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The evolution of online working — a perspective on digitalization

From the first pioneering websites such as the (now defunct) Elance, oDesk (recently rebranded as Upwork) and Guru, the online job marketplace has rapidly evolved to be much more pervasive than just providing part-time freelancing services.

Despite economy, Americans are optimistic about their credit

Many Americans are concerned about jobs and the economy. But despite today's business climate, most people remain optimistic when it comes to managing their wallet and personal finances.

Samsung paid 500 people to pose as fans at China Galaxy S6 launch

Samsung is alleged to have paid 500 people to pose as fake fans at the Chinese launch of its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Android flagship smartphones on Friday. This means that over half the attending crowd of 1,000 were paid to be there.

HTC CEO steps down to lead company's future tech division

HTC CEO Peter Chou has stepped down as leader of the company to take the helm of the HTC Future Development Lab. He will be replaced by chairwoman Cher Wang.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Teacher, 73, loses job for appearing nude in film 40 years ago

A 73-year-old teacher at an elite private school in Montreal lost her her due to appearing nude in a number of films in Europe 40+ years ago.

Socialist group pushing $20/hour min wage posts $13 per hour job

A Seattle-based socialist group that has been pushing for a minimum wage of $20 per hour posted a job that pays $13 per hour.

Eventa survey says 80% of people have an office romance

For many of us model professionals, office romances are a divisive subject. On the one hand, it’s the perfect way to clear up that awkward sexual tension hovering over the workroom.

Two new studies address the physical effects of shift work

Sleep disorders are fairly common in the U.S. Millions of people, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle, suffer from disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and various circadian rhythm disorders.

Op-Ed: Tips to writing an impressing SAP resume

The IT industry is going and if you are entering, you may be developing for by far the biggest software companies today. While looking for a SAP based job, there are a number of ways to emphasize on your resume to fit this career field.

World's Toughest Job: How does your job compare?

After placing job advertisements for the role, referred to as 'Director of Operations', 24 people applied and interviewed for the world's toughest job which required 135 hour work weeks and no vacations.

Op-Ed: Losing benefits isn’t prodding unemployed back to work

The verdict is in — cutting unemployment benefits does not help workers. Surprised? Hardly. Squabbles between congressional Republicans and Democrats resulted in the end of federal emergency unemployment benefits for over 2 million Americans.

Amazon willing to pay you up to $5,000 to quit your job

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, Amazon is proposing a policy that no other company dares try. This probably isn't surprising coming from Amazon though, a company known for its wacky parcel delivery drone idea.

Daily Relief: Wednesday 2 April

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a job application gone wrong, a clown fund-raising event, and a look at who won the award for the smelliest shoes in the U.S.

Unemployed French man advertises CV on giant billboard

With the unemployment rate in Europe reaching new highs, a French man has found an ingenious way to find a job. Laurent Le Bret put his CV on a giant billboard next to a busy road.

Woman applies for job at sex shop, then steals vibrator

A Florida woman, who was drunk, entered a sex shop and applied for a job, leaving all of her contact info with the manager of the store, and then stole a vibrator.

Boston marathon bombing costume gets woman fired from job

Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, from Michigan, posted a photo of herself in a Halloween costume, which went viral online and received a lot of negative attention.

New service helps you find a job via text

The Web may make it easier for people to find jobs, but millions of hourly workers do not have access to the Internet, finding it difficult to take advantage of the job searching tools it provides.

Teen walks 10 miles in snow to job interview

Indianapolis - An Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant owner who happened to stumble across a teenager walking to a job interview, was inspired by the teen's determination.

Italian supermarket offers job raffle — spend 30 euros, win a job

Rome - An Italian supermarket chain has come up with a new idea to help solve unemployment in Italy. Customers spend 30 euro or more and get the chance of winning employment with the company.

Young man in Gaza sets self on fire to protest living conditions

Gaza - A young man has died from his injuries after setting himself on fire in the morgue of a hospital in Gaza City, apparently to draw attention to his family's poor living conditions.

Police officers use taser to subdue nude 80-year-old granny

Police confronted an 80-year-old woman in St. George, S.C. She was naked, wielding a stick and quoting scriptures. They tried to calm her and cover her with a blanket, but after she tried to hit them with her stick, they were forced to use a taser on her.

Can routine exercise help increase your paycheck?

Want more money in your paycheck? According to a new study, the way to get that raise may be to simply take the time to exercise regularly.

Woman makes false bomb threat to get a break at work

A Florida woman is in trouble with authorities after making a fake bomb threat at her company which prompted the evacuation of 300 employees. She admits to making the threat in order to get a break at work.

Congress says 'no' to protecting your Facebook privacy

There has been much hype in the news lately about potential employers demanding Facebook passwords from interviewees. Much concern has been voiced against this invasion of privacy - two representatives took this concern to Congress without success.

Blacklist: UK construction workers fighting a job market ban

London - UK construction workers, struggling to find work, have now found that they are on an "employment blacklist", an illegal document which is ruining their lives.

Nokia to cut another 3,500 jobs

The Finnish telephone manufacturer Nokia is to cut another 3,500 jobs as part of its ongoing billion-euro cost-cutting plan.

Larry Flynt offers Weiner a job

Larry Flynt, owner of Hustler, wants to employ former congressman Anthony Weiner. This is no joke either, and Flynt has offered Weiner a serious job offer with Hustler.

How are M&M's made?: Oddest 2010 job interview questions revealed

A list of the oddest interview questions in 2010 has been published, including companies such as Google, Apple and Goldman Sachs.

Author tells others how to have passion in their work

Loving what you do for a living is important. For most North Americans, they will spend 84,000 hours at work, according to author Andrew Harrison.
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