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Mourinho's Chelsea stick to the basics to down Spurs

In a week where English teams were severely exposed on the European stage, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea displayed a template worth replicating in the club’s Capital One Cup triumph over Spurs.

Jose Mourinho's reactive approach frustrates Atletico Madrid

Jose Mourinho’s team selection suggested that from a stylistic and tactical perspective, this would be dull contest between two sides that possess similar football philosophies.

Op-Ed: Is English football fit for purpose? Special

English football is watched all over the world. Now, as yet another scandal looms, its reputation is in danger of being fatally tarnished.

Op-Ed: Reginald D. Hunter and the not-so-beautiful game

Ever heard of American comedian Reginald D. Hunter? The Football Association has now, and some of its members are wishing they hadn't.

John Terry tells Hodgson that if selected he'll play for England

It's arguable the John Terry saga is becoming one of the more topsy-turvy sagas the English national football team has known. After stating in September he was done with international football and missing 5 qualifiers, Terry now says he wants back in.

Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez rages over fan abuse and job title

Middlesbrough - Chelsea's interim manager Rafael Benítez has launched an astonishing attack on the club's hierarchy and a section of fans who want him removed from the club.

Op-Ed: ‘Anti-racist’ fanatic resigns from FA after N word slur outrage

A black self-styled ‘anti-racist’ campaigner has resigned from the Football Association after using the dreaded N word. He is unlikely to suffer the same pillorying as John Terry.

Op-Ed: Britain's football problem — Bigotry or just plain nastiness?

The police are said to have been called in to investigate alleged racially abusive chanting at Millwall Football Club. Is there no end to this silliness?

Op-Ed: The new easy target for Britain's politically correct police

Britain's politically correct police like easy targets, and with the rise of Twittercrime, some people are only too glad to oblige.

John Terry leaves international football: 'It breaks my heart'

English defender, and former team captain, John Terry let the football world know he's had enough of dealing with allegations of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. On Sunday Terry announced he was retiring from the game at the international level.

Op-Ed: Oh Golly! More 'racism' at Chelsea

London - An unidentified Chelsea football fan has a quaint sense of humour. Hopefully he won't end up behind bars, although in politically correct Britain, he just might.

Op-Ed: Western hypocrisy over freedom of expression

As protests by angry Moslems continue throughout both the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds over a blasphemous cartoon about the Prophet, a young Moslem in Bradford has been convicted of "sending a grossly offensive communication".

Op-Ed: The John Terry silliness continues — Now Ferdinand is charged

Having been cleared by a criminal court, soccer player John Terry is facing an internal hearing. So is another player over a similar alleged racial insult.

Op-Ed: Was John Terry set up?

London - Having been acquitted of the non-crime of mouthing a racial expletive that nobody actually heard, footballer John Terry has been charged by the sport's ruling body with using insulting words, but should this nonsense ever have happened?

Soccer: Chelsea v Paris wealth-derby all set for Big Apple clash

Bronx - Wealthy French outfit Paris St. Germain take on wealthy west Londoners Chelsea on Sunday evening in New York. The Parisian giants' £150 million spending spree has even raised the bushy eyebrows of Chelsea manager, Roberto Di Matteo.

Op-Ed: After the John Terry acquittal

The hysteria over the recent John Terry case was a storm in a tea cup in comparison with the antics of some sportsmen over the years.

John Terry racism trial: slur not intended as insult, judge says

Chelsea captain John Terry was cleared Friday of racism charges after a judge ruled that the words "f*cking black c*nt" hurled at Anton Ferdinand, weren't intended as racism.

Op-Ed: Justice for John Terry, but not for Mark Duggan

London - On Friday, July 13, in an uncharacteristic outburst of common sense, football player John Terry was acquitted of the non-crime of using a racial epithet during a match. The victim of a real crime still waits for justice.

England's John Terry stripped of captaincy until trial results

John Terry, veteran defender of England's football side, has been stripped of his captaincy by the English Football Association until his trial for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand is complete. The trial is set for July while the Euro Cup begins June 8.

Op-Ed: Soccer - the not so beautiful game

The hysteria generated by the non-incident of John Terry apparently using a racial epithet to another player on the field may have been unwarranted, but the people at the top of this overpaid sport definitely need to clean up their act.

Burglars target John Terry's mansion during game with Tottenham

Oxshott - It has been reported that England and Chelsea captain John Terry – who has recently made headlines for alleged racial abuse towards QPR’s Anton Ferdinand – almost had his home burgled during Thursday's game against Tottenham.

Op-Ed: Funny football interviews dug from the depths of YouTube

Although footballers (and managers) aren’t renowned for their academic prowess, they do, however, take part in some comical spontaneous interviews. So as we’re fast approaching Christmas, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Op-Ed: More football 'racism' hysteria

Yet another so-called controversy has erupted in the so-called beautiful game, this time TV pundit Alan Hansen has come under fire for using a racial euphemism.

Alan Hansen sparks uproar after calling black players 'coloured'

BBC pundit and former Liverpool player Alan Hansen is now at the centre of football's current racial controversy, after referring to black players as "coloured" on last night's edition of Match of the Day.

John Terry to face Tottenham despite racism charge case

Tottenham - England captain and Chelsea star John Terry will lead his side out to face London rival's Tottenham in Thursday evening's Premiership clash at White Hart Lane.

England football captain faces racism charge

London - The English football (soccer) captain John Terry has been told that he will face criminal charges for using racist language towards another player.

England and Chelsea captain John Terry to face racism charges

Following the eight-match ban and £40,000 ($63,000) fine handed to Liverpool player Luis Suarez yesterday, England and Chelsea captain John Terry will also face charges of racism after an incident involving QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

Op-Ed: Rhodri Giggs leaves for Dubai after Ryan's affair with his wife

According to The Sun, Rhodri Giggs - the brother of Manchester United player Ryan - has left the UK to live in Dubai following his brother's affair with his wife, Natasha.

Op-Ed: Bribery, corruption and 'racism' in the not-so-beautiful game

London - It remains to be seen why any red-blooded heterosexual male should want to spend his Saturday afternoons standing on a windswept terrace cheering on 22 blokes in shorts, but millions the world over do.

John Terry Stripped of the England Team Captaincy

John Terry was stripped of the English Team Captaincy yesterday, after struggling to keep his 5-month affair with French lingerie model Vanessa Parroncel, England teammate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, a secret.
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Chelsea captain John Terry in action.
Chelsea captain John Terry in action.
John Terry announced he would retire from the international side rather than face more disciplinary ...
John Terry announced he would retire from the international side rather than face more disciplinary actions for an incident he's been found not guilty of committing.
Photo courtesy Julian Mason
Once a children s doll  now the golliwog has become an expression of contempt by certain Chelsea Foo...
Once a children's doll, now the golliwog has become an expression of contempt by certain Chelsea Football Club fans.
England & Chelsea captain John Terry.
England & Chelsea captain John Terry.

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