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Boehner does dramatic about-face on the legalization of marijuana

Former Republican House Speaker from Ohio, John Boehner and the former Republican governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld announced yesterday they joined the board of advisers for U.S. cannabis producer Acreage Holdings.

Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Op-Ed: Barn-cleaning John Boehner reaches tentative budget deal

The deal still needs Congressional approval, but for outgoing House Speaker John Boehner this was a matter of wrapping up unfinished business before his departure, or as Boehner described it “cleaning the barn.”

Boehner won't rule out govt shutdown over immigration fight

Washington D.c. - Recently, the Obama administration has been considering a plan that aims to shield about five million immigrants currently living in the U.S. illegally from deportation as part of a set of executive actions that maybe announced next week, officials say.

Op-Ed: Showdown coming between Obama and GOP over immigration

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner told reporters on Wednesday he would not rule out withholding funds in an attempt to block President Barack Obama from halting deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. Boehner said,"All options are on the table."

Op-Ed: GOP flubs Obama impeachment by fumbling Congress' August recess

In a blow to the Republican drive to impeach President Barack Obama for alleged abuse of the executive order, Republicans in the House of Representatives have failed to pass vital legislation and are calling for Obama to use the...executive order.

John Boehner planning to sue Barack Obama

Washington - U.S. House Speaker John Boehner claimed Wednesday he is planning to file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama arguing that the president has abused his executive powers by issuing policies without the consent of Congress.

What is Operation American Spring?

Washington - There is a group of self described patriots in the millions that plan to march on Washington with one message, Barack Obama and John Boehner, among others, get out.

Op-Ed: After this government deadline, the deluge begins

Washington - The recent deadline over ObamaCare is only the beginning of the deadlines over deficit spending by the United States government.

Op-Ed: Possible game changers in debt ceiling talks

Comparisons with sports events seem to become real ways to describe political events in Washington. Events were moving faster than the two-minute drill by a no huddle offense.

Obama to GOP: End 'threats' before we will negotiate

Washington - President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he is more than willing to negotiate on budget issues but not until Republicans agree to re-open the federal government and eliminate the threat of default — with no strings attached.

Op-Ed: Here comes mega-crash v.3.0 as US default looks more likely

Washington - Republican leader Boehner has stated that the raising of the US debt ceiling is in doubt if President Obama doesn’t enter into discussion regarding a compromise. The US has effectively been funded by “extraordinary measures” since May this year.

Miley Cyrus sings 'We Did Stop' in SNL government shutdown spoof

SNL's House Speaker John Boehner and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann celebrate the government shutdown in Miley Cyrus-like music video.

Op-Ed: Speaker Boehner finds Obama's response to ransom demand lacking

Washington - Speaking to a bank of microphones and clicking cameras after a meeting with President Obama and other House and Senate Leaders, Speaker of the House John Boehner expressed dissatisfaction with Democratic response to the latest ransom demand.

In historic presser, Obama tells Congress to grow up, do its job

Washington - In a press conference that was historic and castigating, US President Barack Obama announced the first direct contact between an American and Iranian president since 1979 before turning his attention to paddling the Republican-led House of Represenatives.

Op-Ed: Obama gains support from senior Congress leaders

Washington - Some senior members from both parties said that they would support Obama's motion for a strike against Syria for Assad's alleged chemical weapons' attack in the suburbs of Damascus.

Boehner: Syrian strike something the 'country needs to do'

Washington - Leadership from both parties in the House expressed their support for President Obama's desire for a military strike on Syria, with House Speaker John Boehner stressing the need for the US to act.

Pres. Obama announces executive orders to curb greenhouse gases

Washington - President Obama outlined sweeping measures on Tuesday designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants and help local communities better prepare for devastating storms, fires, and drought.

Op-Ed: The Quixotic John Boehner

In an era of austerity and budget cuts the dreams of every politician are reduced to the reality of governing for the survivability of their constituency and not for their own self interests.

Op-Ed: Woodward vs Obama on sequester - Who would you believe?

Washington - Known for his ability to shift blame and appealing to the public, President Obama has run into an obstacle. Well-respected journalist and author Bob Woodward put the blame for the sequester in the lap of the President. Who is more believable?

Rep. King slams Boehner, GOP, says 'don't give them one penny'

Washington - Republican House member, Peter King, is livid over John Boehner's refusal to allow the House to vote on the Hurricane Sandy Aid bill, calling the Republican leadership "dysfunctional".

Boehner to Reid in fiscal cliff saga: 'Go f*ck yourself'

Washington - Things got a little heated during the negotiations that ultimately led to a deal between Congressional Democrats and Republicans that averted the so-called 'fiscal cliff.'

Boehner ignores bipartisan pleas for Sandy vote, adjourns House

Washington - The final session of the 112th House of Representatives convened on Wednesday with a swirl of controversy and accusations of a lack of leadership on the part of House Speaker John Boehner.

Boehner refuses vote on aid for Hurricane Sandy victims

Washington - With the majority of attention being placed on the fiscal cliff negotiations, many around the United States may have forgotten that another key piece of legislation was awaiting a House vote.

US markets pare losses at close on optimism on fiscal cliff deal

Washington - US stocks were able to pare most losses during the day in the final hour of trading. John Boehner has called for the House of Representatives to convene on December 30, again raising hopes of a deal before January 1.

Boehner refuses to convene the House as fiscal cliff looms larger

Washington - With only five days left to reach an agreement to avoid falling off the "fiscal cliff", House Speaker John Boehner and House leadership refused to return to Washington, instead insisting that the Senate pass a measure first.

Op-Ed: Obama to cut Xmas vacation short to deal with fiscal cliff

Kailua - President Obama is planning to cut short his Christmas vacation and return to Washington. He will make a final attempt to reach a deal with the Republicans, even though a compromise looks to be quite difficult to achieve.

House Speaker Boehner takes political hurt in fiscal cliff battle

With regards to the fiscal cliff battle, it looks as if the future of GOP House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio is uncertain. He said that the US House of Representatives has done its part and now it's time for President Barack Obama to do his part.

Americans dangling on fiscal cliff as GOP adjourns, reconvenes

Washington - House Speaker John Boehner's plan to vote on his "Plan B" fiscal cliff proposal was met with stiff opposition by members of his own party on Thursday.

Boehner rejects President's fiscal cliff concession

Washington - President Obama has presented a new offer to House Speaker John Boehner, hoping to bridge the gap between the White House and Republicans and avoid falling off the "fiscal cliff".
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Speaker John Boehner
Speaker John Boehner
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File photo: House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio sips on a cup of Afghan tea
File photo: House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio sips on a cup of Afghan tea
John Boehner
John Boehner
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John Boehner
John Boehner
Talk Radio News Service
President Barack Obama shares a laugh with House Speaker John Boehner  R-Ohio  during a St. Patrick...
President Barack Obama shares a laugh with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, during a St. Patrick’s Day lunch for Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., March 14, 2014
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