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Bobby Jindal drops out of U.S. presidential race

Washington - Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced Tuesday he was bowing out of the 2016 presidential race, saying "this is not my time.

Romney to donors: I lost because Obama gave 'gifts' to key voters

Mitt Romney is the latest person to weigh-in on his loss to US President Barack Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In a call to donors, Romney explained the reasons he lost.

Governor Bobby Jindal To GOP: Stop being the 'idiot party'

GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the latest in notable GOP figures to weigh-in and speak on the recent 2012 US Elections.

'Gun-in-church' bill now law in Louisiana

Louisiana's governor Bobby Jindal signed House Bill 1272 into law allowing "guns to be carried into houses of part of a security force."

Jindal of La. takes helicopters to church at public expense

Governor Jindal of Louisiana is back in the news again. This time it’s for taking helicopters to church paid for by tax-payers dollars. So much for separation between church and politics, critics declare.

Jindal Gives Praise and Criticism To Obama

GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has given both support and criticism to United States President Barack Obama. Jindal has also told former VP Dick Cheney to get off of Obama’s back.

Did Gov. Jindal Make A Gaffe On Katrina In GOP Rebuttal?

GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana could find himself under possible fire in the near future in regards to the Katrina story in the GOP rebuttal to United States President Barack Obama’s Address to Congress.

Louisiana Governor causes volcanic controversy

A huge row has erupted following claims by the Republican Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal that it is unnecessary to monitor volcanic activity in Alaska.

Jindal vs. the Volcano Reveals Louisiana Governor’s Ignorance

Bobby Jindal made his foray for Republicans, but he may have unwittingly helped Obama this week. For one thing his speech delivery was soundly criticized left and right. For another thing, he was very wrong about volcano science.

Op-Ed: Jindal's Performance Leaves Own Party Reeling

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is touted as a rising star in the Republican Party. His selection to give the GOP response to President Obama’s address to the Joint Congress Tuesday night was suppose to be Jindal’s coming out party.

Op-Ed: Yikes! GOP Foiled Again as Jindal's Speech Flops

Harsh criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike following Governor Jindal's televised response to President Obama's speech to Congress on Tuesday highlight the need for fresh ideas and better leadership within the GOP.

Op-Ed: Jindal New Face of Republican Party Puts Bad Face on Louisiana

In giving the Republican rebuttal speech last night, Bobby Jindal looked like a student in a speech class hoping to pass his first assignment. He was wooden, cautious, and somewhat crass, putting a bad face on Louisiana.

Repub. Govs. Crist and Jindal Show Party Divide on Meet the Press

David Gregory met with Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, and Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida, and revealed clearly how much these Republicans differ on the stimulus plan recently passed by Congress.

Gov. Ed Rendell: Highly Unlikely GOP Governors Will Reject Cash

While there are some GOP governors talking about rejecting the stimulus money, the leader of the National Governors Association said that rejecting it is unlikely to happen.

Jindal of Louisiana to Give GOP Response to Obama Congress Speech

Obama will face the loyal opposition’s rebuttal to his first speech to Congress. Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, is the man chosen by Republicans to provide the response to both houses of Congress on February 24.

Op-Ed: World Burns While Politicians Palin, Jindal Fiddle

Climate change and the inevitable extinction of the human species have been emphatically underlined by scientists studying coral reefs. But some leaders don’t listen.

GOP Needs An Overhaul, According To Louisiana Gov. Jindal

Early today, GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” He had expressed criticisms about his own party.

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