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Op-Ed: With JFK or not 'Camelot' lives on in the Arthurian Legend Special

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of the movie version of "Camelot" based on the Broadway musical by Lerner and Lowe. It came to epitomize an era in post-WWII America. Even without JFK, Camelot and the Arthurian Legend endures.

JFK's number plates sold on auction along with Titanic last menu

Dallas - An auction of political and Americana memorabilia in Dallas Saturday saw US President John F. Kennedy's limousine number plates along with the last dinner menu from the Titanic sold to anonymous bidders.

Op-Ed: New Yorkers told to stay off roads, transit as blizzard strikes

New York City - There was a time, not too long ago, when the U.S. Post Office took great pride in delivering the mail to every American, six days a week without fail.

Op-Ed: 50 years, on, who killed JFK and why?

Dallas - At the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of JFK few people question his "greatness" but would his legacy have stood the test of time had he served one or two full terms in office? That question plus who killed him and why remain elusive.

Op-Ed: 10 reasons to stop believing JFK conspiracy nonsense

There's an old joke about a conspiracy theorist who dies and comes face-to-face with the Almighty Himself. “All right,” the theorist thinks, “now I finally get to find out the truth!” So he asks God: “Who shot John F. Kennedy?”

Emmys to link Beatles and JFK assassination coverage

Los Angeles - As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy nears, there will be a plethora of events, including TV specials.

Op-Ed: Back from the edge — A world-wide peace plan

The decision by Obama to put off bombing Syria pending congressional approval gives the world a much needed breathing space, as we hurl toward Armageddon and possibly World War III.

Declassified: Joint Chiefs approved false flag attack on America

A Department of Defense document declassified in 1997 shows that the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces had drafted and approved a plan to attack and kill Americans and to blame it on Cuba.

Unpublished interview with now-deceased reporter Helen Thomas Special

Washington - Legendary White House reporter Helen Thomas died today at the age of 92. She achieved many "firsts" in her career, including opening up the White House Correspondents' Dinner to women. Thomas shared some details of that event with this reporter.

Drone sighting near JFK airport sparks FBI, FAA investigation

New York - The FBI and the FAA say they are investigating a report from the pilot of an Alitalia passenger jet that he saw an unmanned aircraft near JFK airport over Brooklyn. The pilot said he spotted the drone within 200 feet of his passenger airplane.

Woman finds JFK portrait hidden behind $5 garage sale picture

Glendale - A woman who had purchased a $5 framed picture of a horse found another portrait behind the one she'd bought. After she took the horse picture out, a likeness of John F. Kennedy was discovered hidden behind.

New York's JFK, Newark Airport reopen with limited service

New York - New York City's Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport have reopened with limited flights scheduled, but LaGuardia remains closed. New York airports account for one-quarter of the nation’s daily air traffic.

Secret German papers claim Castro recruited former Nazis

Documents recently declassified by the German government show former Cuban leader Fidel Castro hired former Nazis to counter any contemplated US invasion of Cuba.

Op-Ed: Neil Armstrong's death marks the passing of an era of optimism

Nelson - Astronaut Neil Armstrong's passing today, marks the end of an era, the first flush of Space exploration, which Mankind attempted, after the amazing 1957 Sputnik launch, beginning in the West, on May 25, 1961 with President Kennedy's Promise to the world.

TSA strip-search 84-year-old grandmother at JFK International

Jamaica - An 84-year-old grandmother is seeking an apology after being strip-searched by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport last week.

84-year-old grandmother strip searched by TSA

New York - TSA agents at New York’s JFK airport allegedly strip searched an 84-year-old 4-foot-11 grandmother on Tuesday afternoon. She plans to sue the agency.

Op-Ed: New book on Jackie's memoirs may reveal more but mystique endures

San Francisco - While the latest memoirs of the famous First Lady has received some criticism upon its release, Jackie Kennedy Onasis seems to remain the woman who as First Lady had the most powerful and dramatic impact upon the White House.

Jackie O: 'Lyndon Johnson Involved in JFK Assassination'

Widow of the late President, John F. Kennedy, points the finger at Vice President LBJ for role in assassination, according to recently released private recordings.

JFK sought documents on UFOs 10 days before his assassination

Adding new speculation to the assassination of President John F Kennedy, two documents revealed by an author researching the JFK presidency show Kennedy's interests in gaining access to UFO information.

Lee Harvey Oswald coffin sold for $90,000

The original coffin of John F. Kennedy’s alleged killer Lee Harvey Oswald has fetched $90,000 at an auction in Los Angeles.

JFK terminal evacuated

New York - A terminal at New York's JFK airport in Queens was evacuated Sunday because of a bomb scare around 6 p.m. Sunday according to Port Authority officials.

TMZ photo a hoax, does not show JFK

The Smoking Gun, Playboy, Fox News, USA Today and others are reporting that TMZ's exclusive - a picture purporting to show JFK relaxing on a yacht with four naked ladies - is not a picture of the late president. TMZ was punk'd.

TMZ photo believed to show JFK yachting with naked women

It would be a heck of a story if it wasn't half a century late; JFK caught yachting with four, frolicking, naked women. Still, the TMZ scoop, if true, may rewrite a little bit of history.

Terror plot at JFK thwarted

Four men have been charged in what appears to be a plot to set up a chain reaction of explosions using the jet fuel pipeline entering the JFK airport.

Searches at 5 Airports After JFK Breach

Passengers aboard five flights from New York were evacuated and screened at their destination cities as authorities tried to find a man who breached security at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Conspiracy Culture

Where all the strange stories come home to roost

Operation Northwoods: US Planned Terror Attacks As Far Back As 1962

According to secret and long-hidden documents obtained for Body of Secrets, the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up and approved plans for what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government. In the name of antiCommunism.

Footage of JFK motorcade is discovered

A recently discovered home movie showing President John F. Kennedy's motorcade shortly before his assassination was unveiled Monday on the Web site of a Dallas museum.

Top 10: Unsolved Mysteries

Can you solve any of the mysteries from this post that goes over a top ten list of unsolved mysteries in the world that continue to this day to elude us. Go ahead give your feedback and help crack a mystery!

Window linked to JFK assassination on eBay

A window owned by a man who says it was part of Lee Harvey Oswald's sniper perch in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is up for auction on eBay.
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John F. Kennedy: His 1951 U.S. Passport  Issued to Him as a Congressman.
John F. Kennedy: His 1951 U.S. Passport, Issued to Him as a Congressman.
Heritage Auctions
Number plates of President John F. Kennedy s limousine on the day he was assassinated.
Number plates of President John F. Kennedy's limousine on the day he was assassinated.
Heritage Auctions
 A Thousand Days of Magic  Oleg Cassini s account of his experience working as fashion designer to t...
"A Thousand Days of Magic" Oleg Cassini's account of his experience working as fashion designer to then First Lady Jackie Bouvier Kennedy.
JFK International Airport
JFK International Airport
Wikimedia Commons
John F Kennedy s limousine in Dallas  Texas shortly before he was assassinated.
John F Kennedy's limousine in Dallas, Texas shortly before he was assassinated.
Walt Cisco
U.S. Navy Lt. John F. Kennedy aboard his patrol boat  PT-109  in 1943.
U.S. Navy Lt. John F. Kennedy aboard his patrol boat, PT-109, in 1943.

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