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Joke app destroys App Store charts, nobody knows how

A fake app that allows you to supposedly see which of your parents you look most like has somehow managed to rise to the top of Apple's charts despite producing completely random results and having hundreds of one-star reviews.

Dozens of people tweet 'joke' bomb threats to American Airlines

Dozens of people are now known to have tweeted joke 'humorous' bomb threats to American Airlines after the incident on Sunday night when a Dutch teenager tweeted the company.

Russians laugh at their own Olympic ring hitch

Russian organizers of the Winter Games made a light-hearted joke at their own expense on Sunday when, at the closing ceremony, they referred back to the moment during the opening ceremony when one of the five Olympic rings fai...

Chocolate advert gets the UK dancing

London - A new television commercial from Cadbury’s chocolate has got the nation dancing. The commercial for the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is loosely based on the popular TV comedy The Office starring Ricky Gervais.

Video: Ylvis and the 'Voice Controlled ATM' prank

Oslo - The Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis, creators of the viral music video "The Fox", also play the occasional prank. In this example, they set up a "voice controlled" ATM and the results are hilarious.

UK illusionist Derren Brown shocked at woman's 'joke' during show

London - British illusionist Derren Brown was "terrified" as he watched a man plunge over a theater balcony during his live show. The man survived the experience.

L.A. Kings Twitter account apologizes for rape joke

During the second period of Game 4 between the San Jose Sharks and the L.A. Kings, the Twitter account @LAKings published a joke about sexual assault. It was written by guest live-tweeter Kevin Ryder, an L.A. radio host.

Greeting card company markets Muslim doll as 'terrorist' (video)

Chicago - Noble Works are well known for their greeting cards, which are sometimes controversial. However, this time they may have gone too far by marketing a card, depicting a doll intended to educate Muslim children, as a terrorist.

Google Maps introduces 'Treasure Maps' for April Fool's

Not to be left out this April Fool's Day, Google has come up with a couple of tricks this year. If you fancy going on a treasure hunt, Google Maps has the answer.

Video: Ghostly face appears in mirror, scares hair salon patrons

Patrons at a hair salon got a bit more than they expected when a ghostly face began appearing in mirrors, prompting screams and even sent some running.

Op-Ed: Funny or cruel, this doomsday viral video may be the best of 2012

One of the biggest stories of 2012 was that people across the world were convinced that the end of the Mayan calender meant the end of the world.

Obama's 'horses and bayonets' zinger tops online debate buzz

Monday night President Obama responded to Mitt Romney's criticism of the U.S. Navy's decreasing amount of ships by saying, "Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed." A Twitter meme was born.

Teenage prank lands boy, 15, in critical condition

Tuscumbia - An Alabama teen remains in critical condition in an Alabama hospital after a friend shot him in the head during a "prank".

Joe Biden's wife inadvertently makes a sexual joke

A video shows Joe Biden's wife unintentionally making a sexual joke when she was introducing her husband at a campaign event.

London 2012: Spoof video — Granny in Olympic missile accident

London - While most Londoners take it very seriously, having surface-to-air missiles on their roofs, one Londoner has made a video about a grandmother having an accident with a missile.

American Apparel's 'plus-size model search' winner loses title

Dallas - Nancy Upton entered American Apparel's "plus-size" model search as a joke, and won. But the clothing company says she is disqualified for "mocking the positive intentions of the campaign."

Utah man in trouble over joke to hijack plane and kill Obama

A man from Utah is in trouble with federal authorities after he played a practical joke on a colleague in which he threatened to hijack a plane and assassinate President Barack Obama.

Around the world on April Fools Day - were you suckered?

April 1 is a day of fun and many people shock or surprise their friends with April Fools jokes and pranks. Here are some examples that happened worldwide today.

Video of newscaster-Dalai Lama joke goes viral

An Australian TV host embarrassed himself and left the Dalai Lama puzzled when he tried telling him a joke on air, but the video is leaving many viewers laughing.

Twitter community fury over bomb joke tweeter's conviction

Tweeters have joined together in support for Paul Chambers who was prosecuted and fined for sending a "flippant and foolish" tweet publicly over the Twitter network.

Comedian wins legal battle to joke about divorce on stage

Brighton - A comedian is now able to use his divorce as material for his act, after winning a two-year legal battle with his ex-wife.

Actress makes gay flogging joke, upsets Isle of Wight

Actress Emma Thompson made some controversial jokes on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in regards to the Isle of Wight flogging and stoning homosexuals.

Investigating 'the Vegas Hustle' Special

Digital Journal's Jay David Murphy walks the Las Vegas Strip and exposes the 'Vegas hustles' that take place both legally and illegally each night.

40 percent of people will laugh at bad joke

It was reported recently in new research that forty percent of people will laugh at a bad joke out of a sense of politeness.

Op-Ed: McCain jokes 'let us kill Iranians with cigarettes'

The Republican presidential candidate once sang in jest about bombing Iran and now jokes again by exporting more cigarettes to Iran as a way to kill them.

Walmart Employee Fired For Posting Joke On His MySpace Site

"It's not like I have a fighter jet in my backyard to drop a bomb with. Then they escorted me out to the parking lot," said David Noordewier, a Wal-mart cashier who was fired for the joke he posted on MySpace. So what was the joke?

Your Joke of the Day

If you are like me you get many e-mails with Jokes of the day. Since we don't have a comic here on Digital Journal I figured why not start the Joke of the Day?

Police called in over joke about squirrels

A couple were reported for "squirrel abuse". Two police officers were sent to investigate them to see if they were keeping the poor rodents in crates. The couple were joking. Lighten up folks.

Google TiSP April Fools Joke CONFIRMED (UPDATE)

I saw someone posted an article about this news and just wanted to show everyone who may have been fooled that this was all a big joke. Even though Google made it seem very legit.

Breaking: Johnny Depp Attacked By Shark

The actor was savagely attacked while Taking a break from his movie shoot 2 hours ago.
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A group of friends used a village sign as a joke at a wedding
A group of friends used a village sign as a joke at a wedding
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An April fool in Denmark  regarding Copenhagen s new subway.
An April fool in Denmark, regarding Copenhagen's new subway.
Lars Andersen

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