Elton, Sting, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, and many more will celebrate the music of Bruce Springsteen, the MusiCares "Person of The Year", at a benefit concert in Los Angeles next month.

Video: Election News Meltdown: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," has a field day with Karl Rove and Fox News on its Tuesday night coverage of the 2012 Presidential election.

'The Daily Show' plays Sandy edge in Ohio political ad coverage

Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' rides a fine line between Hurricane Sandy and politics in an analysis of presidential political advertising in Ohio.

Jon Stewart to debate Bill O'Reilly Oct. 6 for 90 minutes

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart will debate Fox's Bill O'Reilly on Saturday October 6 in Washington for 90 minutes, an event anyone can watch via a livestream costing $4.95.

Robert Pattinson speaks out for 1st time since breakup with KStew

Robert Pattinson has given his first TV interview since his split with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, smiling and joking with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. And there are new reports suggesting he's ready to meet face-to-face with his ex.

Delta cuts ads from ‘The Daily Show’ over Catholic League's fury

Delta Air has pulled its ads from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ,” following the Catholic League’s outrage from a skit featuring a naked woman with her legs spread and a manger in between that the host called a “vagina manger."

What a Daily Show intern reveals about Jon Stewart

Right now a former intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is answering questions online via a forum on the popular website reddit. He reveals the comedian's writing process, what Stewart is like off-camera and other peeks behind the curtain.

Lawrence O'Donnell interviews empty chair of Zimmerman's lawyer

Lawrence O'Donnell conducted a hard-hitting, inspired interview with an empty chair, after Craig Sonner, the lawyer representing George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, ran out on him. The chair failed to answer O'Donnell's questions.

Colbert's latest ad urges South Carolina voters to pick Cain

Comedian Stephen Colbert is using his super PAC political group to bring more comical ads to South Carolina TV. His latest spot urges residents to vote for Herman Cain this weekend, even though Cain dropped out of the GOP presidential race.

Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney hiding from his Liberal self

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart examined the performance of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's appearance on Fox News, uncovering what Stewart sees as Romney's mistress in himself.

Stewart on Rick Perry's debate gaffe: 'Are you not entertained?'

In his recap of Wednesday's GOP debate, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart celebrated Republican presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry's brain freeze.

Seth MacFarlane speaks publicly about Jon Stewart confrontation

In an appearance on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight,' Seth MacFarlane, creator of the popular animated series 'Family Guy,' spoke out about an uncomfortable telephone conversation initiated by Jon Stewart.

Ron Paul talks free markets and the drug war with Jon Stewart

In his third appearance on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' on Monday night, Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul explained his Libertarian message on free markets and personal freedom.

Ron Paul to appear on Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' tonight

Making his first appearance on Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' since declaring his 2012 presidential candidacy, Congressman Ron Paul, having thanked Mr. Stewart for "the help," will return as a guest tonight.

Jon Stewart: How did Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart poked fun at the mainstream television media's insistence on ignoring Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, labeling the popular Libertarian as 'the 13th floor in a hotel.'

Op-Ed: Anthony Weiner — Sex, Lies, and the Pakistan Connection

Washington - On Monday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the host, a former roommate of the congressman, confessed that Weinergate and the entire episode involving pictures of his friend Rep. Anthony Weiner of NY, was “killing” him.

Daily Show, South Park, others win at the first Comedy Awards

New York - It's been well documented that comedy doesn't get a lot of respect from the Academy Awards. Comedy Central, MTV Networks and Don Mischer Productions have teamed together this year to create their own solution: The Comedy Awards.
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Haluk Bilginer and Gael Garcia Bernal star in Jon Stewart s  Rosewater
Haluk Bilginer and Gael Garcia Bernal star in Jon Stewart's "Rosewater'
Open Road Films
President Barack Obama tapes an interview for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart at the Harman Center f...
President Barack Obama tapes an interview for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart at the Harman Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C., October 27, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Daily Show via White House
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at their Washington rallies
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at their Washington rallies
Talk Radio News
SERIOUS COMEDY: US President Barack Obama laughs while being interviewed by Jon Stewart on  The Dail...
SERIOUS COMEDY: US President Barack Obama laughs while being interviewed by Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' in 2010.
Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons
President Obama and Jon Stewart at a taping of The Daily Show
President Obama and Jon Stewart at a taping of The Daily Show
White House Photo by Pete Souza
President Barack Obama is interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Wednesday night. The show is ...
President Barack Obama is interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Wednesday night. The show is on Comedy Central, a Viacom property
Television screen grab: The Daily Show